CG Pro tells licence is going to expire, how to solve it?

Q: I purchased a CG Pro from you , it’s telling me my licence is going to expire.What happens whenever the licence runs out how do I renew .I do hope you can help.

A: No need worry about it. It will activate again automatically when it is expired.

CG-PRO 9S12 latest update V2.2.0.0  on 10th Jan,2020

1.Immobilizer, added support

  Porsche BCM-1N35H(Convenience) (Requires a dedicated adapter!)

  Porsche BCM-1N35H(Convenience PFLASH)  (Requires a dedicated adapter!)

  Porsche BCM-5M48H(Convenience)  (Requires a dedicated adapter!)

  Porsche BCM-5M48H(Convenience PFLASH)  (Requires a dedicated adapter!)

2.Dashboard, added support and automatic algorithm

  Jaguar S-TYPE 2006 9S12

  Chrysler 300 2005 9S12

3.ECU, added support

  BMW E series MEVD17(N55) (PASSWORD)

  BMW E series MEVD1726(N55) (PASSWORD)

  BMW F series MEVD1726 N55(X5 X6 5X) (PASSWORD)

  BMW F series MEVD172G(N55) (PASSWORD)

  BMW F series MEVD172S(N55) (PASSWORD)

4.Key, added support

  Chrysler 300C 2005 9S12 

  Chrysler Aspen 2005 9S12 

  Dodge Dakota 2005 9S12 

  Dodge Durango 2005 9S12 

  Jeep Commander 2006 9S12 

  Jeep Grand Cherokee 2005 9S12  

  Chrysler 300C 2008 93C86

  Chrysler Voyager 2008 93C86 

  Jeep Commander 2007 93C86

  Jeep Grand Cherokee 2008 93C86

  Dodge Journey 2009 93C86 

  Jeep Liberty 2004 95080

  Porsche BCM-1N35H(Convenience) (Requires a dedicated adapter!)

  Porsche BCM-5M48H(Convenience) (Requires a dedicated adapter!)

5.Chip, added chip support

  ST – SPC
































6.Added CGPRO English instructions

7.Adjust the wiring diagram of CAS4

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