How to Program Focus 2015 Key with OBDSTAR F100 & Magic Wand ?

One of engineer share step by step on programming Ford Focus 2015y immo key with Magic Wand 4C 4D transponder chip generator and OBDSTAR F100.

Devices used:
Quickly 4C/4D/46/48 Code Reader
Chip 4D70
Magic Wand 4C 4D transponder chip generator
OBDSTAR F100 Ford/Mazda key programmer

Instruction :

Test original transponder key with Quickly key copy machine
Choose read or copy









Quickly key programmer identified the chip as ID83








Try to start the car with the original key
It is working.Test new transponder
Choose read or copy
The chip is identified as 4D 70
















Try to start the car
It is not working.Format 4D 70 to 83 by Magic Wand







Insert a new transponder key & ignition on







Then program Ford Focus key with OBDSTAR F100







Plug the OBDSTAR F-100 into the OBD socket
Select Immo key programming function
Select Ford/Lincoln
Check Ford Linocln software V31.22
F-100 initializing
Select Ford
Select Immobilizer System
Select Focus
Select New Focus
This car is 2015 year, so then we choose Type 2(2014-)








Choose “Programming a new key”
F100 prompt “Insert a new transponder key & ignition on”
reading pin code
ignition off
ignition on
now we own 4 keys could start this car
programming key in procedure







It takes about 4 min to program
Now we get pincode







now we own 5 keys could start this car







Try to start the car with new key
It is working.

Check more support list details about Magic Wand and OBDSTAR F100.


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