Java Lose Licence,Volvo Premium Tech Tool V2.04 PTT Needs Update

“Volvo loose licence for java will expire and must be updated”
There will also be a required update for Premium Tech Tool 2.04.
(Note: Now PTT V2.04.87 newest version had been released.
If the V2.04.87 update is not downloaded and installed by November 9th,  PTT V2.04 will stop working. )
How to fix the java license expired problem? Please follow the operation step by step.
1. Update techtool via Client Update tool to last version V2.04.87 ptt software.
2. After finnish with update install this file
3. Then unpack this file and copy it to C:\ProgramData\Tech Tool\Waf\OtD!ghZBzICQ!rCdzeaj6a0s8KkItNvLMCdUHDmlWBEUpl61PCc5C3P4
Pass is: !0lIgkAyT!d7um27ifwt1jWZnmU2
4.That is all

How to set Wifi for Volvo 88890300 Vocom VCADS Interface?

How to set Wifi connection for Volvo 88890300 Vocom VCADS Interface?

1, use USB cable ,  go to ptt , setting, Communication unit configuration , configure, ‘USB+Directly to Communication unit’

2, ‘Direct’ ->’Restore default values’-‘Apply’-‘Ok’
3, Click Ok again.  then disconnect usb cable,
4, go to Setting->’Comm.unit Selection’ -. ‘ Communictcation unit 8889300 ….Nickname’
5, now your can use signal get wireless singal.
All ok

Vocom Software Volvo Ptt Developer Tool Got Expire Error

If the Vocom software got expire error message, please change the computer date to 2016.09.11 or before.
As the engineer explained, the problem is caused by java license for volvo software needs to update.
So this solution will work when the software reminds that need to update.
Related to Volvo 88890300 Vocom VCADS software:
 SS167-E  Volvo/Renault/MACK Ptt Developer Tool V2.04.87L with last acpi+ update 2016.05
SS167-F  Volvo Premium Tech Tool 2.04.87L DEVELOPMENT With Apci+ Update –LAST Offcial version

Volvo TechTool 2.04.87L New Update for Volvo 88890300 Vocom

Latest version Volvo TechTool 2.04.87 Development Highlights:
(or non official 2.5.30)

1. Full Techtool Activating (For all volvo brend !!!)
2. Last ACPI+ update for standard and for development AND special DESIGNER user !!!
3. You can Choose User ID like: A123456 or M555555 OR TECHTOL OR ANY OTHER.
4. You can choose your logo or name to stay in techtool
Item No. SS167-EBuy it Now: €258.00
Latest Volvo PTT V2.04.87L Developer Tool Plus ACPI for Volvo 88890300 Vocom Interface work with New Volvo Trucks. PTT Developer Tool supports multi-languages. Vocom PTT Developer Tool Software must be installed on Windows 7 professional or ultratme.Latest Volvo PTT V2.04.85.3 includes visfeed software for free.
Update online directly from Volvo Server
Support Offline Programming

Item No. SS167-FBuy it Now: €365.00

Volvo Premium Tech Tool 2.04.87L DEVELOPMENT With Apci+ Update –LAST OFFICAl versiom
This software version for both new and old trucks (version 3 and version 4)
Provide visfeed for truck (version3, version4 newer trucks) ECU reprogramming

VXDIAG Subaru SSM III Diagnose on Subaru IMPREZA 2004

VXDIAG SUBARU SSM-III Multi Diagnostic Tool supports Subaru diagnostic and Key Programming, also it supports many car software that you can add Toyota, Honda, Porsche, JLR software to this device by purchasing authorization.

Support Multi-languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian;
Software Version: V2015.10
Compliant with 12V and 24V communications.

Subaru FreeSSM diagnostic cable for Subaru cars provides a high degree of control over the engine and transmission systems when used with the FreeSSM software.

Here technician share the user guide to troubleshoot Subaru IMPREZA 2004 with Subaru SSM III or FreeSSM software.

Model: Subaru IMPREZA 2004

Tools to use: Subaru FreeSSM V1.2.5 diagnostic cable;

VXDIAG Subaru SSM III multi diagnostic tool


1)- Ask the customer when and how the trouble occurred using the check list for interview.


2)- Start the engine.

Does the engine start?

YES–> Go to step

NO–> Diagnostics for engine start failure:

i- Check for fuel amount.

ii- Inspection of starter motor circuit.

iii- Inspection of ECM power supply and ground line.

iv- Inspection of ignition control system.

v- Inspection of fuel pump circuit.

vi- Inspection of fuel injector circuit.


Does malfunction indicator light illuminate?

YES–> Go to step 3

NO–> General diagnostics table


1)- Turn the ignition switch to OFF.

2)- Connect the Subaru Select Monitor or the OBD-II general scan tool to data link connector.

3)- Turn the ignition switch to ON and the Subaru Select Monitor III or OBD-II

scan tool switch to ON.

4)- Read the DTC on the Subaru SSM III or OBD-II scan tool.

Does the Subaru Select Monitor or FreeSSM software indicate DTC?

YES–> Record the DTC. Repair the trouble cause. Go to step 4.

NO–> Repair the related parts.


If DTC is not shown on display although the malfunction indicator light illuminates, perform diagnostics of malfunction indicator light circuit or combination meter:

i- Activation of malfunction indicator light.

ii- Malfunction indicator light does not come on.

iii- Malfunction indicator light does not go off.

iv- Malfunction indicator light does not blink at a cycle of 3 Hz.

v- Malfunction indicator light remains blinking at a cycle of 3 Hz.


1)- Perform the clear memory mode.

2)- Perform the inspection mode.

Does the Subaru Select Monitor or FreeSSM OBD-II general scan tool indicate DTC?

YES–> Diagnostics Procedure with Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC):


Two consecutive driving cycles with fault

NO–> Complete the diagnosis.

What’s more, if you need to add other car model software to the VXDIAG Subaru SSM 3, how to process it?
VXDIAG Subaru SSM 3 interface compatible with other software, customer can add Toyota, Honda, Porsche, JLR software to it. If you want to add one of above software to this interface, please follow this steps to do it:
1) Give me your serial number for activation after make payment
2) We will contact factory to open the toyota software authorization for you
3) After done, we will tell you. Update the new software to this machine.



How to install Newest SDP3 V2.27 for Scania VCI2 VCI3 Truck Diagnostic

SDP3 V2.27 Software Newest Update for Scania VCI2 VCI3 Truck Diagnostic Tool has been released on
Scania SDP3 V2.27  Software Highlights:

Latest SDP3 V2.27 software, works with Scania VCI2, Scania VCI3.
Add more new functions
Without USB Dongle, easier installation
Support Multi-language

Note: SDP3 V2.27 Compatible with Win7 32bit system only
How to setup Scania SDP3 V2.27 ?

1. Install AdbeRDr920_en_us.exe
Install NDP46-KB3045557-x86-x64-Allos-ENU.exe
Install vcredist _x86.exe
Install Scania Diagnos & Programmer 3 2.27.exe

2. Once finishedd, run x32 folder the “install.exe”
6426758 – is password

3. When required allow install.exe to install driver.

4. Run the program.

Video guide to install scania vci2 sdp3 v2.27 

Scania SDP3 V2.27 Software Display



SDP3 V2.24 Files Fixed Error “VCI2 firmware update” engineer shares Scania VCI2 SDP3 2.2 update error solution as below.

Here you can check about the symptom:

After Scania SDP3 V2.2x software installation on Win 7 32-bit, the software

prompts: “The software in VCI is not the latest version. Click OK to install new VCI software”













And if you press ok, another error message will pop up: “An error occurred when updating VCI”













And “VCI2 Firmware Update: Updating VCI2 firmware with error code 1”















First of all, download SDP3 VCI2 SDP3 software 2.20, 2.21, 2.23 and 2.24 files here!Y1NQBD5T!k2N9lwQidekvAtoBiDmTBGSGwRbZwP-DcOWNTDs5EQ0





All three folder contain SAMPi.dll and SMAPi.old.dll files

Do not copy SAMPi.dll file.

First run SDP3 2.20 software, if it prompts to update VCI2 firmware, then copy to replace SAMPi.dll file.

If you have replaced the SAMPi.dll file, but the error still there, then un-install SDP3 software on another Win 7 laptop.

NEXIQ USB Update: VXSCAN H90 J2534 Truck Diagnostic Tool new arrival VXSCAN H90 J2534 Diesel Truck scanner is the new update version of Nexiq USB Link / xtruck USB Link. Bluetooth VXSCAN H90 J2534 Diesel Truck Diagnose Interface comes with original driver works as good as original NEXIQ usb link does.

VXSCAN H90 J2534 Bluetooth Version Highlights:

1. Bluetooth vehicle-to-PC or Palm wireless connectivity
2. USB vehicle-to-PC connectivity
3. Protocol coverage for automotive to heavy duty vehicles: J1587 / J1708, J1939 / J2284 / CAN, J1850, ISO-9141, ALDL
4. Industry standard RP1210A compliance
5. Power on, data and fault detection LED’s

VXSCAN H90 J2534 supports Heavy-Duty, Light-and Medium-Duty Trucks, CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT like (Wheel loader, Articulated Hauler and Excavator), Genset.

VXSCAN H90 J2534 works with all popular Engines including: Detroit Diesel, Caterpillar, Cummins, Perkins Engines.


VXSCAN H90 J2534 API Supports

• RP1210A, RP1210B
• J2534-2
• USB vehicle-to-PC connectivity, VXSCAN H90 USB link supports Windows xp and windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit and windows CE compliant


VXSCAN H90 J2534 Truck Diagnostic Protocol Coverage:

CAN – J1939/CAN125/CAN250/CAN500/CAN1000
2nd CAN – J1939/CAN125/CAN250/CAN500/CAN1000
J1587/J1708 J1850 J2534
ISO 15765 (Diagnostic CAN)
ISO 14230 (KWP2000 over ISO9141) ALDL ATEC 160 (160 baud)


Not all applications are included. If compatibility confirmation is required, more information is needed, or there are questions about an unlisted application, please contact us, a specialist will help you make the right choice.



Free Download Newest V2.24 Scania SDP3 Diagnostic Software

Recently we launched the Newest SDP3 2.24.1 software work with Scania truck diagnostic tool on,

here you can view what new features this latest sd3 v2.24 program includes:

1. Problems solved with this extra release
2. Solved the following FQ items:
Not able to see guide Cylinder output test in SDP3, affected products all EMS S6.
3, Not possible to access adjustable parameters in ELC4 due to a faulty parameter settings module in SDP3.
4. For instance Lowering the tag axle. Affected vehicles PGR-trucks and FKNbus with ELC4
5. Not possible to spare part program new ECU EMS S7 replacement.

What we can do with the Latest SDP3 2.24 plus VCI 2 / VCI 3 truck diagnostic tool for Scania  ?

Stored fault codes, proposals for remedial action and delete option.
Control unit configuration and settings.
Information about electrical components and their location.
Input and output signals.
Activation of components.
Spare part programming.
Circuit diagrams. For each circuit there is a diagram which clearly shows how the particular circuit is implemented in the respective vehicle.
Chassis data. The vehicle gives the program a description of itself and how it is configured.
User functions. In order to meet service market requirements to work more effectively, there is an option to troubleshoot via user functions, e.g. cruise control.

Here you can view the install video to show how to install Scania VCI 2 SDP3 V2.24 in Win 7?

Operation system:
WIN 7 32bit only

SDP3 software support multi-language:
English/ German/ Spanish/ French/ Japanese/ Dutch/ Polish/ Portuguese/ Swedish/ Norwegian/ Suomi/ Turkish/ Italian/ Czech/ Russian/ Chinese.

Scania SDP3 2.24 Diagnostic Programmer and SDP3 Fix files free download here.

Free download SDP3 files:
SDP3 2.24.1!EQ1ShIyR!eg2987wBD4xMl29FNqMYmWD97PYjPfPPOY-QrqQeFNo
Fix Scania SDP3 2.24!P4JSzShL!sL7D_ID9xGVtlyQwCSJzwHb5junpKdtTvK8By7qh0gA

Scania VCI3 Wifi Connection User Guide

How to connect scania vci3 with wifi?
1. Connect the device vci3 scania diagnostic tool with your car and the pc.
2. Open the pc wifi connection, and find out the scania vci3 wifi id: VCI3-SN7041


3. Click VCI3-SN7041-network to connect

4. Check wireless network connection 4 properities – Networking – Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) – obtain an IP address automatically.

5. Open the scania vci3 software connection option and connect to wireless VCI.

6. The scania vci3 wifi connection is ok.

Hottest Universal Truck OBD2 Diagnostic Tools

4 Kinds of Universal Truck OBD2 Diagnostic Tools to Choose

Item Name Original Xtool PS2 Truck Diagnostic Tool Support Bluetooth
Update Online


NEXIQ USB Link + Software Diesel Truck Interface And Software For Engines Transmissions ABS


AUGOCOM H8 Truck Diagnostic Tool For Engines Transmissions ABS Instrument Panels


DPF Doctor Diagnostic Tool For Diesel Cars Particulate Filter


best truck diagnostic tool;
support update online&bluetooth;
no need connect pc
powerful ecu programmer for trucks. multi-brand trucks diagnostic best DPF diagnostic
Language English Multi-language Multi-language English
Functions Diagnose and programming Diagnose and programming Diagnose and programming DPF Reset and Regeneration
Support List most vehicles before 2010, some new cars after 2010,
such as Caterpillar, Mitsubishi Fuso, Scania, Volvo, Isuzu and more new car models added.
Volvo Truck,
Volvo Bus,
Isuzu_GMC: 1996-1999 NPR Diesel and F Series
Heavy Duty,Light and Medium-Duty Trucks, Construction Equipment(like Wheel loader, Articulated Hauler and Excavator), Genset;
Protocol Coverage:
CAN – J1939/
2nd CAN – J1939/CAN125/CAN250/CAN500/
J1587/J1708 J1850 J2534
ISO 15765 (Diagnostic CAN)
ISO 14230 (KWP2000 over ISO9141) ALDL ATEC 160 (160 baud)
Detroit Diesel, Caterpillar, Cummins, Perkins Engines.
Diesel Cars:
total 16 car makers from American,European and Asia vehicles.