How to Update BMW ICOM Next firmware ?

BMW ICOM Next A+B+C diagnostic and programming tool is the Latest Generation of ICOM A2 For BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce BMW-Model. BMW ICOM NEXT newest firmware 3.14.10 is available. There are still many users confuse about how to update ICOM NEXT A+B+C firmware.

First, you need to download the file, they were free, these resource were shared by kind friends on the forum, pleased try it at your own risk, i don’t take responsibility for any damage for your device:
Download ICOM NEXT firmware 3.14.10:!uZ0XgTbB!0pW25mgpiUuhB2K5gBIxw9O-Yj65aQ1Jh50RdKAD4Is
Download ICOM NEXT firmware 3.14.08:!D0cwTTzb!LCeRki-jObvuV9m6UaRsxiGCuHlwv-u33ShJO4ZGXaQ
ICOM Image 03.14.08 (Application image+ Firmware image+ ICOM NEXT app .tar.gz+ ICOM NEXT rootfs. tar.gz)!zZUXiYpI!H9-RKjfqd4Mjk9EoWMlxLw

How to update BMW ICOM NEXT firmware?
There are two optional ways for you: one is using ISTA-D, another is by MSI Installer and Web interface.

Option 1. Update BMW ICOM NEXT firmware via ISTA-D:
First, install ISTA-D software on your system so you can use it to install the firmware on your ICOM.
Next, start ISTA-D with ICOM connected to your car (Don’t need KL15, KL30 13.8V on pin 16 and ground on 4+5 is enough)
Then, go to connection manager and start the update.
How to get to the ISTA connection manager?
You can click on the button as following picture shows:

Option 2. Update BMW ICOM NEXT firmware via WIS Installer:
First, install the MSI installer
Next, find the system and application firmware file (.bin for ICOM A1/A2 and .tar.gz for ICOM NEXT) in your installed folder, System = ICOM Next-rootfs-XXXXXX. tar.gz, Application = ICOM Next-app-XXXXXX. tar.gz
Then, upgrade the ICOM firmware by web interface.
Note: For BMW ICOM NEXT firmware, the tarball is in C:\ProgramData\BMW\ISPI\data\TRIC\ICOMNext after you installed the MSI installer.

ICOM NEXT firmware 3.14.10 is tested on forum.
Here is feedback for your reference:
I test it this morning on a CIC of an E90 and an E60. And now also ICOM NEXT is flashing like HELL. So the bug of slow flashing CICR is gone with this upgrade. This I can confirm. THANK, it was long waiting but it was worth it.

Launch M-diag Lite, Launch Easydiag, Golo Easydiag+, Which is the Best?

Launch M-Diag Lite is the 2017 newest and most powerful Launch X431 OBD2 code reader among Easydiag 2.0 and Golo Easydiag+. Launch M-Diag Lite not only excels in basic obdii diagnosis but special functions like bi-directional capability.

Product   Launch X431 Easydiag 2.0   VS   Golo Easydiag+  VS  Launch M-Diag Lite
Android                                                                   √                                      
Apple ISO                                                              √                                        √
Generic OBDII check                                          √                                        
I/M check                        –                                      –                                        
Actuation test                                                       –                                          √
4 systems diagnosis        √                                     –                                        
(Engine, transmission, ABS, SRS)
FULL systems diagnosis                                    √                                        
Special functions                                                   –                                       incl. bl-directional capabilities
IMMO & key programming                               –                                         
Oil / service reset                                                –                                         
Brake pads                                                            –                                        
Battery matching                                                 –                                        
ABS bleeding                                                         –                                        
TPMS reset                                                           –                                        
Throttle body adaption                                       –                                        
Steering angle reset                                             –                                        
DPF regeneration                                               –                                        
Injector coding                                                     –                                        

All can work with Android and ISO systems

Launch easydiag 2.0 only works for four systems diagnosis.
Golo easydiag+ works for full system diagnosis.
Launch M-diag Lite code scanner not only covers X431 easydiag 2.0 and Golo easydiag+ (four+full systems diagnosis); but adds new special functions like Oil / Service reset, ABS bleeding, IMMO & key programming, throttle body adaptation, brake pads, steering angle reset, battery matching, DPF regeneration, Injector coding.
You can choose the one you like most.But it’s wise to get the more powerful M-diag Lite with the same cost.

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