How to Setup JLR SDD Software Engineering Mode?

Here is the instruction on setting up JLR SDD software from normal mode to engineer mode.

Optional device running SDD engineering version:

V146 JLR SDD2 for Landrover/Jaguar diagnosis and programming tool (the only JLR device with engineering mode currently, tested ok, safe)

Let’s check the activate process for JLR SDD Software Engineering mode.

1 click on the golden key icon marked arrow picture below


2 find out the Seed

3.Calculate engineering password with JLR SDD Coded Access Password Calculator according to the Seed (see two pics BELOW)



Then click on Activate to get fully activated

4 the bottom status bar on the SDD interface turns yellow


5 SDD engineering mode is activated and ready for use


Options available for engineering mode password calculator:
Land Rover/Range Rover:

CCF Editor
Taiwan Vehicle Update
Software Download
L316/L322 Odometer
L322 Recover Keys
L322 Erase Keys
Option 8

VIN Bypass
VID Block Eitor
CCF Editor
Software download
X150/X250/X351 Odometer
X351 Recover Keys

fly-obd-terminator-fvdi2-calculate-pin-code-10 fly-obd-terminator-fvdi2-calculate-pin-code-11

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