Xtool X100 Pad2 IMMO Function Car List

Xtool X100 Pad2 IMMO Function car list:

Vehicle Version Date Function List
IKAUDI V26.61 2016-10-08
IKBAIC V26.32 2016-09-22
IKBAOJUN V26.21 2016-09-07
IKBENZ V26.00 2016-03-14
IKBESTURN V26.21 2016-07-14
IKBRILLIANCE V26.20 2016-07-14
IKBYD V26.22 2016-08-23
IKCHANGAN V26.73 2016-10-12
IKCHANGFENG V26.14 2016-09-26
IKCHANGHE V26.20 2016-01-11
IKCHERY V26.83 2016-10-12
IKCHRYSLER V26.63 2016-09-01
IKCITROEN V26.25 2016-09-01
IKFIAT V26.31 2016-08-08
IKFORD V26.83 2016-09-01
IKGEELY V26.42 2016-10-12
IKGM V26.95 2016-09-26
IKGREATWALL V26.43 2016-09-22
IKHAFEI V26.03 2016-01-29
IKHAWTAI V26.02 2016-01-29
IKHNMAZDA V26.34 2016-10-08
IKHONDA V26.23 2016-05-31
IKHONGQI V26.00 2016-01-18
IKHYUNDAI V26.66 2016-09-22
IKJAC V26.48 2016-09-01
IKJAGUAR V26.22 2016-06-15
IKJMC V26.00 2016-04-06
IKKIA V26.65 2016-09-22
IKLANCIA V26.03 2016-01-18
IKLANDROVER V26.32 2016-01-18
IKLIFAN V26.10 2016-10-12
IKLINCOLN V26.13 2016-06-15
IKLUFENG V26.15 2016-10-12
IKLUXGEN V26.11 2016-09-22
IKMASERATI V26.10 2016-07-22
IKMAZDA V26.50 2016-08-18
IKMERCURY V26.02 2016-01-18
IKMG V26.31 2016-09-26
IKMITSUBISHI V26.42 2016-07-22
IKNISSAN V26.61 2016-10-09
IKOPEL V26.10 2016-09-22
IKPERODUA V18.01 2016-05-13
IKPEUGEOT V26.24 2016-08-08
IKPORSCHE V26.04 2016-05-11
IKPROTON V26.10 2016-08-25
IKQNLOTUS V26.15 2016-10-12
IKRENAULT V26.21 2016-06-15
IKROEWE V26.50 2016-09-22
IKROMEO V26.03 2016-01-18
IKSMART V26.00 2016-01-18
IKSSANGYONG V26.11 2016-01-18
IKSUBARU V26.21 2016-08-22
IKSUZUKI V26.13 2016-01-18
IKTOYOTA V26.25 2016-09-22
IKZZMAZDA V26.03 2016-01-29
IKZZNISSAN V26.32 2016-10-12


Xtool X-100 PAD Tablet Key Programmer Special Functions Expert List

Xtool X-100 PAD Special Functions Expert List Free Download



Xtool X100 PAD TPMS tire pressure monitoring cars List:
   Asian Series
   TOYOTA         LEXUS     scion         SIBARU
   HYUNDAI        KIA                HONDA acura
   ACURA          INFINITI           NISSAN
   European Series
   BENZ           PORSCHE            BMW      renault  vw  audi
   American Series

Functions Comparison List on Xtool X100 PAD2 and Xtool X100 PAD

Xtool X100 PAD2 Full Version/Standard Version VS Xtool X100 PAD

Specification Comparison X100 PAD2
Standard/Full Configuration
X100 PAD
Operation system Android 4.4 Android 4.4
Memory 1GB RAM, 16GB Flash 16G RAM:1G Flash
Battery capacity 4000mAh7.4V 2400mAh7.4V
Resolution 1024*768 1024*600
Display 8.0 Inch IPS 5-Point Multi-touch Screen 7 inch IPS 5-point multi-touch screen
HD input/output Port MINI HDMI MINI HDMI
Communication Via cable Via Wireless (Bluetooth)
Standby Time 8h 5h
Dimension 240*177*30mm 208*140*15.5mm


FunctionComparison Xtool X100 PAD2
Full Configuration
Xtool X100 PAD2
Standard Configuration
Xtool X100 PAD
OBDII Diagnosis Diagnosis and immo function cover on the same cars.
Four System Diagnosis:
Engine control module, Brakes, central electrics, airbag.
Diagnosis and immo function cover on the same cars.               Four System Diagnosis:
Engine control module, Brakes, central electrics, airbag.
Immobilizer programming Support VW 4th/5th generation immobilizer programming. It is optional to pay VW 4th /5th generation immobilizer programming. Yes
Odometer Adjustment Yes Yes Yes
Oil Reset/Engine oil light reset Yes Yes Yes
TPS Throttle Body Adaptation Yes Yes Yes
EPB Electrical Parking Brake Adaptation Yes Yes Yes
Steering Angle Calibration Yes Yes Yes
ABS Exhaust Yes Yes Yes
Battery reset Yes Yes Yes
Gear learning Yes Yes Yes
Tire pressure warning light reset Yes Yes Yes
ECU reset Yes Yes Yes
EEPROM adapter Yes Yes Yes
Exhaust Gas Treatment (DPF) Yes Yes Yes
Car Suspension Yes Yes No
Headlight adjustment Yes Yes No


Powerful Xtool X-100 PAD2 Tablet Key Prog Replace X100 Pad

X-100 PADII Key Programmer

X100 PAD2 Highlights:

Update Version of X100 PAD

A tablet key programmer with the latest technologies
Support 4 systems Engine, Brakes, Central Electrics, Airbag
Support special functions for workshop
Add VW 4th & 5th IMMO
XTOOL X100 PADII Key Prog Functions:

Key programming,
Mileage adjustment,
Oil service light reset,
Timing belt service light reset,
Tire pressure warning light reset,
EPB reset,
Throttle body reset,
DPF reset,
Battery reset,
Steering angle calibration,
OBD-II engine diagnosis.


How to match Toyota remote key with Xtool X100 Pad ?

How to generate & match remote key for Camry 2010 with KD900 and Xtool X-100 Pad?

I. Generate remote by KD900 remote generator 


Open KD900 remote maker software

Select Asia>Toyota>Corolla 26041-11h29.433MHZ>Create Key

Press OK when generated successfully

II. Remote Matching with Xtool X100 Pad


Launch X100 PAD application>Immobilization>Lexus Toyota> Remote>Type 2> Program Remote


Switch ignition on and open driver door

Press LOCK and UNLOCK together for 1 sec within 30 sec, press LOCK once

Program success

Test the new programmed remote key


How to Make Cadillac Seville SLS 2010 Key with Xtool X300+ X300 Plus?

Original Xtool X300 Plus X300+ Key Programmer with a simple and robust design, to make your vehicle service experience much easier!

Xtool X300 Plus Highlights:

100% Original XTOOL Brand
Support update online
with EEPROM Adapter
Add Special Functions


Here Cartool.co.uk engineer has successfully programmed smart key for Cadillac Seville SLS 2010 model. Also if adds key or programs all keys lost for this model are the same operation as below.

For Cadillac pre-2009, you can program key new directly.

While for Cadillac 2009-up, you are required to get security code to access.

How to get Cadillac security code and program key  with X300+?

1.you can use Xtool X300+ X300 Plus key programmer to get security code via OBD (X300 pro will read security code for Cadillac ATS/ATSL/XTS/SRX/SLS till 2015).

2.You use GM MDI Multiple Diagnostic Interface online programming to make this key

3.If you do not have X300, you need to remove dash to get code. We will show this way in detail.

I. Obtain security code

You can disassemble the BCM box to find out 93c86 CPU inside the trunk or remove Rear Integration Module to locate 93c56 CPU(has been verified working by our engineer). Pictures attached below:


Here’s the Rear Integration Module, open the box, find out 8-foot chip 93C56 in CPU
Solder and read 93c56 data with ecu programmer,i.e tm100. You can see the security code in Line 0A0, code display as “8552” in ASCII area.

II. Program smart key

Connect the key programmer with vehicle via OBD socket
Select vehicle Cadillac Seville SLS
Follow the menu instructions to enter the security code to program key


Do not insert the smart card into the car slot during key programming procedure.
The slot is inside the toolbox near the shift lever position.


Xtool X-100 Pad vs EZ300 vs EZ400 vs EZ500

Xtool company newly release several universal pads, including Xtool X-100 Pad,Xtool EZ500,EZ400 and EZ300.
What’s the difference among these pads? Please Check the comparison table as below
Xtool Tools X100 Pad Xtool EZ300 Xtool EZ400 Xtool EZ500
Photo xtool-x-100-pad xtool-ez300 xtool-ez400
OBDII Diagnosis Engine,ABS,SRS,AT Full System Full System
Service Light Reset Yes Yes Yes Yes
Electrical Parking
Brake Adaptation
Yes Yes Yes
Throttle Body Adaptation
Yes Yes Yes
Odomter correction Yes Yes
Steering Angle Calibration Yes Yes Yes
Gear Learning Yes Yes
ABS bleeding Yes Yes Yes Yes
ECU Reset Yes Yes Yes Yes
TPMS Reset Yes Yes Yes
Battery Reset Yes Yes Yes


New Arrival Xtool PS201 OBDII Code Reader for Heavy Duty Gasoline Diesel

Original Xtool PS201 hand-held CAN OBDII code reader works for Truck, Bus and Coach OBDII/ EOBD/ CANBUS compliant vehicles diagnosis from 1996 onwards. PS 201 also covers Construction, Marine and Agriculture applications and provides an affordable solution for truck, bus and coach diagnostics.

Top features of Xtool PS-201 scanner:

1) Easy-to-read large color screen

2)Large easy-to-operate buttons

3)Built with ARM Chip, High Speed

4)Software Update online

5)Gasoline and diesel engine coverage.

Xtool PS201 Display:

PS201 may be small in size but it is powerful enough to perform the same tasks as premium level workshop scanners while being faster and more user friendly.


1. LCD screen: 160*160
2. [ENTER] button: confirm a selection of a menu list
3. [ESC] button: return to the previous screen
4. [Up]/[Down] button: move the cursor up or down
5. [Left]/[Right] button: turn pages

Xtool PS201 truck diagnostic scan tool function:

Read Diagnostic Trouble Codes
Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes
View Live Data
View Freeze Frame Data
Display Monitor and I/M readiness status (emissions)
MIL Status
O2 Sensor Test
EVAP system test
Retrieve vehicle information (VIN, CIN and CVN)
Code Lookup
Displays Live vehicle data such as:
Engine speed
Air Flow Meter
Accelerator pedal position
Engine coolant temperature
Multi-Lingual platform

Class 4- Class 8 truck coverage featuring “Automatic Protocol Search”
HD J1587/J1708 and J1939 CAN Engine Transmission/ABS coverage and more!
Live vehicle data such as:

– Engine speed
– Engine ECU temperature
– Percent acceleration pedal position
– Engine intercooler temperature
– Engine coolant temperature
– Battery volts
– Alternator volts
– Ambient air temperature
– Air inlet temperature

Work with all 1996 and later OBD II compliant US,European and Asian vehicles.
Easily determine the cause of the check engine light (MIL) and turn it off as well as clear codes and reset monitors. It retrieves generic (P0, P2, P3, B0, C0, U0), manufacturer specific (P1, P3, and U1) codes, and pending codes and displays DTC definitions.

Xtool PS 201 scanner works with the following protocols:
-J1850 PWM
-J1850 VPW
-KPW 2000
-ISO 14230-04
-ISO 9141
-SAE J1850
-ISO157651 (CAN)

-SAE J1939 (CAN)
-SAE J1708/J1587

Free download ps201-user-manual


How to update Xtool PS2 PS90 GDS to V16.21?

XTOOL PS2/ PS90 GDS Gasoline series for Mercedes truck is updated to V16.21 version which has been increased the Transmission, Steering angle,Tyre-pressure loss alarm (activated) and other common special functions.

PS2 PS90 supports languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Arabic, Farsi (newly added)

Here let’s check  step-by-step how to update XTOOL PS2 GDS to v16.21.

1) go to www.xtooltech.com and login in to user center with User Name and password.










2) Select “Download Center” option under “Navigation” tab

3) Enter Download Center program, download the “Update Tool”










4) Then download the software you need to update










5) Save the update software to be downloaded to a certain folder

6) Open and run Xtool “Update Tool-V* exe” setup on the desktop










7) Follow the system prompt until the update tool installation is completed

8) Then remove the SD card from the Xtool PS2 truck diagnostic tool to the SD card reader and then connect it to the computer.

9) Open the Xtool Update Tool on the desktop when the SD card has successfully connected with your computer










10) Click the browse button to select the folder where you going to put the software winrar files.

Click Confirm button and it will reads your PS2 serial number and the software.










11) Select the software to be updated and click the Update button to update










12) Wait until PS2 GDS software update is completed.


How to Use Xtool X-100 PAD Key Programmer

X-100 PAD is a tablet with the latest technologies to perform key programming, mileage adjustment, oil service light reset, timing belt service light reset, tire pressure warning light reset , EPB reset, throttle body reset, DPF reset, battery reset, steering angle calibration and OBD-II engine diagnosis. X-100 PAD key programmer provides super-fast solution and work as generic workshop level diagnostic equipment.

X-100 PAD Language: English only (It will add Deutsch and Português in the future.)

X-100 PAD Main Features:


1) 100% genuine scanner, Xtool company made. High quality.

2) Support one button click to update the tool by WIFI or cable.
PAD has WIFI function, you can directly update the software via PAD by WIFI connection.

If you do not have WIFI, you can use lan cable to connect the internet for update.
Update is very easily.
When new software release, you will see the new software on update option.
Just click the “update” button for the software and wait for the finish.
Then you will update your tool to latest.

3) With EEPROM ADAPTER, no need to buy alone.

4) X300 Plus updated version. New adds more SPECIAL functions.

5) Free Download xtool-x100-pad-user-manual.pdf


How to Use the X-100 PAD Key Programmer?

1. X-100 PAD Activation

1) Connect the PAD with internet by WIFI

2) Enter the following information, after done, click activate. Then PAD is activated and can be used to work on vehicles.














For activation code and serial number, you can find the information on about function of the PAD when you power on the PAD.
For nickname you can use any name you want.
For login account, please use your valid email address or phone number. Better will not forget it in the future.
For password, you can setup any number you like. They system will save it after done. Activation is a one time process. The diagnostic application will start after activation.

After you finish activation, when new software release in future, you can directly update your tool via WIFI.

How to update xtool products?

As usual, the customer need to register on Xtool official website wwww.xtooltech.com and fill in the dealer code, then start to update your Xtool tool.

Now the Xtool upgrate tool Loginv2.0.39.0 released, if you own our original Xtool products, you can download the update tool and install it, then enter the device serial number and password to update the device directly.
Note: You may need to close antivirus software or allow an exception during updating the Xtool products.