Xhorse Universal Remote Review

Xhorse Universal Remote have 4 types: Wireless Remote, Wired Remote, Super Remote, Smart Remote (Keyless Go) . These remotes are univeral remotes, it can be used as any car keys.

Part1: How to difference these four types?

1.XN Series is Wireless Remote. XK Series is Wired Remote, XE Series is Super Remote, XS Series is Smart Remote(Keyless Go). 

2. Difference in PCB board.

This one is wired remote, there is an socket on the pcb which used for connect with vvdi key tool.

This one is wireless remote, when you generate remote, just put the chip on the vvdi key tool coil.

This one is Super remote pcb broad, there is an vvdi super chip in it

This one is the Smart Remote PCB board.This is keyless go. It can be used in latest new cars like vw MQB cars. Like this one is smart remote key.http://www.cartool.co.uk/wholesale/xhosre-universal-smart-proximity-key.html

Part2: How to use xhorse Remote?

These remotes should work with Xhorse VVDI Key Tool, VVDI Mini Key Tool and VVDI Key Tool Max to gernerate the remote you neeed . If you have VVDI Mini OBD tool, you can use it together with key tool max to directly match the key to car.

Note: These remotes are reusable, it can be burned repeatedly.

Part3: Token policy for Xhorse Remote

1pc Wire Remote=20 tokens.

1pc Wireless Remote=40 tokens.

1pc Smart Remote=60 tokens.

These tokens can be used on Xhorse App to exchange for authorizations or products.

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