New Arrival Xtool PS201 OBDII Code Reader for Heavy Duty Gasoline Diesel

Original Xtool PS201 hand-held CAN OBDII code reader works for Truck, Bus and Coach OBDII/ EOBD/ CANBUS compliant vehicles diagnosis from 1996 onwards. PS 201 also covers Construction, Marine and Agriculture applications and provides an affordable solution for truck, bus and coach diagnostics.

Top features of Xtool PS-201 scanner:

1) Easy-to-read large color screen

2)Large easy-to-operate buttons

3)Built with ARM Chip, High Speed

4)Software Update online

5)Gasoline and diesel engine coverage.

Xtool PS201 Display:

PS201 may be small in size but it is powerful enough to perform the same tasks as premium level workshop scanners while being faster and more user friendly.


1. LCD screen: 160*160
2. [ENTER] button: confirm a selection of a menu list
3. [ESC] button: return to the previous screen
4. [Up]/[Down] button: move the cursor up or down
5. [Left]/[Right] button: turn pages

Xtool PS201 truck diagnostic scan tool function:

Read Diagnostic Trouble Codes
Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes
View Live Data
View Freeze Frame Data
Display Monitor and I/M readiness status (emissions)
MIL Status
O2 Sensor Test
EVAP system test
Retrieve vehicle information (VIN, CIN and CVN)
Code Lookup
Displays Live vehicle data such as:
Engine speed
Air Flow Meter
Accelerator pedal position
Engine coolant temperature
Multi-Lingual platform

Class 4- Class 8 truck coverage featuring “Automatic Protocol Search”
HD J1587/J1708 and J1939 CAN Engine Transmission/ABS coverage and more!
Live vehicle data such as:

– Engine speed
– Engine ECU temperature
– Percent acceleration pedal position
– Engine intercooler temperature
– Engine coolant temperature
– Battery volts
– Alternator volts
– Ambient air temperature
– Air inlet temperature

Work with all 1996 and later OBD II compliant US,European and Asian vehicles.
Easily determine the cause of the check engine light (MIL) and turn it off as well as clear codes and reset monitors. It retrieves generic (P0, P2, P3, B0, C0, U0), manufacturer specific (P1, P3, and U1) codes, and pending codes and displays DTC definitions.

Xtool PS 201 scanner works with the following protocols:
-J1850 PWM
-J1850 VPW
-KPW 2000
-ISO 14230-04
-ISO 9141
-SAE J1850
-ISO157651 (CAN)

-SAE J1939 (CAN)
-SAE J1708/J1587

Free download ps201-user-manual


2016.4 Super iCOM SSD WIN8.1 Newest Software Update Online

Super iCOM software works for BMW diagnostic, coding, programming which is a ssd software installed based on Windows® 8.1 64Bit OS, fit for most of the laptops/ PC in the market with SATA port. What’s more, it can be updated online easily.


Newest Super iCOM software has newly updated to V2016.4, can work together with BMW ICOM/ BMW ICOM A2 .

ISTA/D 3.54.12
VIN: 2016.04

· The SUPER iCOM Updater is special tool for authorized SUPER ICOM user, and this tool is for upgrade only. We do not pay any responsibility if you update other software.
· The SUPER iCOM Updater must run inside SUPER iCOM system, please do not run in your own local system.

The entire authorized users are able to find the serial number [SUPER2015XXX] in your mobile HDD, and password [xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx] in the password envelope which come with the SUPER ICOM tools.
Upgrade ID: Your serial number
Upgrade password: Last 8 digital numbers inside your Password envelope


How to update Super iCOM software?
1. Double click the Super ICOM Updater icon on the desktop
2. Input the Serial number and password
3. choose the version you want to upgrade
4. wait for the download process finish
5. Install the update files.


Laptop Hardware requirements:

CPU: Intel Celeron 2.0 and above (i5 Recommend)
RAM: 2Gb and above (4Gb Recommend)
USB: 2.0 and above
Super icom using tips:

If lost the Password envelope, you can click the forget password and input necessary, we will verify your info and send to your email with new password.
If the software is expired, you can click renew button and input the new code which you could purchase from our local dealer.

Super iCOM Updater User Manual

Install Guide of Super iCOM Software for BMW ICOM/ICOM A2


Truck Version KESS V2 V4.036 Newly Update of KESSV2 Truck V4.024

Truck Version KESS V2 V4.036 is the new update of KESSV2 Truck V4.024, newly added more trucks models than any version. Compared with other version, firmware V4.036 is more stable.


Differences and Similarities between KESS V2 V4.036 and V4.024

Item ID
Truck Version (SE87-CK)
Language English/German/ French/ Spanish/ Italian/ Portuguese
Software Ksuite V2.22/ V2.08
(V2.22 version can not connect internet,
V2.08 can works with internet)
Ksuite V2.22
Firmware v4.036 v4.024
1. Check of the battery voltage in real-time
2. Full Recovery function in case of problems
3. Automatic correction of the Checksum, (where available)
4 Boot-Loader mode supported
5. Management of the programming counters
6. ScanTool function to remove DTC
7. Several options of reading/writing speed
8. Option to write full file/section of the map
9. Full integration with ECM Titanium
With 30 tokens, run token
application in the CD to add tokens
With 30 tokens, can replace
KESS V2 CPU NXP Repair Chip
to get another 30 tokens
Vehicles More Trucks,Motorcycle,Bike,Car Car&Truck
Operating system Win XP (suggested)
Install Guide

Supported Vehicle List Comparison of KESS V2 V3.099, V4.036 and V4.024


How to do Digimaster 3 Self-Check ?

How to do Digimaster3 selfcheck (equipment check) ?

When the software prompts “please connect the self-test adaper to the DB15 interface to the equipment!”, please connect the self-test adapter to the DB15 interface of the equipment and click the “ok” button.
DB15 is normal when 5V LED and 12V LED on the self-test adapter are lighting but 9V LED.
If not the state, it may have been damaged. The testing situation of the internal module will be detected in the message after the testing.
If you do not have the self-test adapter, when the software prompts “please connect the self-test adapter to the DB25 interface of the equipment,” please follow the below the wiring operation, it’s the same color points which are rang up,
and connect them together (except which has a voltage identifies), then use a multimeter to measure the voltage of the corresponding point.
Check more Digimaster III user manuals and operation instruction


Comparison on Carprog Full Version Serials

Carprog Full Version Serials Features Comparison Table List










(Carprog full version v8.21 perfect online version)

Product Name Carprog with 21 adapters Full Version
Version Carprog V7.28 Carprog V8.21
Carprog V9.31 
Serial Number (S/N)
******CAR001**** ******CAR005**** ******CAR001****
Support Online NO Yes, it’s the super online version. NO
Activation Activation after delivery Activation after delivery
Operating System WinXP, Win 7
VehicleS Coverage V7.28 Carprog supports the least models among the 3 versions. V8.21 Carprog’s firmware is authorized more cars so that it support the most vehicle models. V9.31 Carprog supports more vehicle models than v7.28
Support Software All carprog versions above can work well with ECU-OPEL, OPEL CAN, PSG16, OPEC28 software.
Tokens automatically get token renew after it used up
Airbag reset —> BEST
Dashboard programming,
Immo (read pin code),
MPU & EEPROM programming,
Radio decoding.
User Feedback Carprog v9.31 read and erase BMW EEPROM M3508
Conclusion Models coverage: Caprog v8.21 > v9.31 > v7.28

Carprog v8.21 is the best option for the most vehicleS coverage and online use, while carprog 9.31 is a plug-and-play kit that more convenient to use.


KESS V2 Master Truck Version SW V2.22 FW V4.036 Test OK

Newest KESS V2 master firmware V4.036 SW V2.22 has been tested ok to read write ECU data on with most worldwide truck makes and models. This is an extremely amazing news for KESS V2 regular users who mainly have multi-brand trucks to diagnose, also some cars and motorcycle to scan.


















Truck version KESS V2 master FW V4.036 compare with SE87-CK and SE87-D:
1) Truck version V4.036 read write ECU data on more trucks models compared with firmware V4.024 (Item No. SE87-CK)

2) Truck version V4.036 read write ECU data on not only trucks but also cars and motorcycles, while the car version V4.036 (Item No. SE87-D) hardware fail to cover truck otherwise it will burn the truck (Reading detail in the following part on “installation procedure“)

3) Truck version V4.036 only sales for US$129 and car version V4.036 (Item No. SE87-D) is US$182.

Truck version V4.036 KESS V2 master User tips:
1) Disable both local area and wireless network connection

2) OS: Windows XP 32bit (better)

3) truck-version-kess-v2-tuning-kit-support-list-se87-ck.pdf

Truck version V4.036 KESS v2 setup procedure + test trucks, motorcycle and cars








1. Firstly install Ksuite V2.08
You may get the error message reading “connection not established” after successfully finishing the driver, click ok and exit the user interface.

Open E:\Ksuite V2.08\Ksuite and meanwhile right click the icon “K-suite” at the desktop, select “Properties”, then click “Find Target”, select all files and right click to delete these files to the recycle bin.

Go to “E:\Ksuite V2.08\Ksuite”, select all files and right click to copy, and go to C:\Ksuite to paste all.

Open E:\ and copy the folder “Help” to paste to C:\Ksuite, close C:\Ksuite.

Connect Kess v2 V4.036 hardware to the computer, and get message “Found New Hardware Wizard” and click next to finish.

Click My Computer-Manage-Device Manager- Universal Serial Bus controlers, you will find USB device. It means KESS V2 V4.036 has been established a good communication with the computer.

2. Open “K-suite” at the desktop, searching software update online…

3. Test to read write ECU data on trucks , cars and motorcycles
1) To check what truck makes KESS V2 V4.036 covers.
KESS V2 V4.036 read write ECU data on most truck makes and models


2.) Use KESS V2 V4.036 to read out ID and ECU for Cars
Click car icon to have a test, for example BMW-3 Series(E90) 323i 250024v…shown as follows. Then click “OK”

Get prompt about what to notice.

Kline or Can to select, e.g Can

Select options: ID, reading, writing, recovery.

a)Read out ID
Click “Ok” to confirm you have done as the prompt.
Finally read out HW, SW and chassis

Then click “Ok” to save at the desktop, name as “e90”.

b) Reading
Back to select “READING”
Click “Ok” to confirm you have done as the prompt.

Test another BMW model e.g BMW 3 series 320d 2000 D N47D2000…
You will get waring, notices and recommendation and instruction. As for the pinout most users tend to ask, click “Here” shown as following second pic.

3.) Motorcycle secondly
KESS V2 V4.036 read write ECU data on a multi-brand Motorcycles shown as follows. take BMW MOTORRAD for example.

Check more details about how to connect Kess V2 Master Truck Version .











Digimaster III V1.8.1604.20 Newest Version Update Online Released

Digimaster3 is a original universal odometer correction tool works with various types of adapters, you can easily achieve odometer correction, audio decoding, airbag resetting, engine ECU resetting, IMMO, programming key for Benz & BMW etc.

Digimaster 3 needs no tokens when it works with the Digimaster 3 supported cars, only after the factory develops the newest supported car models it will need tokens, if it needs tokens, Digimaster 3 main unit will prompt you. supplier offers the digimaster3 sp78 with extra 200 tokens as free giveaway, which helps you to realize add newest models or newest functions.

Here is the list of Digimaster iii New added car models for odometer adjustment, airbag resetting, writing Benz BE(NEC) key and VW Immo function.

New added car models for airbag resetting:
1 Mazda SA10-57-K30M1
2 Mazda SA11-57-K30M1
3 KIA Sportage R 95910-4T000

New added car models for odometer adjustment:
1 SSangYong Korando 93C66
2 Ford Focus 2010
3 Opel Astra DIAG 2009- (Only Available for Test user)
4 Benz(OBD) A Class W176
5 Benz(OBD) B Class W246
6 Benz(OBD) CLA Class W117
7 Benz(OBD) ML Class W166
8 Benz(OBD) SL Class R231
9 Benz(OBD) SLK Class R172
10 Volvo(OBD) XC60 2008-
11 Skoda(OBD) Superb 2008-
12 Ford(OBD) Mondeo 2008-
13 GM(OBD) Chevrolet Aveo (Only Available for Test user)
14 Audi(OBD) A1 -2013(Only Available for Test user)
15 Audi(OBD) Q3 -2013(Only Available for Test user)

New added Wiring diagram:
1 Meter system
-BMW 5 series F10/F11/F18(2010-) 5M48H/1N35H
-BMW 5 series GT F07 (2010-) 5M48H/1N35H
-BMW 6 series F12/F13(2011-) 5M48H/1N35H
-BMW 7 series F01/F02(2009-) 5M48H/1N35H
-BMW X3 F25(2011-) 5M48H/1N35H

2 Immo system (Super BDM adapter under Automatic Mode need to read EEPROM / Dflash data)
-BMW 1 series F20(2011-) 5M48H/1N35H
-BMW 5 series F10/F11/F18(2010-) 5M48H/1N35H
-BMW 5 series GT F07 (2010-) 5M48H/1N35H
-BMW 6 series F12/F13 (2011-) 5M48H/1N35H
-BMW 7 series F0X (2008-) 5M48H/1N35H
-BMW X1 (2010-) 5M48H/1N35H
-BMW X3 F25 (2011-) 5M48H/1N35H

New added function for VW immo:
1 Jetta 2010- Key learning
2 3th-generation Immo Key matching (CAN)
3 3th-generation Immo Romete Matching (CAN)
4 3th-generation Immo Read security code(KWP1281) System Type 1
5 3th-generation Immo Read security code(KWP1281) System Type 2
6 3th-generation Immo Keys matching(KWP1281)
7 3th-generation Immo Romete Matching(KWP1281)
8 3th-generation Immo Read security code(KWP2000)
9 3th-generation Immo Keys matching(KWP2000)

Digimaster 3 New added models for writing BEN BE(NEC) key:
1 S Class
2 CL Class
3 SL Class
4 E Class
5 CLK Class
6 CLS Class
7 C Class
8 V Class

Check more about how to update d3 .

New Arrival Original MasterKeyIII MK3 for Renew Used Electronic Keys

MK3 Key Programmer is the only one tool in the world can renew used keys, especially Toyota and Lexus Smart key H Type, Even Tango can not do it. For example, Do Toyota H Type Smart key all key lost.

















What can MasterKeyIII do? 

1. The MasterKeyIII is a device and a software for programming and copying electronic keys for vehicles and not only.
2. The main purpose of MasterKeyIII device is programming and copying electronic keys for vehicles. If immobilizer ECU is available.
3. The device can also be used for repairing lost keys by the means of energy independent memory read. Also MasterKeyIII can generate prepared vehicles keys.
4. MK3 is the only one tool in the world can renew used keys for follow brand:
Kia& Hyundai
Toyota Smart Keys
Range Rover
GM & Opel Flip Keys

Masterkey 3 supported transponders list: 

Read-Only (Fixed-code)
MEGAMOS (13) (copy to T5, PCF7930, PCF7935)
PHILIPS (33) (copy to T5, PCF7930, PCF7935)
TEMIC (11) (copy to T5)
TEMIC (12) (copy to T5)?? MAZDA, MB Spriner
TEXAS (4C) (Read-Only; copy to Silca EH1, EH2 / Keyline Emulators) TOYOTA, FORD, etc.

MEGAMOS – CRYPTO – (48, 48M)
T5 (for coping 11,12,13,33)
TEXAS – CRYPTO DST (4D) (ID 60,61,62,63,xx)

MKIII Using Tips:

MasterKeyIII is not available to be offered to USA and CANADA. And this listing price US$1,999 is for the main unit of MasterKeyIII only. It’s standard version not including any payable makers, payable functions, and payable Re-manufacture Key Fob Firmwares. For different makers you can saw the price below.


Newest Update VVDI Prog VVDI-Prog V4.4.4 Software Download Free

Xhorse VVDI Prog Newest Software Super VAG Key Programmer supports BMW ISN read function and NEC MPC. VVDIProg includes a high-speed USB communication interface enable the software automatically connect, and built-in update software allows user to update VVDIProg firmware timely.

Software Version: V4.4.4

Firmware Version:1.2.2

How to update VVDI Prog software?

Open VVDI Prog software
Click “Upgrade” tab
Then come to VVDIProg Update menu. You are able to check software version (Tip Information) and firmware version (Device Information).


VVDIPROG Update Steps Display:















VVDI Prog V4.4.4 Software Free Download!K9wwERab!Yx2hHX8b9mabFceIDagN2d82Ki0Df9C6Nx2ZB3bjVIo

VVDIProg V4.4.4 update features:

* This version DON’t need update
* Fix some bugs
* Change some prompt information
* Fix MC9S12 seires some types
write EEPROM error
+ Add upgrade info prompt, when the
new version software upgrade auto
display the update information
+ Add Frequency Set botton in
MC9S12 seires UNSECURED version,
support manual set frequency or
search the right frequency from
MC9S12_BADURATE.cfg in Data folder
(support add frequency parameter)
+ Add Frequency Set botton in
RENESAS-V850 seires, support manual
set frequency or search the right
frequency from V850_BADURATE.cfg
in Data folder
(support add frequency parameter)
+ Add Frequency Set botton in
RENESAS-R5F61XXX seires, support
manual set frequency or search
the right frequency from
R5F61XXX_BADURATE.cfg in Data folder
(support add frequency parameter)
MC9S08SL16_UNSECURED options
in <2-MCU>->
+ Add R5F61723 option
in <2-MCU>->
+ Add QUADROCYCLE(2011) option
in <3-ECU>->
+ Add H2-BCM option
YUEXIANG options
in <5-DASHBORAD>->
+ Add CAPTIVA(2008) option
in <5-DASHBORAD>->
+ Add VENUCIA-R50(2014),
XIAOKANG(2014) options
in <5-DASHBORAD>->
+ Add BESTURN-B50,
VITA(2008) options
in <5-DASHBORAD>->
+ Add FOCUS(09-10) option
in <5-DASHBORAD>->
+ Add C30(2010) option
in <5-DASHBORAD>->
+ Add S5 option
in <5-DASHBORAD>->
+ Add LUXGEN option
in <5-DASHBORAD>->
+ Add QASHQAI(2011) option
in <5-DASHBORAD>->
+ Add BAOJUN730(2015),
in <5-DASHBORAD>->
+ Add S40(2006-08),
XC60(2012) options
in <5-DASHBORAD>->
+ Add V5 option
in <5-DASHBORAD>->
+ Add Z300(2013) option
in <5-DASHBORAD>->
+ Add ISM-W221,
SAM-W221 options
in <7-OTHER>->
+ Add RFA option
in <7-OTHER>->
+ Add PASSAT-B6-PBCM option
in <7-OTHER>->

Xhorse Mini VCI Toyota TIS Techstream V11.10.034 Latest Software Free Download

Xhorse mini vci software Toyota TIS Techstream v11.10.034 newest version has been released online now. With techstream 11.10.034, the engineers can better simultaneously read/analyze on-board vehicle data, browse relevant TIS service documents, and reprogram vehicles all from the driver’s seat via wireless connection to TIS.












Mini Vci Toyota TIS Basic info:

Version: V11.10.034

OS: WinXP, Vista, Windows7

Languages: English, Multilanguge

Compatible device:

Toyota MINI VCI cable

Xhorse MVCI cable

Techstream tis v11.30.034 release notes:

— Vehicle Coverage (*Added in Current Release TIS V11.10.034)

Support TOYOTA, LEXUS, SCION (-2016) diagnosis requires the diagnosis of PassThru J2534 compatible adapter.

Lexus Toyota Scion
’17 CT200h* ’17 Sienna ’17 iM
’17 GX460* ’17 Prius V ’17 FR-S
’17 RC-F* ’17 Prius PHV
’17 Corolla
’17 Yaris H/B
’17 Yaris S/D Mex Prod
’17 Camry*
’17 Camry HV*
’17 Hiace*
’17 Prius C*
’17 Rav4*
’17 Rav4 HV*
’17 Tundra*

— Enhancements

Forced Actuator Refresh

(This function occurs during the Air Bleed Utility. The process was redesigned to be more efficient with the amount of fluid used and time spent.)

Applicable Models/Systems:
2015 – NX – ABS/VSC/TRAC

System Path:
To access the Forced Actuator Refresh Utility:
– ABS/VSC/TRAC / Utility / Air Bleeding

— Software Corrections

This released version may addresses a number of software bugs. For more details, please refer to the v11.10.034 Known Bugs List. In the event you experience a software anomaly with v11.10.034, please submit an error report using the F12 key. Your feedback will help ensure software quality for future releases.

MINI VCI TIS Techstream 11.10.034 display:



















Free download:

Mini VCI Toyota Techstream V11.10.034 (being tested)!2VBmBQSS!FgKHytNijN4N24k9EldTHH-rV2fZFWfY1Cpv69bjsh0

TIS Techstream v10.30.029 (tested, cracked, no pass)

MVCI driver 8.30.023/


VVDI MB BGA Tool Support Mercedes W221 W204 All Key Lost

Engineer Solution on Mercedes-Benz W221 W204 All key lost. Fixed with VVDI BGA MB Tool Mercedes Benz key programmer.

Case 1- add key lost for W221
– I bought EIS W221 lock with a key from the lock from one machine. I have read the PSW. I will make a complete loss of W221 key in the future?
– you have uesedd/ 2nd-hand EIS with working key,you can do like this for W221 all key lost all key lost EIS data-> save EIS data used EIS data enter password,get erase password->renew used EIS.
3.load step1 EIS data to renewed EIS with password->write EIS data
4.load EIS data(with key password)->prepare key file
5.input new key to device IR reader->load key file->write
6.insert new key to EIS->EIS will learn the new key->key learn success

What’s more, if your all key lost W221 is motorola EIS,not need to change EIS, remove eis get eeprom by programmer (VVDI PROG). Then load eeprom to VVDI MB TOOL prepare key file.

Case 2- add key lost for W204
-I have a w204 All key lost and i program a new EIS with VVDI, the ignition doesn’t come on or crank, but the steering can lock and unlock. can someone guide me what to do?
– about W204 all key lost(change new EIS), refer to following steps,maybe helpful:
1.Read EIS data via obd,then Save EIS data
2.adapt ESL:Read ESL data->Get Erase Password->Renew ESL
3.Change new EIS, Load EIS data(step1)->write Key Password(enter manually and at random)->Write EIS data
4.Personalize W204 ESL
5.Load EIS data(with Key Password)->Prepare Key File
6.Input new Key to device IR reader->Load Key file->write
7.Insert new Key to EIS->EIS will learn the new key->key learn success


Also you can check more on


How to use vvdi mb tool to calculate mercedes bga key password ?


How to Program Focus 2015 Key with OBDSTAR F100 & Magic Wand ?

One of engineer share step by step on programming Ford Focus 2015y immo key with Magic Wand 4C 4D transponder chip generator and OBDSTAR F100.

Devices used:
Quickly 4C/4D/46/48 Code Reader
Chip 4D70
Magic Wand 4C 4D transponder chip generator
OBDSTAR F100 Ford/Mazda key programmer

Instruction :

Test original transponder key with Quickly key copy machine
Choose read or copy









Quickly key programmer identified the chip as ID83








Try to start the car with the original key
It is working.Test new transponder
Choose read or copy
The chip is identified as 4D 70
















Try to start the car
It is not working.Format 4D 70 to 83 by Magic Wand







Insert a new transponder key & ignition on







Then program Ford Focus key with OBDSTAR F100







Plug the OBDSTAR F-100 into the OBD socket
Select Immo key programming function
Select Ford/Lincoln
Check Ford Linocln software V31.22
F-100 initializing
Select Ford
Select Immobilizer System
Select Focus
Select New Focus
This car is 2015 year, so then we choose Type 2(2014-)








Choose “Programming a new key”
F100 prompt “Insert a new transponder key & ignition on”
reading pin code
ignition off
ignition on
now we own 4 keys could start this car
programming key in procedure







It takes about 4 min to program
Now we get pincode







now we own 5 keys could start this car







Try to start the car with new key
It is working.

Check more support list details about Magic Wand and OBDSTAR F100.


Guide to Use JDiag Elite J2534 Diagnose on Mercedes Benz W211

JDiag Elite J2534 is a new generation J2534 tool made by JDiag Inc. JDiag Elite J2534 diagnostic and coding programming Tool can perform module programming, diagnostic functions, key programming and data monitoring. JDiag Elite is built with JDiag Tablet touch screen features in the pre-installed software and free update for life time. JDiag Elite is compatible with 3 optional operation systems including WIN7,64Bit; WIN8.1,64Bit, and when you turn on the PC, you are supposed to choose a system and all are preinstalled.

To check the similarities and differences among JDiag Elite J2534 and other multi-brand diagnostic programming tools e.g AUTOBOSS V30 ELITE, LAUNCH X431 V + and Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P, browse:


















Here is the user guide shared by a Customer to diagnose Mercedes Benz W211 with Jdiag Elite J2534 from


1. Open DAS/Xentry
2. Connect USB cable to laptop, OBDII cable to car OBDII port.
3. Switch the ignition on
4. Go to test it, details as follows.
5. Press “F2”, Data are being determined, please wait.
Select “Cars”, click “F2”
6. Select “E-class/CLS”
7. Select W211
8.Wait…it will automatically initializing, checking….

9. Select “Control units”, data are being determined, please wait…
10. Select “Drive”
11. select ME-SF 2/8-Motor electronics 2.8-07, communication with the control module group gasoline engine is being established.
12. I herewith confirm that I have read the safety notes
13. Select “control unit version”
14. Select “actual values”
15. Select “preconditions for test”
16. Check engine at cold start and in warming-up phase



New Arrival Magic Wand 4C 4D Transponder Chip Copier

4C 4D Magic Wand is an advanced device works independently for locksmith, also works with mobile-phone & computer.
Magic Wand 4C 4D Transponder Chip Generator updates constantly and operates with special material. 4D Magic Wand can solve lots of problem for locksmiths. Both beginner and experienced locksmith need Magic Wand.

Matic Wand 4C 4D Transponder chip generator functions:

1. Change original 4D transponder into special transponder (…..)
turn Original 4D70 blank chip (also named 4D60 with big capacity) to 4D Small capacity chips;
2. Copy transponder (
generate 4D63, 83 40bit and 83 80bit chip;
generate 4C chips;

Matic Wand supports Chip ID and Car Models:

4C chip: old Toyota. 72G chip: Toyota G. 82G chip: Subaru G. D68 chip: Daihatsu. 72DG: Daihatsu G. 60 chip: oldExcelle/ old Nissan/ old Mondeo. 61 chip: Mitsubishi. 62 chip: Subaru. 63 chip: Ford/Mazda. 64 chip: Chrysler/ Jeep. 65 chip: Suzuki. 66 chip: Suzuki. 67 chip: Toyota/Lexus. 68 chip: Toyota/Lexus. B9 chip Toyota Crown. 69 chip: Yamaha Motorcycle. 6A chip: Kawasaki Kawasaki. 6B chip: Suzuki Motorcycle.

Magic Wand User Guide Display:
Power Supply: above 5v 1.5a usb charger, please charge the Magic WAND using Android phone USB cable.
PS: If you use the sub-standard power supply it will affect the function of magic wand, the magic WAND may be not working.









Check more operation guide about  how to use Magic Wand read/write original 4D70 blank chip . Meanwhile, this Magic Wand chips can be used together with CN900, ND900 and Cbay/Handy-baby key programmer.



Lexia 3 DiagBox V7.76 Software Installation Guide newly releasd online lexia-3 diagbox v7.76 software work with lexia3 PSA Citroen Peugeot diagnostic tool. If you want to update your lexia-3 diagbox, here our engineer share the instruction on how to setup Lexia-3 Diagbox V7.76 diagnostic software on Windows XP.

Lexia-3 Hardware and Software Requirements:
Intel Celeron/Pentium III 400 MHz
128 MB RAM
50MB free HDD space
USB 1.1 port (USB 2.0 recommended)
Microsoft Windows 98 SR2/2000/XP with the latest service pack installed; Windows XP system better.
Please do follow the requirements on hardware and software. Otherwise it will fail to install and bring you much trouble.


Lexia-3 diagbox Supports Language:
English, German, French, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Dutch, Polish, Italian, Hungary, Greek, Czech

Diagbox V7.76 software display:



















































Diagbox V7.76 install main steps:
Step 1 – Install DAEMON Tools Lite

Step 2 – Install Diagbox

Step 3 – Activate Diagbox

Step 4 – Update Diagbox to v7.57

Step 5 – Update Diagbox to v7.58

Step 6 – Update Diagbox to v7.62

Step 7 – Update Diagbox to v7.66

Step 8 – Update Diagbox to v7.74

Step 9 – Update Diagbox to v7.76

Step 10 – Run Diagbox 7.76 to diagnose Citroen XM

OBDSTAR F100 Smart Key Programming with Mazda CX-5

New arrival OBDSTAR F-100 Ford Mazda Auto Key Programmer Need no Pin Code, supports programming auto keys and smart keys for Ford Mazda models.

OBDSTAR F100 Highlights:

1.Support both Ford/Mazda key programming (all key lost) and display data stream

2.No pin code required.

3.Support the new Mazda CX-3,CX-5,Mazda 2/3/6

4.Support part of Ford/Mazda/Jaguar/Land rover odometer correction

5.Original OBDSTAR product,update online

Here is the user experience shared by one of customers how to handle OBDSTAR F100 Smart Key Programming with Mazda CX-5 ?

Model: Mazda cx5

Tools to use: 

OBDSTAR F100 key programmer








2 spare keys to be programmed







Steps to do Mazda smart key programming with F-100:



Select Mazda CX-5

With smart









Switch ignition on

Put all the smart keys out of the car 1 meter away


Press and hold the vehicle start button for 10 seconds, Start the button indicator li…














Select Add smart key lost


All samrt keys should be erased; MIN keys are required; Press ENTER to continue, press ESC to return

Switch ignition on


Current number of key smart: 2; Press ENTER to continue, press ESC to return

Configuring the system,please wait…

Reading vehicle information…

Configuring the system,please wait…

Current number of keys: 0

Erase complete







Configuring the system,please wait…

Switch ignition off

Configuring the system,please wait…

Switch ignition on

Use a new smart key to contact start button for a while until configuration complete, press ENTER to continue

Configuring the system,please wait…

Current number of keys: 1

Program success!

Same way to program another:

Switch ignition off

Configuring the system,please wait…

Switch ignition on

Use a new smart key to contact start button for a while until configuration complete, press ENTER to continue

Current number of keys: 2

Program success! Press ESC to return

You have completed the following procedures, engine can be started:

1- switch ignition off

2- put on the brakes, the key 1 press start button to start the engine for 3 seconds, then turn off the ignition switch

3- if you want to add more keys, please repeat procedure 2, complete


Finally, test the new keys to check they can work



Mazda cx5 smart key programming success.

Free Download F100 FORD MAZDA key programmer support function models list


How to setup Ford VCM 2 IDS V100 on VMware Machine

Newest Software Ford IDS VCM 2 V100.01 (Chinese version) is released. Here the engineer share the steps to setup the ids v100 ford software multilanguage on vmware machine system.

1.install VMware
2. install Windows XP Professional and VMware Tools
3. reset date and time on on VMware
4. install Calibration
5. install ids-v91.01_full
6. check if IDS-91.01 is successfully installed or not
7. install Ford-IDS-V100.01-full
8. install VCMII Driver
9. Install the software for USB Serial Converter
10. Install the software for USB Serial Port
11. diagnosis with IDS 100.01


IDS VCM2 Operating system:

Windows XP
Windows 7
VMware Player

Free download:

Ford IDS 100.01 FULL.exe (tested OK on Ford VCM 2)
Mazda IDS 100.exe (tested OK on VXDIAG VCX NANO for Mazda)!lhpDVZZJ!qr4QEP1YBH4IBuT1WaSmn7-SF2S6954_paYJqpHmjds (tested good on VXDIAG NANO & VCM II) (tested good on VXDIAG NANO & VCM II)
Device to work with IDS v100 software:
VCM 2 clone (SP177,SP177-1,SP177-C,SP177-G)
Vxdiag Vcx Nano Wifi   SP239-W
NOTE: You may be risky to try on other vcm II devices.

Clone vcm ii functions:
1. Programming & Installation of new ECUs
(PCM, ABS, Instrument Cluster, Air Bag, Fuel Pumps, etc.)
2. Live Data-stream with Recording & Playback Functions for Main ECUs
3. Read & Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)
4. New Software Re-flash for Existing ECUs
5. Set, Adjust or Remove Speed Governors
6. Automatic vehicle recognition
7. All Other Dealer Functions
8. Guided Fault Finding
9. Steering Angle Resets
10. Program New Keys
11. DPF Regeneration
12. Brake Bleeding
13. Injector Coding















































































































Ford VCM 2 IDS V100 installation video display



How to use CBAY Handy Baby to Copy and Read Write 46 chip ?

Instruction on Copying 46 Chip with CBAY Handy Baby Key Programmer












Step 1. Turn on the machine and go to main menu , use “up” and “down” button to select language of English.













Step 2. Read chip data of Original key as above picture shows.

Step 3. Press “OK” button to enter into Crack procedure














Step 4. Insert the Original key into ignition, meanwhile keep the signal coil of the clone machine near to the ignition coil, turn on the ignition lock to collect the data(If you use the smart card, put the signal coil of the clone machine near the ignition before insert the key)







Step 5. If it shown “Collect ok, crack now?” on screen, you have successfully got the data from the car, just press “OK”

Step 6. Put the OEM key into signal coil to decode.





Step 7:If it shows “Crack ok” as above picture shows, then decoding OK, the key security code have been calculated.

Step 8. Put clone chip into signal coil area, press “OK” to copy.

Step 9. It shows “Copy OK” as above picture shows. If you want to copy more keys, just replace new chip and press ok as step 8. If finished copy, press left button to quit.

Instruction on Reading and writing 46 chip with CBAY Handy Baby Key Programmer

1. Please select correct chip mode and password in order to read & write chip correctly. The device default chip mode and password is 46 chip blank.
2. Select chip mode: move mouse cursor to “Mode”, I.E “Plaintext mode”, press “OK”, the fonts turn black from white to indicate the selection mode, press “Up” and “Down” to select the Plaintext mode or password mode.
3. Enter password: move cursor to the password box under the mode, press “OK” to proceed, press “Up” and “Down” to select the data (0`F), press “Left” and “Right” to transfer password.
4. After finish press “OK”to exit, then move cursor to “Read all” to read out data.
5. Read all: read out all data for 46 chip and display the status of locked or unlocked.
6. Write: write the corresponding data; make sure 46 unlocked before writing data.
7. Enter data: the way to enter data is as the same as to enter password.

Latest Updte V9.31 CARPROG Full Version Software Free Download

Carprog full version is mainly used to do airbag resetting for your cars. Carprog Full can also do Dashboard programming, immo (read pin code), MPU & EEPROM programming, radio decoding.

Carprog newest software V09.31 update success!













Carprog functions list:

S5.1 – VAG (Audi, VW, Skoda, Seat) Airbag Reset Tool

S5.2 – BMW Airbag Reset Tool

S5.3 – Mercedes Benz Airbag Reset Tool

S5.4 – FORD Airbag Reset Tool

S5.5 – GM Airbag Reset Tool by OBDII

S5.6 – CARPROG CR16 Airbag tool – Audi, Mercedes, Ford, Volvo

S5.7 – Renault Airbag reset tool

S5.8 – Peugeot Airbag Reset tool

S5.9 – Citroen Airbag Reset tool

S5.10 – Honda Airbag Reset tool

S5.11 – Audi Airbag reset tool by direct connection to EEPROM or MPU

S5.14 – Ford Airbag Reset tool by direct connection to EEPROM or MPU

S5.16 – Hyundai Airbag Reset tool

S5.17 – KIA Airbag Reset tool

S5.18 – Lexus Airbag Reset tool

S5.19 – Rover Airbag Reset tool

S5.21 – Mazda Airbag Reset tool

S5.22 – Mitsubishi airbag reset tool

S5.23 – Nissan Airbag reset tool

S5.20 – Mercedes Benz Airbag Reset tool by direct connection

S5.25 – Opel Airbag reset tool by direct connection

S5.27 – Saab Airbag reset tool by direct connection

S5.28 – Subaru Airbag reset tool by direct connection

S5.30 – Toyota Airbag reset tool by direct connection

S5.31 – Alfa Romeo Airbag Reset Tool

S5.32 – Fiat Airbag Reset Tool

S5.33 – Porsche Airbag Reset Tool

S5.34 – Suzuki Airbag Reset Tool

S5.35 – Volvo Airbag Reset Tool

S5.36 – Daewoo Airbag Reset Tool













Free download CARPROG V09.31:!QF4D2ajZ!sew7H0E2wZeo7bfNdM3XJn4yN8i2BZGQ1u4nmR-O3dA

Carprog Operating system:

Windows XP

Compatible device:

China CARPROG programmer

(carprog 9.31 is under test engineers; you may be risky to try; carprog 7.28 is ok and works good)



Free Download VVDI 2 Newest Update V1.1.3 Original Xhorse

VVDI 2 VVDI II Original Xhorse Commander Key Programmer Latest Software V1.1.3 new released.

free download vvdi ii 1.1.3 software

Xhorse VVDI2 V1.1.3 Newly Add Features:

===== VAG V1.1.3 =====
1. Add decode 95160 EEPROM for touareg 2008
2. Fixbug for read PIN and CS in med17.5 ECU
3. Fixbug for passat B6 find 7th bytes CS
4. Added guided functions:

ECU/ABS following: (other modules will add soon)(Menu->Diagnostic->Guided Functions)

Activation of cruise control
Throttle adaptation – Otto engines with Drive-By-Wire
Turning on Pre-Fuel pump (eg. for bleeding)
Injectors checking 3.0/2.7 TDI
Pump-jet checking 1.9/2.0 TDI
Adaptation of turbocharger in 2.7/3.0TDi engines
Adaptation of flap motors in 3.0/2.7 TDi engines
Testing Mass air flow meter G70 in TDI engines
Chiptuning test
Adaptation of G336 sensor (intake manifold’s flaps) in 2.0TFSi BPY/AXX
Adaptation of Turbocharger sensors used in CBAB CBAC 2.0TDi CR engines
Adaptation of EGR valve in Gasoline engines
Adaptation of start quantity in TDI VP Engines
Start/Stop deactivation in MQB cars (Golf 7, Octavia 3 etc)

Calibration of G85 sensor
FillingUp Brake system (MK60/70 – Golf V / Passat / Altea / Leon)
Enable / Disable \”SystemTest\” for ABS/ESP
Calibration of ESP acceleration sensor G200
Calibration of ESP pressure sensor G201
Calibration of ESP acceleration sensor G251
Recoding ABS/ESP variant (USA/EU)
ESP sensor calibration G200,G202,G251 in cars newer than 06.2007
Adaptation ESP ECU for DSG Gearbox in Audi A3 8P MJ2006
Total deactivation/activation of ESP MK60EC1

===== BMW V1.1.3 =====
1. Add support for lost all key with newest firmware: 9395656, 9395657, 9389115, 9389116
2. Improvement file make key window, show VIN, key cutting code, remote frequency, ISN etc
3. Add disable/enable key for CAS1/2/3/3+/4/4+ in file make key
4. Fixbug for EWS4 KM
5. Fixbug for change KM 5M48H with error checksum
6. Bugfix

===== Porsche V1.0.5 =====
1. Bugfix

===== Transponder Programmer V1.1.3 =====
1. Add new window for Hitag3, support read/write page with password
2. Immo data tool bugfix: Renault Trucks Magnum 2000 – 93C46
3. Immo data tool bugfix: Daihastu Sirion -2003 93C66(4C)
4. Immo data tool bugfix: Euro Gilear Fuoco ST10F269
5. Immo data tool bugfix: Ducati Monster 696
6. Immo data tool bugfix: Renault Laguna II 95160
7. Immo data tool bugfix: Mercedes benz Vito 68HC
8. Immo data tool add new for toyota 93C66
9. Bugfix

Check more here about how to install vvdi2 software and driver