How to use W204 W207 W212 ELV Simulator with vvdi mb tool?

Post on how to use the W204 W207 W212 ELV Simulator to program with vvdi mb tool.

Tools to use:

W204 W207 W212 ELV Simulator


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vvdi mb tool


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This ELV simulator is commonly used for Mercedes Benz 204 207 212 with the EIS isn’t started.

This simulator can only be applied to one EIS and can be used for one time.


The wiring is correct. Each time the key is inserted, the indicator flashes a few times.


1). Collect the data

2). Save the data

3). Calculate the password.

4). Copy the password to the clipboard.


2.Read out the EIS data.


Paste the key password read out in the first step, and save the EIS data.


1) Infrared

2) Erase the EIS.


1) The EIS that is erased has no VIN.

2) Load the EIS data with key password saved in the 3rd step.

3) Click on “OBD” to write into the VIN.

4) Choose Infrared to write the EIS data.


1) Read out the EIS data via CAN.

2) Personalize W204 ESL

3) Stare at the simulator LED to see if it will flash fast for 2 seconds. If yes, you succeed.

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