Top 3 Volvo key programmer: OBDSTAR X300 DP /X300 Pro3 & Lonsdor K518ISE

There are top 3 Volvo key programmers which covers all Volvos that Tango & tmpro2 don’t cover, they are: OBDSTAR X300 DP, OBDSTAR X300 Pro3 and Lonsdor K518ISE etc.

OBDSTAR X300 DP & OBDSTAR X300 Pro3 on Volvo IMMO

OBDSTAR X300 DP or X300 Pro3 support Volvo Semi smart key programming all keys lost and add keys, and no need to disassemble CEM / KVM.

OBDSTAR Volvo IMMO list:

S60 (2011 – 2017)

S80 (2009 -2016)

V40 (2012 – 2017)

V60 (2011 -2016)

V70 (2009 -2016)

X C60 (2009-2017)


Keep updating……


Reliable source of OBDSTAR X300 DP / X300 Pro3 with Volvo IMMO functions:

OBDSTAR X300 DP full package: free to upgrade Volvo IMMO function

OBDSTAR X300 DP standard package: pay 60USD to upgrade Volvo IMMO function

OBDSTA X300 Pro3 full package: pay 60USD to upgrade Volvo IMMO function

OBDSTA X300 Pro3 standard package: pay 60USD to upgrade Volvo IMMO function


OBDSTAR X300 DP IMMO & remote vehicle coverage & OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 IMMO & remote vehicle coverage:

visit then “Carlist” -> “Function List”-> “Immobilizer”, then click the specific car model to have details.


Lonsdor K518ISE Programmer

Volvo (S40, S60, S80, XC60, XC90, C30, C70, V40, V60, V70) key programming best choice is Lonsdor K518ISE.


Lonsdor K518ISE Volvo Coverage:

Series     Origin     Year     Fuel Type     Function

S60        Other      Other    Other         Proximity Key[insert key to start]

S60        Other      Other    Other         Smart Key[one-button start]

S80        Other      09-      Other         Smart Key[one-button start]

XC60       Other      09-      Other         Smart Key[one-button start]

S80        Other      09-      Other         Proximity Key[insert key to start]

XC60       Other      09-      Other         Proximity Key[insert key to start]

S40        Other      Other    Other         Smart Key

S40        Other      Other    Other         Key Programming

S80        Other      -09      Other         Proximity Key[insert key to start]

V40        Other      Other    Other         Proximity Key[insert key to start]

C30        Other      Other    Other         Key Programming

C30        Other      Other    Other         Smart Key

V40        Other      Other    Other         Smart Key[one-button start]

S80        Other      -09      Other         Smart Key[one-button start]

V60        Other      Other    Other         Proximity Key[insert key to start]

V60        Other      Other    Other         Smart Key[one-button start]

XC60       Other      -09      Other         Proximity Key[insert key to start]

XC60       Other      -09      Other         Smart Key[one-button start]

XC90       Other      Other    Other         Flip Key

C70        Other      Other    Other         Key Programming

C70        Other      Other    Other         Smart Key

V70        Other      09-      Other         Proximity Key[insert key to start]

V70        Other      09-      Other         Smart Key[one-button start]



Update firmware & software on official site:

To sum up:

Both Lonsdor K518ISE and OBDSTAR can work on Volvo IMMO & remote.

Lonsdor K518ISE work out Volvo key programming for half an year, and OBDSTAR is newly updated.

Lonsdor K518ISE is more expensive than OBDSTAR, while they have a different vehicle coverage (see the car list details), for which one to go for, it depends on what more car brands you want to work with.

For more detailes, pls check with

VVDI Universal Smartkey Car List Details

VVDI Universal Smartkey – the First Universal Smart Proximity Remote in the World. One replaces dozens of brand original smartkeys.

Firstly release in May 18,2018 (2018 Chinese locksmith annual meeting)

Then available on, please take your breath to wait it. For its sale price, not sure yet. But you can check the car list details first.


VVDI Universal Smartkey car list details:

Honda, Buick, BYD, Wuling Po Chun, BAIC Motor, BORGWARD

Great Wall, Great Wall Haval, Great Wall WEY, Dongfeng Motor, XXX, South East Motor,

Ford, Trumpchi,QOROS, XXX, Hong Qi, Haima,

Geely, Cadillac, XXX, Lifan, Chery, Nissan

Mitsubishi, Honda, Chevrolet, FAW Besturn, Zotye, China Motor


I’d like to say something about 2018 Chinese locksmith annual meeting

Xhorse Company will participate in the 5.18 locksmith event. It must be exciting to for Xhorse to meet you in the Pretty Xiamen.

In 2018 Sixteen National Locksmith 5.18 event will be held in Xiamen Xianglu Kokusai Hotel. The exhibition covers all kinds of civil locks, smart locks, safes (accessories), automotive electronic equipment / supplies, and a variety of locksmith tools, supplies, bursting with 5.18 years previous, please look forward to once a year the locksmith greedy feast!

Working solution to SKP900 Server Down Dead no more Tokens

Here I’d like to share a file to help you release SKP900 tokens limitation so that you can always use your tool even thought its server is off. BTW, SKP900 team officially claim they will go on provide after-sale service.


Download this file to release SKP900 tokens limitation:!QMxAzRQL!YpdLbhw_pLOf4hbt9luFJAS53CsNFeVCh53oApc34jo

Any more questions on superobd skp900 key programmer, team will be always here to assist you.

BTW, besides skp900, you can have more choice of universal key programmers for all makes such as OBDSTAR X300 DP, Lonsdor K518ISE, Xtool X100 Pad2 etc.

If you are newbie and have no ideal which one to go for, advise you read this post: OBDSTAR X300 or Lonsdor K518ISE or Xtool X100 Pad2


Enjoy a nice day! ^_^


CGDI BMW F series programming database free download

CGDI BMW F series programming database free download

Cartool engineer share a piece of free CGDI BMW F series programming database.

1.CGDI BMW: BMW F series programming database download:

1. After you complete download, the file is like this:


2. Unzip it.


This folder contains these files shown as below.


3. Right click the CGDI icon on the desktop, choose the option “Open the location of the folder”.


4. Copy or cut the folder ” psdzdata” and paste it into the category. Now you are ready to use F series programming functions.



That’s all.

CGDI BMW F series programming feedback:

Program F30 326 2013 FEM smart key…OK
program F31 smart key FEM…OK

CGDI PROG bmw f20 2014 mileage reset OK
read ISN DME MSD80 OK 5WK93628
the CAS Plug from BMW Multi Tool will work with CGDI, because CAS and OBD connector are BMW standard protocol.

Top 3 VW MQB Dashboard Odometer Correctors

There are 3 devices can be used for VAG MQB odometer correction, as below:

Option 1: Xhorse Iscancar VAG MM-007 v2.3.3


Iscancar VAG MM-007 is good at VAG vehicle maintenance incl. controller diagnostic, such as basic setting, channel adaption, read DTC, clear DTC, system login etc. and special functions like

OBD read PINs, adaption after replacing controller, gateway register etc.

Option 2: Obdstar tools (X300M, H110, Key Master, etc.)

Obdstar x300 DP

Obdstar X300M is a universal odometer correction tool, working perfect as Digiprog 3

Obdstar key master is a full diagnostic tablet:

Immobilizer+ odometer adjustment+ EEPROM/PIC adapter+ OBDII+ ABS+ TPS+ SRS reset+ TPMS(low tire)reset+ Steering angle reset+ CVT learning/Value reset+ EPB+ Oilrvice reset+ Battery matching+ Diagnosis(Japanese and Korean serials).

Option 3: Xhorse VVDI2 key programmer

vvdi 2

VVDI2 works perfect in BMW and VAG key programming.

Note that Xhorse VVDI2 is the only key programmer can be used for VAG MQB platform instrument immobiliser. Instrument with NEC35XX (Continental/VDO)

For more details, pls find from:

[Update Notice] OBDSTAR X300 DP Update BMW FEM/BDC Key Programming for Free!!!

Original OBDSTAR X300 DP Pad Key Programmer Full Version with Bonus Diagnostic Function Supports Toyota G & H Chip All Keys Lost
Free Update BMW FEM/BDC Key Programming
1.Key Programming
●Key Information
●Key Programming Preprocessing
Step 1: Code data backup
Step 2: EEPROM Original Data Backup
Step3: Service Mode Data Generation
Step 4:Service Mode Writing
Step 5: FEM/BDC Module Programming
Step 6: EEPROM Original Data Recovering
Step 7: Code Data Recovering
●Key Adding
●Key Delecting
●Function Introduction
● Operation Guide
2. Other Function
● Key enable
● Key disable
● Key status
●Key frequency
●INS reading
●DTC reading
●DTC delecting
BMW FEM/BDC key Programming Supported list:
Series Chassis Year
1 F20/F21 2011-2017
2 F22/F23/F45/F46 2014-2017
3/GT F34/F35 2012-2017
4 F30/F31/F32/F33/F36 2014-2017
X5 F15 2014-2017
X6 F16 2014-2017
For more details, could find from our website:
Wish you enjoy a nice day! ^_^

How to assemble the case with VVDI BE key Pro improved version board?

This post shows the general guide on how to assemble VVDI BE Key Pro imrpoved version with the Smart Key Shell 3 Button for Mercedes Benz.

1. Put the VVDI BE key Pro improved version PCB into the case.



2. Cover the bottom case.



3. Insert the battery and cover the case.


4.Push the metal strips on both sides into the right position.

If the rear metal component is first assembled, then the metal strips on both sides won’t be able to pushed into the right position.


5. Here rearmetal button.


6. Put into the small key and start button.


If you want to disassemble the case, please do it from the last step to the first step.


Note: If the rear metal component is firstly assembled, then the metal strips on both sides won’t be able to put into the right position.

For more details, pls find from our website:

Have a nice day! ^_^

Yanhua BMW FEM BDC OBD Key Programmer User Guide & Support List

Original Yanhua BMW FEM Key Programmer supports online update and offline operate, safe and stable, easy to operate. 2017 Latest Yanhua BMW FEM OBD Auto Key Programmer is for BMW FEM vehicles till 2017.

Yanhua BMW FEM BDC Key Programmer Highlights:

1. Update Online

2. Supports offline operation, safe and stable, easy-to-use

3. Supports latest FEM system vehicles till 2017

4. No tokens needed

5. Programming via OBD, No risk

6. Support newest BMW FEM key programming
Yanhua BMW FEM Key Programmer Support BMW F-chassis Car List:

Support BMW F-chassis Car List:

Series Chassis No. Year
1 Series F20/F21 2011-2017
2 Series F22/F23/F45/F46 2014-2017
3 Series /GT F34/F35 2012-2017
4 Series F30/F31/F32/F33/F36 2014-2017
X5 F15 2014-2017
X6 F16 2015-2017

The BMW FEM/BDC System List of Yanhua BMW FEM Key Programmer Supported:
Support BMW FEM System:


Support BMW BDC System:

How to operate Yanhua BMW FEM BDC Key Programming Tool ?

bmw-fem-key-programmer-user-instruction-01 bmw-fem-key-programmer-user-instruction-02 bmw-fem-key-programmer-user-instruction-03 bmw-fem-key-programmer-user-instruction-04 bmw-fem-key-programmer-user-instruction-05


SKP1000 Tablet Key Programmer do Peugeot 308 2015 Remote Key Succed

How to program Peugeot 308 2015 433MHz ID46 chip remote key with SKP1000 Tablet key programmer via OBD?

OBD Connector location:
Step 1: Read PIN Code
Method 1: Get pin code from 4S store
Method 2: Read ECU/BSI data to calculate pin code
Method 3: read pin code by OBD key programmer, i.e VVDI2 (easier way)

Open Xhorse VVDI2 key programmer software, select PSA

Select Read Pin Code function
Read pin code success


Step 2: Program remote key
Connect SKP-1000 key programmer with vehicle via OBD connector
Select Immobilizer->Peugeot->By Vehicle
Select model: 308
Choose OBDII Connector
Turn ignition to ON position
Press Yes to continue
Enter pin code read by VVDI2
Close all doors and the trunk before programming
Press YES to continue
Turn ignition to OFF position then turn it on
Press YES to continue
Program success. SKP 1000 will prompt whether to program next key.

Press YES to program next key, NO to quit.
SKP1000 will generate remote automatically after program key success.
Test the new remote key.

If the remote control does not work, turn ignition to ON position, then press the Lock button on the remote twice.

It will work.

New Update Handy Baby Key Copier Pin Code Calculator Key Data Generator

Handy Baby Key Copier Pin Code Calculator Key Data Generator New Update Functions

New Update Handy Baby Key Copier Pin Code Calculator Key Data Generator Functions

JMD Handy Baby V8.2.0 Update Feature:

Hyundai and kia pincode decoding for password 46 smart cardPCF7938 UID write command(just for JMD chip)

Add identify Changan CS75 8A chip read

Add F-JMDD(4D)Transfer to another chip function

Add Zhonghua Car 48 chip generator

Add DST80 bit password page edit function

Add F-JMDG generator empty(Blank) chip

Add EEPROM immobilizer data write:

Kia/Isuzu/Geely/Alpha Romeo/Kawasaki motorcycle/SEAT/Mitsubishi/Jaguar/Dodge/Skoda/

Dacia/Peugeot/Fiat/Lancia/Chrysle/Geep/VM/Toyota/Lexus/Opel/Hyundai/Buick more and more EEPROM



How to update Handy Baby key programmer?


Original Tango Key Programmer Car Software Authorization Price List

Original Tango programmer is a new generation of transponder programmer.
Tango programmer can read, write and generate the latest transponders used in the latest vehicle immobilizer technologies.
If you need to do more car models, you will need to pay for the car software authorization cost for extra.

Original Tango Key Programmer Car Software Authorization Price List


FLY OBD Terminator New Add BCM2 All keys lost for Audi A6/A7/A8 VW Touareg

FLY OBD Terminator Newest Update Features:

Audi A6, A7, A8 and VW Touareg Features:
1. Generation 5 all keys lost
2. Till 2017 year
3. OBD is ok
4. Key maker is ok
5. FVDI2 can do
6. Fly OBD Terminator is ok
7. TM100 is ok
8. First in the World
Audi A6, A7, A8 and VW Touareg All keys lost Functions Details:
1. By OBD mode
2, Key maker mode
3. From 2010 to 2014-6
4. Add key(free)
5. All keys lost (charge, online, 6 minutes only)
Note: BCM2 All keys lost (Audi A6/A7/A8,VW Touareg)
1. key maker mode, need to read BCM2 (CG 100, Auto 200, Auto 200 and Orange 5 etc) and ELV (Orange 5) data
2. by obd mode, need to read ELV (Orange 5) data

2017 Powerful Mb Key OBD2 Key Copier for Benz W204 W212 W221 W164

Mb Key OBD2 Version 1.06.08 can add new key for Mercedes Benz W204 W212 W221 W164 via OBDII.
Mb Key OBDII Key Copier supports functions like Units Reset Tools, EIS Tools, EVL Tools, Key Reader, Password Search, Write Key, Generate Key Tools, Correct OLD Key Tools, Read Password SW57, Work Key OxBE.


Mb Key OBD2 Features:

Renew Esl used and personalized without open by k line
Reset ezs
Generate key online no tokens
Make key for all car even if car with BGA KEY the new key BY OBD2 exclusive only with our device up to 2015
Read write Reset all model Ezs new and used
Renew used Esl and personalized used and new Esl. by obd2
Reset and personalized w204 w207 w212 emultator
Write vin number on Ezs 7G ISM. reset odometer in Ezs BY OBD2
Renew Ecu motor from 2001 to 2014 all model Diesel & GASOLINE  BY OBD2
Renew 7G all number 722.9 BY OBD2 Renew ism BY OBD2
Read write RESET BE key by IR without soldering and read password
Renew all number Nec key on board and keyless go Generator key include. in 30 sec calculate 8 key
Read Password 51 & 57 Test RF remote control Restoring original data key if lost
Read Password Nec keylessgo 08 –  06 –  42  BGA 62-75-78-79  Nec 51-57  BE KEY CHINA  (without soldering)
All key lost W212 W172 W166 W218 W117 W246 W176    (without changing ezs)
All key lost W204 W207 W164 W221 W216             (without changing ezs)
All key lost W203 W209 W211 W220                         (without changing ezs)

How to copy new key all key lost with JMD Assistant Handybaby obd adapter?

JMD Assistant HandyBaby OBD Adapter can read out data from Volkswagen cars with HandyBaby V8.0.0 or newer version.
JMD Assistant won ‘t write any data to cars, even in all key lost , so it won ‘t be locked when the car connect to the server in 4S.
HandyBaby reads data from JMD Assistant with RF, and it needs no any cables or computer during your work.

JMD Assistant Menu Display

JMD Assistant HandyBaby’s coil, and get into “basic-info” menu, wait several seconds and press OK to read, it will show information of JMD Assistant.

Use Tips: 
Please charge with 5V/1A, you can charge with computer or power supply unit of smart phone, when charge the indicator turns red, when fully charged it turns green.

How to update JMD Assistant?

JMD Assistant connect to computer with USB cable, and open JMD Client software, click “UPDATES” – “JMD Assistant update”, then wait it until finish update.

how-to-use-jmd-assistant-clone-id48-key-chip-02 how-to-update-jmd-assistant

Make sure your computer have install cp2012 driver and link to internet, and you should turn off Anti-virus and defender during update.

How to clone a new key with a original key via JMD Assistant ?

Step1: Insert the original key turn on
Step2: Insert JMD Assistant to OBD port


If the indicator on the dashboard spangled or re-light, don’t worryr this is ok.
After finish, you will hear beeper short “BiBiBi” by OBD that was OK and you can proceed to next step
After finish, you will hear beeper long “Biiiiiii” by OBD that mean it can’t be cloned yet (Please wait for our update)

Step3: Open Handy Baby and choose “More-fun”
Step4: Volkswagen

Step5: Assistant read
Step6: Push OK “ok to read”

Step7: Read Success by OBD data
Step8: Insert original key push OK

Step9: Read Success by key data
Step10: Copy by JMD48 chip push OK

Step11: Copy more?
Step12: New JMD48 chip push OK

How to clone a new key if all key chip lost via JMD Assistant ?

Repeat the Step1 to Step5 above, then go on step6 shown as below.

Step6: Assistant read push OK
Step7: Copy by JMD48 chip
Step8: Copy by JMD48 chip push OK
Step9: Copy by JMD48 chip push OK


If failed when reading, make sure you have follow the steps above and check the car is supported (see the list), or contact us.

JMD Assistant All key lost Support Models list
More cars will be added in the future version, please keep an eye on the latest version.
Some cars are not supported in the next half year of 2015 in the list, and blade shape remote key are not supported too.

JMD Assistant  Support VW Models list (all key lost)
More cars will be added in the future version, please put eyes on the latest news.

OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 new add F108+ PSA pin code reading function

OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 key master has been updated and added OBDSTAR F108+ PSA(can and kline) pin code reading and key making function.

Then how to update OBDSTAR X300 PRO 3 key programmer and add the psa pin code reading functions?


Go to then register and login.
Click “DownCenter”
Download the update tool
Unzip and install
Select updates that you need and download in bulk
Unzip the red circled two files as below
Open “Update Tool V8.3”, select the source, then tick on the soft list, click “Update”

Now the obdstar X300 pro3 adds models to perform reading pin code via OBD:

Peugeot 1007 Peugeot 206 Peugeot 207 Peugeot 208 Peugeot 2008
Peugeot 301 Peugeot 306 Peugeot 307 Peugeot 308 Peugeot 3008
Peugeot 406 Peugeot 407 Peugeot 4007 Peugeot 508 Peugeot 5008
Peugeot 607 Peugeot 806 Peugeot 807 Peugeot Bipper PeugeotExpert
Peugeot Partner C2 C3 C3 Picasso C3 Pluriel C4 Cactus C4 Picasso C5 C8 C-Elysee xsara Picasso Berlingo 2 Berlingo 3 Jumper Jumpy

Comparison on OBDSTAR VAG-PRO and Xhorse Super VAG K+CAN Plus

OBDSTAR VAG-PRO and Xhorse Super VAG K+CAN Plus 2.0 are both working with VAG cars.

They can do some special functions as well, let’s check the comparison table, it will tell you what the differences between them.

Item number SM54 SV39
Item name OBDSTAR VAG-PRO key programmer Xhorse Super VAG K+CAN Plus 2.0
Display  obdstar-vag-pro-handheld-tool  xhorse-super-vag-k-can-plus
Price €94.00 €189.99
 Languages English  English
Update Online update Online update
Key program
Remote program
Mileage adjustment
Read Security Access Code
airbag reset
Oil/Service Reset 
Battery match
SRS reset
EPB(Electronic Park Brake)
TPS(Throttle Position Matching)
TV Activation
diagnostic √(basic diagnosis)
Hardware Configuration
OBDSTAR VAG-PRO key programmer Xhorse Super VAG K+CAN Plus 2.0
1. The main unit adopts ARM high-speed chip, the speed is faster; 3. Integrated structure design, anti-throw, anti-shake, durable and long lasting;
4. Industrialization design, it can work stably under the bad environment, such as hot and cold temperature etc ;
5. Large capacity TF card
1. Use 32-bit processor, with better computing ability and compatibility 2. With big flash volume, support CPU extend, can be upgraded
3. High screen Resolution
4. Easy input data, use of multi-function digital keyboard, supports digital Shortcuts
5. Nice looking and generous, using ergonomic design, feel good, easy to control
6. Shell with durable materials, applicable to the complex working environment
Conclusion 1. Functions: *VAG-PRO has similar functions with k+can plus2, but vag-pro supports more functions like oil reset, battery match, SRS reset, EPB, TPS;
* VAG k+can plus2 supports TV activation while vag-pro doesnot;
3. Price: VAG-Pro is much cheaper than VAG k+can plus2
4. As for the hardware configuration, the two items are running very fast;
5. Hand-held device, convenience to operate
6. Personal experience, I will choose OBDSTAR VAG-PRO for my vehicle


How to activate CN900 Mini to do Toyota G all key lost?

If Toyota G all keys lost, you can use CN900 MINI with TOYO OBDII KeyPro together. While before that, you have to activate and register TOYO Key OBDII with CN900 Mini.

TOYO Key OBD II OBD2 Key Pro qc mark

How to activate CN900 Mini to do Toyota G all key lost?

Activate the CN900 Mini with G all keys lost authorization:

Step 1: Run Upgrade.

Connect CN900 Mini with laptop and update software to latest version (current )

(Note: If you fail to update to latest version, disconnect and re-connect to update till success)

Power on CN900

Select OBDII Comm (Communication) on main menu

Step 2: Select 72G IMMO Reset

CN900 Mini will require to enter activation code

Please follow these steps:

After you receive the TOYO KeyPro OBD2, take a full photo screenshot of the activation interface

Send your photo to our customer service. Our engineer will register the OBD with CN900mini for you.

Then customer service will send you the activation code to activate it.

Attachment : how-to-register-toyo-obd-cn900-mini.pdf


An activation code can only applied to only one CN900 MINI machine and can be activated for once only. Cannot work with more other CN900 machines. Do follow above tips to register CN900 Mini. If you do not follow these guides to register, we are not hold the responsibility if you damage your machine, freight and maintenance costs are on your account.

After you activate it, you can connect OBD and Mini CN900 via Bluetooth to program new keys, here 4 steps to follow:
Step 1: Program new key then turn on ignition, then plug TOYO Key OBD2 into the car.
Step 2: Use the option 72G of CN900 MINI to connect, then start to initialize data, the immo indicator is on for a long time, then follow the CN900Mini prompt to operate.
Step 3: It will prompt “Complete/ Success”, and then the Immo indicator is on for a long time.
Step 4: Turn on and off ignition for 5 times quickly, immo indicator is off.


How to use FVDI2 Commander Program Renault Key?

How to successfully program Renault keys with FLY FVDI2 commander? There’s one customer feedback on his experience using Renault diagnostic and key programming tools.

Which tested to fail on 2008 megane:
Carprog clone 4.74 lib file not worked
SBB v33 clone not worked (they don’t its on internet)
Renault CAN CLIP 110/134 keeps faulting on final stage with error “execution conditions unsatisfactory”

SKP900 i am told by seller will do it, but i read that it will not do it
MVP M8 KeyPro will do it apparently but i have no experience to offer

Personally, I have to say i think the Flyobd FVDI2 is the way to go but I am unhappy with there change in policy to charge for updates, plus they seem to be getting to expensive for the new modules

Now, i have managed to program keys for some models:

Scenic 2 2004
Key Learning (keycard pcf 7947)
with FVDI2 renualt 5.2
–> Ok

Scenic II ph2 1.5 dci 2009
learning key
with FVDI2 renualt 5.2
–> Ok

Clio 2 2010
Key learning
with FVDI2 renualt 5.2
–> Ok

Kangoo DCi 1.5 ecu Delphi TRW DDCR 1.5 DCi 2005
Transponder learning 7936
with FVDI2 renualt 5.2
–> Ok

clio classic petrol 2004
reading pin
with FVDI2 5.2
–> Ok

Traffic 2004
pin read and key programming from UCH dump
with Tagkey Tool 6.2
–> Ok

Grand Scenic 2005
pin read and key programming
with FVDI renualt 6.3
–> Ok

Espace 2006
pin read and key programming
with FVDI2 renault v6.3
–> Ok

So far, that’s all models i tried successfully.

Wish it will be helpful to you.

How to Program DAF Truck Key via FVDI2 and DAF VCI 560

If you are looking for a best tool to program a DAF key in a cost-effective method? Here the technician share his experience on using different DAF diagnostic tools/DAF key programmers (FVDI2, VCI Lite (V1), VCI 560) help you make DAF keys .

Plan A: 

How to program a DAF key with FVDI2 DAF V1.0 Commander (€365.00)?


Note: It’s the cheapest way to program a DAF key with FVDI2 commander. Before programming keys, all present keys are reset and can be programmed on the same immobilizer only.


Start FVDI2 software for DAF

Select “Key learning”

Press “Next” to go on

Put the key to be programmed into the contact and switch it to position contact-ON

Insert Key 1 and press “Next”

The key is programmed successfully!

Amount of keys programmed: 1

To learn the next key, press “Next”

To fish key learning, press “Exit”

Plan B: Original DAF VCI-560 KIT DAF VCI 560 MUX DAF DAVIE XDC II DAF Truck Diagnostic Tool with WIFI (genuine price €3,369.00)


Plan C: DAF VCI Lite (V1) Professional DAF Diagnose and Programming Tool Replace DAF VCI 560(price:€760.00, copy version of VCI-560)


Note: Difference on Plan B and Plan C

1. price

2. connection

DAF VCI lite used via USB connection, VCI 560 used via WIFI & USB connection

3. LED display

VCI lite without LED display, VCI-560 kit with LED indicators

4.PCB (hardware)

VCI lite hardware lacks one part on PCB, compared to VCI-560

(that missed part is not needed for any diagnosis, reprogramming, configuration)

5.via OBD

VCI lite cannot see ignition via OBD, VCI-560 can do that via OBD

6. function

DAF VCI 560 supports SCR/AdBlue removal, power increase, language programming with DAVIE Configurator (DEVIK)

VCI-560 also supports special programming and Service Level see DAVIE Developer Tool (DEVIE DT)

However, functions above are not listed in the DAF VCI lite package; that is, you need to buy in the DAF company.

In short, no matter VCI 560 or the replacement VCI Lite (V1), both work well on DAF trucks almost the same except some aspects above. If you do not care about original or not, VCI Lite should be a good choice for you, which almost has the same functions as VCI-560 but at a lower cost. DAF VCI Lite (V1) is more cost-effective.

How to make a DAF key with VCI 560 or VCI Lite (V1)?


Start DAVIE software

Go to Immobilizer (safety/security system)

Then programming

Program keys

before programming keys, all present keys are reset and can be programmed again in the same immobilizer only


Match immobilizer

Before installing a new immobilizer unit, perform the following actions:

1- switch off contact

2- exchange the immobilizer unit

3- switch on contact



How to Regiser TOYO Key OBD II OBD2 Key Pro?


Supports Toyota G All Keys Lost

Connect via Bluetooth
No need remove the instrument desk
Avoid damaging the car system


Toyota G Type All Keys Lost, then how to progam new key by TJECU CN900 Mini and Bluetooth TOYO OBD2 Key Pro?
There’re 4 steps to follow:
Step 1, Program new key then turn on ignition, then plug TOYO OBD into the car.
Step 2, Use the option 72G of CN900 MINI to connect, then start to initialize data, the immo indictor is on for a long time, then follow the CN900Mini prompt to operate.
Step 3, It will prompt “Complete/ Success”, and then the Immo indicator is on for a long time.
Step 4: Turn on and off ignition for 5 times quickly, immo indicator is off.