2016.12 MB SD C4 MB STAR Diagnosis Software Latest Version Update

500GB MB SD Connect Compact C4 Software HDD with DELL D630 Support WIN8 System
Brand new hard disk, high quality
Top 3 Reasons to buy V2016.12 MB SD C4/MB Star C3/C4 Software HDD:
1. Choose: D630 HDD only fit D630 laptop but running speed faster, is internal HDD.
2. WINDOWS system available for choose: WINDOWS 8
3. Latest version: V2016.12
Works with MB SD Connect Compact C4, support latest Mercedes Benz car and truck models.
The new generation Mercedes Benz diagnostic equipment Star Diagnosis compact 4 is the latest one on market for all current and new coming MB vehicles.
WIN8 System not support HHT-WIN!
Software version newer than V2015.12 not support HHT-WIN!
So far Xentry doesn’t support Bus, to diagnose and program Bus please choose DAS.
MB SD C4 Functions:
1. 1989~up to now Car, Bus, Truck, Sprint, Smart ;
2. All electric system Diagnostic;(Do not include flash code)
3. Reading trouble code
4. Erasing trouble code
5. Live-data
6. Adaptation
7. Component testing
8. Maintenance
9. Information consultation
10. Component location diagram
11. Wiring diagram

256GB SSD 2016.12 MB SD Connect Compact C4 Software D630 Format HDD Support WIN8 WIN7
256GB SSD 2016.12 MB SD Connect Compact C4 Software D630 Format HDD Support WIN8 WIN7

Item No. SS186-8AD12    
New 256GB SSD 2016.12 MB SD Connect Compact C4 Software DELL D630 Format Windows 8 system
256GB Complete New SSD, High quality!
Latest software version: V2016.12

Buy it Now: €115.00
500GB 2016.12 MB SD Connect Compact C4/Star C3 Software External HDD/ D630 HDD Support WIN8 WIN7
500GB 2016.12 MB SD Connect Compact C4/Star C3 Software External HDD/ D630 HDD Support WIN8 WIN7

Item No. SS186-8D12    
New 500GB 2016.12 MB SD Connect Compact C4 Software HDD with DELL D630 Support WIN8 System
choose: D630
Brand new hard disk, high quality.
Latest software version: V2016.12

Buy it Now: €85.00

2016.12 BMW ICOM Newest Software Version with Engineers Programming

Newest BMW ICOM Software Version with Engineers Programming


BMW ICOM Latest software version: V2016.12
Multi-language available in diagnosing, programming and TIS diagram circuit
Support Engineer programming
Support Windows 7

Software version:
 ISTA-D 4.02.12
 VIN: 2016.9.12
Not connected 9000 days remaining
BMW ETK: 2016.12
BMW KSD 09.2016 Multilanguage
With free BMW Engineer Software (INPA, NCS, WinKFP, E-Sys 3.27.1, Psdzdata 59.0), BMW FSC code generator and BMW AiCoder
System Requirements: Dual-core processor, better above I3; over 4G of memory
Recommended to use Lenovo ThinkPad: T61, T400, T410, T420, T430, X61, X200, X201, X220 X230 and other laptop with Intel chipset, such as I3 I5 / I7 series.


OBDSTAR F101 Toyota IMMO Reset Tool Support G Chip All Key Lost

OBDSTAR F101 Toyota IMMO Reset Tool Support G Chip All Key Lost

Top 3 Reasons to get OBDSTAR F101 Toyota:
1.OBDSTAR Special pin Code and Key programming tool For TOYOTA vehicles
2.Support Toyota 4D&G chip All Key Lost
3. One Year Free Update
OBDSTAR F101 Features:
1. Support  4D(67,68) chip immobilizer reset(All keys lost).
2. Support 72 chip(WITH G,EUROPE) immobilizer reset(All keys lost).
(American TOYOTA with G key Reset will upgrade soon!)
3. Support smart key reset before 2009(All keys lost).
4. Add/erase Keys for all of TOYOTA cars.
5. Add/erase smart keys for all of TOYOTA cars.
6. Add/erase remotes for most of TOYOTA cars.
7. No need to connect with computer, plug and play, automatic transfer.
8. No need to buy tokens.
9. One Key Upgrade
10. Have good man-machine interaction.

How to add new key for Benz w204 w212 w221 w164 via MB Key OBD2 ?

How to use MB Key OBDII add new key for Mercedes Benz w204 w212 w221 w164 via OBD2 ?

Blank key
Original Working Key

Step 1: Original Working Key Test

Step 2: Ignition On, ELV Unlock, Screen On


Step 3: Blank Key TestStep 4: Ignition Off, ELV Lock, Screen Off

Step 5: Connect OBDII



Step 6: Read Original Working Key Track Key = #00




Step 7: Remove NEC Chip from Original Working Key

Step 8: Remove NEC Chip from Original Blank Key


Step 9: Put Original Working Key NEC Chip on “MB KEY OBDII”

Step 10: Start Process

a. Desolderng OLD SW57 keyb. Put NEC CPU on speicl boardc. Set board on deviced. Connect CAN to EISe. Press “Next” if ready

Step 11: Press Next – start READ DATA

Step 12: Save original DUMP

Step 13: Read EIS Data via OBDII


Step 14: Download New Key Data from Server

Step 15: Save EIS Data

Step 16: Select Number New Make Key



Step 17: Remove Original Working Key NEC and Put Blank Key NEC on “MB KEY OBDII”



Step 18: Write New Key

Step 19: Write Finished


Step 20: Soldering back the NEC Chip on key board

Step 21: Original working key

Step 22: New add key

Step 22: Original key test OK


Step 23: New add key test OK



MB Key OBD2 Operation Manual



FLY OBD Terminator New Add BCM2 All keys lost for Audi A6/A7/A8 VW Touareg

FLY OBD Terminator Newest Update Features:

Audi A6, A7, A8 and VW Touareg Features:
1. Generation 5 all keys lost
2. Till 2017 year
3. OBD is ok
4. Key maker is ok
5. FVDI2 can do
6. Fly OBD Terminator is ok
7. TM100 is ok
8. First in the World
Audi A6, A7, A8 and VW Touareg All keys lost Functions Details:
1. By OBD mode
2, Key maker mode
3. From 2010 to 2014-6
4. Add key(free)
5. All keys lost (charge, online, 6 minutes only)
Note: BCM2 All keys lost (Audi A6/A7/A8,VW Touareg)
1. key maker mode, need to read BCM2 (CG 100, Auto 200, Auto 200 and Orange 5 etc) and ELV (Orange 5) data
2. by obd mode, need to read ELV (Orange 5) data

Java Lose Licence,Volvo Premium Tech Tool V2.04 PTT Needs Update

“Volvo loose licence for java will expire and must be updated”
There will also be a required update for Premium Tech Tool 2.04.
(Note: Now PTT V2.04.87 newest version had been released.
If the V2.04.87 update is not downloaded and installed by November 9th,  PTT V2.04 will stop working. )
How to fix the java license expired problem? Please follow the operation step by step.
1. Update techtool via Client Update tool to last version V2.04.87 ptt software.
2. After finnish with update install this file https://networkupdatefilespublic.it.volvo.com/TechToolInstallation/Releases/2.04/MainInstallationPackages/
3. Then unpack this file and copy it to C:\ProgramData\Tech Tool\Waf\OtD
Pass is: !0lIgkAyT!d7um27ifwt1jWZnmU2
4.That is all

2017 Powerful Mb Key OBD2 Key Copier for Benz W204 W212 W221 W164

Mb Key OBD2 Version 1.06.08 can add new key for Mercedes Benz W204 W212 W221 W164 via OBDII.
Mb Key OBDII Key Copier supports functions like Units Reset Tools, EIS Tools, EVL Tools, Key Reader, Password Search, Write Key, Generate Key Tools, Correct OLD Key Tools, Read Password SW57, Work Key OxBE.


Mb Key OBD2 Features:

Renew Esl used and personalized without open by k line
Reset ezs
Generate key online no tokens
Make key for all car even if car with BGA KEY the new key BY OBD2 exclusive only with our device up to 2015
Read write Reset all model Ezs new and used
Renew used Esl and personalized used and new Esl. by obd2
Reset and personalized w204 w207 w212 emultator
Write vin number on Ezs 7G ISM. reset odometer in Ezs BY OBD2
Renew Ecu motor from 2001 to 2014 all model Diesel & GASOLINE  BY OBD2
Renew 7G all number 722.9 BY OBD2 Renew ism BY OBD2
Read write RESET BE key by IR without soldering and read password
Renew all number Nec key on board and keyless go Generator key include. in 30 sec calculate 8 key
Read Password 51 & 57 Test RF remote control Restoring original data key if lost
Read Password Nec keylessgo 08 –  06 –  42  BGA 62-75-78-79  Nec 51-57  BE KEY CHINA  (without soldering)
All key lost W212 W172 W166 W218 W117 W246 W176    (without changing ezs)
All key lost W204 W207 W164 W221 W216             (without changing ezs)
All key lost W203 W209 W211 W220                         (without changing ezs)

How to copy new key all key lost with JMD Assistant Handybaby obd adapter?

JMD Assistant HandyBaby OBD Adapter can read out data from Volkswagen cars with HandyBaby V8.0.0 or newer version.
JMD Assistant won ‘t write any data to cars, even in all key lost , so it won ‘t be locked when the car connect to the server in 4S.
HandyBaby reads data from JMD Assistant with RF, and it needs no any cables or computer during your work.

JMD Assistant Menu Display

JMD Assistant HandyBaby’s coil, and get into “basic-info” menu, wait several seconds and press OK to read, it will show information of JMD Assistant.

Use Tips: 
Please charge with 5V/1A, you can charge with computer or power supply unit of smart phone, when charge the indicator turns red, when fully charged it turns green.

How to update JMD Assistant?

JMD Assistant connect to computer with USB cable, and open JMD Client software, click “UPDATES” – “JMD Assistant update”, then wait it until finish update.

how-to-use-jmd-assistant-clone-id48-key-chip-02 how-to-update-jmd-assistant

Make sure your computer have install cp2012 driver and link to internet, and you should turn off Anti-virus and defender during update.

How to clone a new key with a original key via JMD Assistant ?

Step1: Insert the original key turn on
Step2: Insert JMD Assistant to OBD port


If the indicator on the dashboard spangled or re-light, don’t worryr this is ok.
After finish, you will hear beeper short “BiBiBi” by OBD that was OK and you can proceed to next step
After finish, you will hear beeper long “Biiiiiii” by OBD that mean it can’t be cloned yet (Please wait for our update)

Step3: Open Handy Baby and choose “More-fun”
Step4: Volkswagen

Step5: Assistant read
Step6: Push OK “ok to read”

Step7: Read Success by OBD data
Step8: Insert original key push OK

Step9: Read Success by key data
Step10: Copy by JMD48 chip push OK

Step11: Copy more?
Step12: New JMD48 chip push OK

How to clone a new key if all key chip lost via JMD Assistant ?

Repeat the Step1 to Step5 above, then go on step6 shown as below.

Step6: Assistant read push OK
Step7: Copy by JMD48 chip
Step8: Copy by JMD48 chip push OK
Step9: Copy by JMD48 chip push OK


If failed when reading, make sure you have follow the steps above and check the car is supported (see the list), or contact us.

JMD Assistant All key lost Support Models list
More cars will be added in the future version, please keep an eye on the latest version.
Some cars are not supported in the next half year of 2015 in the list, and blade shape remote key are not supported too.

JMD Assistant  Support VW Models list (all key lost)
More cars will be added in the future version, please put eyes on the latest news.

New Arrival XTUNER X500 Andriod Phone OBDII Bluetooth Diagnostic Tool

XTUNER X500 Andriod Phone OBDII Bluetooth Diagnostic Tool

XTUNER X500 Highlights:

1. Android System Special Diagnostic Tool for Senior Maintenance Technician and owners
2. Powerful multiple functions like OBD2 Diagnosis,OILRESET, DPF, BATTERY, ABS BLEEDING, EPB, TPMS, IMMO&KEY, INJECTOR
3. Program Keys by OBD2
XTUNER X500 Features:
1. Powerful multiple functions like OILRESET, DPF, BATTERY, ABS BLEEDING, EPB, TPMS, IMMO&KEY, INJECTOR, covered most of brands including American, European, Asian, Australian and Chinese vehicle makes.
2. Unparalleled OBDII supporting capability for all 5 OBDII protocols and 10 testing modes.
3. Hardware architecture uses a brand-new design for such protection functions as interference and stability.
Built-in overvoltage protection module is available, in order to protect scanner and vehicle against accidental damage during checking.
4. Stable and smooth working in high and low temperature environment.
5. Convenient and timely online software updating on the internet.
6. Support the open source processing system on the cellphone Android system above 4.4 version.

Check more details about X500 support models by the link below

VPecker Easydiag Xtuner Wifi Name Miss or Changed to “HF-LPT120″

If the VPecker Easydiag Xtuner Wifi name miss or changed to “HF-LPT120″, you can install VPecker Wifi Upgrade V6.2 to configure it back.
This tool can configure the name of your Vpecker wifi. (If the name changed back the default name “HF-LPT120″)
How to change back Vpecker Easydiag Xtuner Wifi Name ?
Step1: Connect the WIFI “HF-LPT120″ manually
Step2: Run the tool “Conf.exe”
Step3: Click “Update” button and wait the data update successful
Step4: Click “Wifi Conf” button
Step5: Power OFF Vpecker and Power ON again
After that, the wifi name will change to the series number of Vpecker.

Best Quality Renault CAN Clip with CYPESS AN2135SC AN2136SC Chip

Best Renault CAN Clip Diagnostic Interface with PCB Board Original Quality

Software Version: V162

1. Comes with same high quality chip CYPRESS AN2135SC or CYPRESS AN2136SC, it will be sent at random.
2. CYPRESS chip works more stable and lasts for a longer Life
3. Diagnose Renault cars models including automatically test all Renault models’ computers, reprogramming, airbag test and other functions.

4. Support Multi-Languages
Best Quality Renault Can Clip with CYPESS AN2135SC AN2136SC Chip PCB Board Display

New Arrival Autel MaxiSys MS906TS Add TPMS Function

Autel MaxiSys MS906TS Wireless TPMS & Advanced Diagnostics System
is one ultra-fast, lightweight, wireless, touch screen tablet with the same vehicle coverage and advanced diagnostics as the MS906.
  • Fast
Fast sensor programming and diagnostic scan functions with its powerful running speed and large 32 GB solid state hard drive
  • Smart
Operating on the Android navigation system
  • Innovative

Features the latest AutoVIN technology to identify vehicles in one touch as well as its exclusive AutoScan functions

  • Powerful
Easily acquire vehicle information, scan all ECUs and run diagnostics on selected systems


OBDSTAR X300DP Best Key Master Pad Beat Xtool i80 and Lonsdor K518 PAD

Recently cartool.co.uk engineer had received feedback from one client of OBDSTAR X300 DP PAD full version.

The customer shared his user experience and reviews on three Key Master Tablet diagnostic tool, OBDSTAR X300DP,Xtool i80 and Lonsdor K518 PAD.

And here we will give a comparison table list about difference between OBDSTAR X-300 DP vs Xtool i80, Lonsdor K518 PAD.

(XTOOL I80 is the Chinese version of SK200 Xtool X100 PAD2; Lonsdor K518 is the Chinese version of CI600 PLUS )

Item Name X300 DP i80 K518 Conclusion
Operating system Android 5.1 Android 4.4 Android 4.4 DP more smooth
CPU Samsung Exynos4418 A9 industrial-grade processor Rockchip civil-grade processor ARM V7 DP more stable
Storage space FLASH 16G FLASH 16G FLASH 8G
RAM 2G 1G 1G DP faster
Battery 7400mAh 4000mAh 4550mAh
Resolution 1280*800 1024*768 1024*600 DP more clear
Screen size 7 inch 8 inch 7 inch
HDMI Available Available None
Communication Wire/Bluetooth Only wire available Only wire available DP more convenient
WIFI Available Available Available
Dimension 215*147*30 240*177*24 DP more portable
Shell Three proofing and industrial-grade shell with rubber coating Civil-grade Civil-grade DP more durable
One key upgrade Available Available
One key enter Available None None DP: It can enter into home page of diagnosis by pessing DP button wherever interface you are
Database Built-in database Optional,pay extra None In-built database offer better and more professional support.
Technical support Expert service team Better service
Pin code inquiry 7*24 hours automatic inquiry is available for most pin code Manual inquiry None Inquiry with no guarantee,especially in the night or during holidays.
Fault diagnosis All systems diagnosis are included Only basic disgnosis for four systems None None-comprehensive diagnosis requires other diagnosis tool.


OBDSTAR X-300 DP Key Master DP full configuration includes:

Immobilizer+ odometer adjustment+ EEPROM/PIC adapter+ OBDII+ ABS+ TPS+ SRS reset+ TPMS(low tire)reset+ Steering angle reset+ CVT learning/Value reset+ EPB+ Oil/service reset+ Battery matching+ Diagnosis(Japanese and Korean cars,will add more in future).




OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 new add F108+ PSA pin code reading function

OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 key master has been updated and added OBDSTAR F108+ PSA(can and kline) pin code reading and key making function.

Then how to update OBDSTAR X300 PRO 3 key programmer and add the psa pin code reading functions?


Go to www.obdstar.com then register and login.
Click “DownCenter”
Download the update tool
Unzip and install
Select updates that you need and download in bulk
Unzip the red circled two files as below
Open “Update Tool V8.3”, select the source, then tick on the soft list, click “Update”

Now the obdstar X300 pro3 adds models to perform reading pin code via OBD:

Peugeot 1007 Peugeot 206 Peugeot 207 Peugeot 208 Peugeot 2008
Peugeot 301 Peugeot 306 Peugeot 307 Peugeot 308 Peugeot 3008
Peugeot 406 Peugeot 407 Peugeot 4007 Peugeot 508 Peugeot 5008
Peugeot 607 Peugeot 806 Peugeot 807 Peugeot Bipper PeugeotExpert
Peugeot Partner C2 C3 C3 Picasso C3 Pluriel C4 Cactus C4 Picasso C5 C8 C-Elysee xsara Picasso Berlingo 2 Berlingo 3 Jumper Jumpy

OBDSTAR X300DP Change KM for Cadillac ATSL 2016

OBDSTAR X300DP tablet Key Programmer support keys programming and some special functions like ECU programming, pin code reading, mileage adjusting etc. Obdstar x-300 dp is really a higher level diagnostic tool for workshop or dealer.

Now let’s check the engineer share how to do mileage adjustment for Cadillac ATSL 2016.

-Cadillac ATSL 2016

OBDSTAR X300DP PAD Tablet Key Programmer

Step1: Connect X300DP with vechile and open X300DP
Press on START button

Step2: Choose vehicle information
Choose “Mileage adjust” option and click on GM

Choose GM V30.45 to go on

Then choose Cadillac

Choose ATS2013-

Mileage adjustment (correction)

It is communicating…

Step3: Adjust mileage
The current mileage information

Input the new mileage and press Enter to continue

Value: 3061

It is communicating…

The mileage value at presant

Done! Successfully change mileage for Cadillac ATSL 2016

OBDSTAR X300DP X-300 DP Support Vehicles List

OBDSTAR X300 DP is the first tablet diagnose and programming tool of OBDSTAR Brand. X300 DP cover wide range of vehicles, featuring powerful function, and providing superior quality. Meanwhile, taking advantage of Android system, OBDstar X300 DP integrates more application and service, such as Maintenance Database, remote assistant, and One Key Update etc.

OBDSTAR X-300 DP Tablet Key Programmer Full Configuration vehicles coverage:























OBDSTAR X100 Pro Mileage Correction Tested Models List

CarTool.co.uk engineer share a new tested models list of OBDSTAR X100 Pro Mileage Correction. It includes what is working and what is not working with OBDSTAR X100 PRO from our users’ experience. These vehicles are the most frequently tested including: GM, Jaguar Landrover, VAG, Mazda, Hyundai, Nissan, Ford, Chrysler, Jeep, Fiat, Kia, Peugeot, Maserati Quattroporte, Dodge, FIY.

To choose a professional mileage correction tool cover a wide range of vehicles all over the world, highly recommend you OBDSTAR X300M, it is new name with same software as X100 PRO, while X100 PRO is multifunctional tool cover immo, odometer and obd funtions.

GM vehicles…test ok:
Chevy Trailblazer 2008 & 2004 Fail “Fail to connect” …tried a few other chevy but the miles reading was far off.
Town and Country 2009 – OK…Surprisingly it did both Cluster and SRI in one shot.
Chevy Avalanche 2007-2012/2013 OBD Read & Write = OK
Chevrolet silverado 2007 ok
cadillac escalade 2010 ok ( it show old mileage)
gmc terrain 2010 ok (show old mileage)
cadillac srx 2010 ok(show old mileage- need to turn ignition off then on to show new mileage)
Chevrolet Aveo / Sonic 2013, try to lower it by Aveo / Sonic, the reading was correct, but to re-enter the new mileage: fail security, treated by Cadillac ATS 2013, and there were no problems, perfect job.
Chevy cruze 2016 —- ok 30s
Chevrolet Captiva 2009 year, micro motorola, all ok working
Chevrolet suburban 2007 ok .. it show old mileage…. i have do 3
Vauxhall Vivaro 2013 – couldnt do it
Chevrolet Trailblazer 2015 OK, 5 seconds job for rollback KM
GMC c4500 2004 work with GMC Savana OK
Chevy captiva 2009 …… great success

Ford Chrysler…test ok:
-Ford Fiesta 2014 works with x100 pro. but maybe not all displays..Ford Fiesta amber and blue colour dash works fine i have done many
-2013 Chrysler Town and Country >ad smart key OK
-Ford Transit 2014 blue screen dash – couldnt do it, I tried by focus and new mondeo. Read correct miles by focus, but after adjustment cluster was frozen. Reconnect battery sorted that problem.
Ford Mondeo Mk4 2013, dash color , OK… 2 min.
FORD focus 2012 ok. i do it with ford focus 2013- menu .. take about 1 minute
Ford Fiesta 2016 obd ok (1min)
Ford fiesta 2012 red screen. obd ok.
Ford Ranger 2016 work OK.
Ford ranger 2016 mcu spc560 obdstar x100 can do
-Ford Expedition 2011 year OK
When the tool is connected the cluster is in off state then the reading set to miles
input mileage and press enter,
the cluster show ERROR on display and cluster goes to OFF status (dont be afraid, it is normal)
wait until the tool displayed “Adjustment complete”
you will see the new value when the cluster goes to ON state again
– porsche panamera 2014 (facelift) hybride! obd ok. 5min
(only mileage. no hours)

Jeep Vehicles…test ok:
2014 jeep Cherokee obd OK
jeep grand cherokee 2012 done 3 today ok (it show me exact old mileage)
jeep cherokee 2008 ok ( old mileage is wrong ) but when you write it the mileage is ok
Jeep compas 2008 cvt perfect work , 2 min.
Jeep compass 2008 ok 30 sec
Jeep grand cherokee 2014 DASH BIG SCREEN ok LESS THEN 30 second
Jeep Grand Cherokee 2013 , perfect works 2 min aprox.

Jaguar Landrover…test ok
Jaguar XE 2015 obd ok first backup then do mileage
Range Rover 2011 OBD ok
Range rover Evoque 2013 ODOMETER_MILEAGE ok
Range Rover Evoque 2014 flawless
Range rover 2013 ok ( doesn’t show old mileage…. it ask you only yo write new mileage )
Range Rover Evouge 2016 – miles OK
Pathfinder 2015 – OBD =OK Read & Write.

VAG vehicles…test ok:
Audi q5 2011 ok wait 15 min
VW Passat 3BG 2002 -> OBD (KLine) = ok
2015 Range Rover Vogue
Skoda Octavia 2002 -> OBD = OK
Seat Ibiza 6J 2010 -> OBD = OK
Scirocco mileage 2008 OK
2008 vw rabbit >ad key OK
VW Golf V 2005 -> OBD = ok
Maserati Quattroporte V 2004 -> OBD = ok
VW Golf V 2005 -> OBD = ok
2004 Audi A4 OK… …. and 2012 Mazda2 OK … eventually OK…
Audi A4 2007 ok Mazda 3 2012 ok date backup and miles correction Chevy Malibu 2015 OK
Skoda Superb 2013 -> OBD = OK
04 audi a4 rb4 OK.. Around 10min
Audi A4 RB4 2004 OK
04 audi a4 rb4 OK.. Around 10min
A3 2005, Fujitsu – OK
Volkswagen jetta 08 – OK. Had to choose option from magotan.
Touran 2013 NEC+24C64 13- OK
GOLF 6 2009 nec+24c32 OK
Mazda 3 skyactive, After actualitation, perfect work.
Beetle 2014 OK wih backup file option….
Audi A4 2007 RB8 OK

Hyundai Nissan cars…test ok:
Hyundai tucson 2016 w renesas ok
Hyundai tucson 2016 w renesas ok
Nissan Leaf 2015 Electric Car mileage correction ok via obd. select Altima and ok
2013 Hyundai elantra 24c16 OK

Mazda vehicles…test ok:
Mazda 3 2008 to change dashboard, program keys, align ECU<>dash, make eeprom backup, make odo …OK
Mazda 3 2011 with red numbers by Obd,.. ok
Mazda RX8 mileage correction ok via obd
Mazda Damio 2010 mileage correction ok via obd. 93c56
Mazda 6 2005 ok
Mazda cx9 2010 ok (show old mileage)
Mazda 3 2017, Read and Write OBD = OK
Mazda CX7 2007 OBD Read & Write = OK
Golf 4 2002. obd ok. 5min (did read old mileage perfect)
mazda3 2007 ok
Mazda 3. 2004. obd ok.
mazda6 2010 ……………..ok
-Mazda3 on bench OK
need switch in positive line, if the Tool ask to switch ignition on/of, do it with the switch
Power supply connected in OBD cable DC input,
I nave also done this in CX7 before
it can be done also for some dash,
just find the power up, then the CAN signal pin
to find the CAN signal pin look for the CAN ferrite coil where it was go….

Fiat cars… test ok:
Fiat 500 2011 0.9 dualogic OK
Fiat Qubo_2009; Fiat Fiorino_2010; Fiat Doblò_ 2012 program dash-KM ok are equal protocol. Programming do it fine.
Fiat bravo 1.4 turbo jet 2012 abarth , perfect work.
Fiat albea ok with obdstar
Fiat Doblo 1,6 2011-OK

Kia vehicles… OK
kia rio 2016 D70F………….ok
kia rio 2015 D70F3423 OK about 1 minute
Kia Rio5. 2012. Done in a flash
KIA RIO 2016 —— OK
Kia rio 2015 obd ok

Others…test ok
Maserati Quattroporte V 2004 -> OBD = ok
Peugeot Boxer 2014 – miles OK
azera grandeur 2013 ok
Today I did this car I20 via obd i got exat km in the cluster .
Dodge ram 2500 2005 dash ok

CX5 2013 done in seconds via obd.

Only thing was reading in miles instead of KM. When programming need to input km in miles.
…Failure list

Failed to extract pin code/program spare key on Golf 2005
Failed do modify mileage on Golf 2005.
Note: Correct there is no toyota option for cluster in x 100 pro

Golf 5 Late 2004 car- read kms ok – wouldn’t write-reply from other skilled users: “Changed the km from a Golf 5 from the beginning of 2005 the without problems.”
2016 Ford KA … (fiat500)… read bang on .. said failed when trying to change …

Tried a Ford galaxy 2009 it read I’m but when tried to change it said lost communication.
Mazda 3 skyactive, not working.

Fial linea 2015 95080 Failed to change the km…

Comparison on OBDSTAR VAG-PRO and Xhorse Super VAG K+CAN Plus

OBDSTAR VAG-PRO and Xhorse Super VAG K+CAN Plus 2.0 are both working with VAG cars.

They can do some special functions as well, let’s check the comparison table, it will tell you what the differences between them.

Item number SM54 SV39
Item name OBDSTAR VAG-PRO key programmer Xhorse Super VAG K+CAN Plus 2.0
Display  obdstar-vag-pro-handheld-tool  xhorse-super-vag-k-can-plus
Price €94.00 €189.99
 Languages English  English
Update Online update Online update
Key program
Remote program
Mileage adjustment
Read Security Access Code
airbag reset
Oil/Service Reset 
Battery match
SRS reset
EPB(Electronic Park Brake)
TPS(Throttle Position Matching)
TV Activation
diagnostic √(basic diagnosis)
Hardware Configuration
OBDSTAR VAG-PRO key programmer Xhorse Super VAG K+CAN Plus 2.0
1. The main unit adopts ARM high-speed chip, the speed is faster; 3. Integrated structure design, anti-throw, anti-shake, durable and long lasting;
4. Industrialization design, it can work stably under the bad environment, such as hot and cold temperature etc ;
5. Large capacity TF card
1. Use 32-bit processor, with better computing ability and compatibility 2. With big flash volume, support CPU extend, can be upgraded
3. High screen Resolution
4. Easy input data, use of multi-function digital keyboard, supports digital Shortcuts
5. Nice looking and generous, using ergonomic design, feel good, easy to control
6. Shell with durable materials, applicable to the complex working environment
Conclusion 1. Functions: *VAG-PRO has similar functions with k+can plus2, but vag-pro supports more functions like oil reset, battery match, SRS reset, EPB, TPS;
* VAG k+can plus2 supports TV activation while vag-pro doesnot;
3. Price: VAG-Pro is much cheaper than VAG k+can plus2
4. As for the hardware configuration, the two items are running very fast;
5. Hand-held device, convenience to operate
6. Personal experience, I will choose OBDSTAR VAG-PRO for my vehicle