SDP3 V2.24 Files Fixed Error “VCI2 firmware update” engineer shares Scania VCI2 SDP3 2.2 update error solution as below.

Here you can check about the symptom:

After Scania SDP3 V2.2x software installation on Win 7 32-bit, the software

prompts: “The software in VCI is not the latest version. Click OK to install new VCI software”













And if you press ok, another error message will pop up: “An error occurred when updating VCI”













And “VCI2 Firmware Update: Updating VCI2 firmware with error code 1”















First of all, download SDP3 VCI2 SDP3 software 2.20, 2.21, 2.23 and 2.24 files here!Y1NQBD5T!k2N9lwQidekvAtoBiDmTBGSGwRbZwP-DcOWNTDs5EQ0





All three folder contain SAMPi.dll and SMAPi.old.dll files

Do not copy SAMPi.dll file.

First run SDP3 2.20 software, if it prompts to update VCI2 firmware, then copy to replace SAMPi.dll file.

If you have replaced the SAMPi.dll file, but the error still there, then un-install SDP3 software on another Win 7 laptop.

New Arrival Xtool EZ300 4 System Diagnosis Scanner

Original Xtool EZ300 Diagnosis Scanner with TPMS and Oil Light Reset function is a high-end and new style auto diagnostic scan tool developed based on Android system. EZ300 4 System diagnostic tool provides engine, ABS, SRS, transmission and TPMS diagnosis for most US, Asian and European makes.

Xtool EZ300 Diagnosis System:

ez300 four system diagnosis
ez300 basic function

Here are some information about the use of XTOOL EZ300:

1. EZ300 Activation
1.1. Please activate EZ300 before you use it to test vehicles.
1.2. Connect to WiFi first. Input activation code, product serial number (each device will have a serial number and activation code), nickname (workshop’s name or user’s nickname), login account (can be your email address or cell phone number) and password, then system will remember it. Activation only needs to be done for the first time, and you never have to do it again. The diagnostic interface will come up after activation.

2. EZ300 Main Interface and Functional Buttons Descriptions
2.1. Main Interface
Tap on EZ300 application, the main interface and sub-menus shows up as below.
2.2. Sub-menus and Function Buttons
2.3. Toolbar Function Buttons
3. Vehicle Connection Diagnosis
3.1 Wireless Connection
a. Connect cables and VCI to the vehicle as below:
b.Switch on the ignition and turn on EZ300 tablet, then tap on EZ300 application to test vehicles.

3.2 How to pair Bluetooth with EZ300 Tablet
a. Connect VCI box with the main test cable, then connect main test cable with OBD2 16 Pin connector or other connectors, then plug into DCL port .
b. Do not connect the EZ300 Tablet with VCI box via the USB cable. The Bluetooth will be paired automatically between EZ300 tablet and VCI box. c. Switch on the ignition and turn on EZ300 tablet, then tap on EZ300 application to test vehicles..

4. Diagnosis
4.1. Menu Options
4.1.1. After VCI box connected to vehicle and paired with EZ300 mainframe via wired or wireless means, diagnosis can be performed now. The diagnostic interface comes up as below.
4.1.2. Users can choose menu based on their actual needs: selection for Europe means entering European cars menu, selection for Asia means entering Asian cars menu, selection for America means entering American cars menu, selection for China means entering Chinese cars menu. Users also can input vehicle model to search.

4.2. Test Functions 4.2.1. Take Volkswagen car for example, select Diagnosis, then select Europe Car, users can see Volkswagen’s logo. If the logo has not been seen, please swipe up and down or enter the car model to research.
4.2.2. Toolbar function buttons descriptions
Record data feedback button as shown below, showing diagnostic software version and various information in the diagnostic process.
4.3. Read ECU
4.4. Read DTCs
Tip: In the process of diagnosis, if the device shows “System is OK” or “No Trouble Code”, it means there is no related trouble code stored in ECU or some troubles are not under the control of ECU, most of these troubles are mechanical system troubles or executive circuit troubles, it is also possible that signal of the sensor may bias within limits, which can be judged in Live Data.

4.5. Clear DTCs
4.5.1. Return to the previous step, select Clear DTCs to clear current and historical trouble codes memory in ECU. Performing this function will clear all the current and historical trouble codes. Make sure whether the trouble codes have been recorded before clearing, shown as below.
4.5.2. Click YES to make clear confirmation, if the communication is normal, it will show “Trouble Codes Successfully Cleared” or “Trouble Codes Cleared”. Generally, users need re-read trouble codes after cleaning them to confirm whether the trouble codes have been cleared.

4.6. Read Live Data

5. Settings
Select enter Settings; users can set the language, unit and other system related options: Languages: select the language. Please tick the needed option from multi-language options on the right.

Units: Select unit of measurement. Users can tick Metric or English measurement.

Bluetooth : Turn on Bluetooth and search the device, select EZ300, then pair it.

System Settings: Android system setup, such as wireless, audio frequency, light sensation, etc.

6. Update
EZ300 doesn’t need insert a card for updating, users only need to tap on EZ300 application and click UPDATE , shown as follows.

7. Report
Report is for checking the saved files, such as the report of Live Data or Trouble Codes or pictures generating in the process of diagnosis, users also can know what cars have been tested. It includes three parts: PDF Files, Pictures and Data Playback.

7.1. PDF Files: PDF files are the diagnostic reports of Live Data or Trouble Codes in the process of diagnosis. Entering PDF can check various diagnostic reports.

7.2. Data Replay: Data Playback can check what cars have been tested and play recorded Live Data & freeze frame.

8. Remote
In the maintenance process, when maintenance technicians encounter problems and don’t know how to solve, they can open this application and ask for remote assistance. How to get remote assistance from Xtool Technical Assistance Center
a. Open EZ300
b. Click Remote and open Team Viewer interface. Generate and display device ID.
c. Your partner also need download and install TeamViewer complete version. d. Enter your partner’s TeamViewer ID and send remote request. The system will pop up a window and allow your partner to control yours, and then remote control begins.

Vas 5054A VAS-PC V19.01.01 English Software Free download

VAS-PC software is designed to work on old VAG Audi, VW, Skoda, Seat, Lamborghini and Bentley models (ODIS for new VAG group). VAG VAS 5054a diagnostic interface VAS-PC V19 software comes with several software CDs. If you miss one of these software CDs, you are free to download here.

vas-5054a-vas-pc-v19-1 vas-5054a-vas-pc-v19



















AdbeRdr709-en.US.exe can be downloaded from search engines (google for example)

Free download VAS-PC Basis V19.01.01 Update English

Free download vas5054 VAS-PC AUDI V19.44 English

Free download vas 5054a VAS-PC VW V19.20 English

Free download VAS-PC Seat V19.66 English

Free download VAS-PC Bentley V19.51 English

Free download VAS-PC Bentley V19.04 English

Free download vas 5054a VAS-PC Lamborghini V19.12 English

VAS 5054 VAS-PC computer requirement:

Windows System Language: American English

Windows XP(sp2/sp3)

System C:// have to be NTFS format

C:// need to have at least 10GB space for installing VAS5054A

How to do online SCN coding with Super MB Star C3, SD C4


What is the SCN programming function used for ?

With SCN function, you can do program injectors and gear resetting with super mb star c3 or mb sd c4 diagnostic tool, for the following cars:

E 320 cdi year 2006 W211 224 Ps v6;
C 220 cdi Year 1999 w202 125 Ps;
C 220 cdi Year 1998 s202 125 Ps, etc.


As you can see, there is a “tips” option in SD C4 software, which usually is not available. It requires you to pay the service (account and password) and authorize the MB Star tool to open SCN coding function. You can also find this function in MB Star C3 and MB Star C4 software interface.  It can be used only after you purchase  for the function.

Here are steps on buying and using this function.

How to get SCN coding function?

Purchase online SCN coding service.
Provide your order number of the SCN coding service to customer service to activate this function.

How to use SCN coding function with MB SD C4 (same as super mb star c3)?

Prepare MB Star SD C4, a laptop, Teamviewer and the cars that you are going to do coding or resetting.
Select car model and system that you want to program, such as headlight XALWA-L.
Select CONTROL unit adaptations.
















4.Select offline program (CONTROL MODULE PROGRAMMING) then (SCN coding).
















5. Run teamviewer and enter teamviewer id and password.
6. Login server (DALMLER)
7. Login server and finish SCN coding.

Newest V2016 BMW INPA K+Dcan Cable with Switch Released

Latest BMW INPA K Can cable with switch and FT232RQ chip supports full system diagnostic of BMW models from 1998 to 2008 and works on BMW with 8 pin and with K-LINE protocol.

While beside this new v2016 bmw inpa cable, also offer the old old K+Dcan cable. Then our engineer share some comparison report on these 2 inpa cables.

V2016 New K+Dcan interface   VS    Old Dcan interface








Both BMW INPA K+CAN cables can:
1. Read and delete errors
2. Adaptations
3. Driver programming
4. Apply coding

New K+DCAN cable (€15.99):
1- new switch
the switch on this cable to LEFT is for 7 pin, to RIGHT for 8 pin8 pin for K-LINE communication (old DCAN cables cannot do it) for BMW from 1998 to 2008

2- new PCB
with FT232RQ chip







the printed circuited board of better quality than the old one

Old k+dcan cables (€12.99):
1- No switch
2- only D-CAN for
– E60, E61 od 03/2007
– E83 od 09/2006
– E81, E87 od 03/2007
– E90, E91, E92, E93 od 03/2007
– E70 (new model X5)
– R56 (new model MINI)
3- Old PCB of good quality
with FT232RL chip
















Customer Share – “Warning for bad K+DCAN cable”
I can’t help complaining the bad K+DCAN cable I used before. It was burned, you know.
Typical terrible Chinese layout PCB design. In fact it has fresh burn marks on it making me pretty sure an arc from those is what took out the cable. If I end up with another one I will cut those back and cover in hot glue or something to isolate from the FT232 chip. Pic below doesn’t quite do justice to how burned that thing looks in person.

The big device they use turns out to be an L7805V voltage regulator. Without getting into reverse engineering their schematic I’m guessing they have something setup very inefficiently so it is shunting tons of current to generate the 5V but I dunno.












Here’s (not much but a little) better shot of how burnt the poor FT232 chip is… blurry but you can see the discoloration…


Well… Had better to buy a new one.

I must say, I am the lucky dog. Get the great one you see.
Very fine work, and bridged soldering of 2 pins is intentional.

A successful purchase in China I think.



Ps. Check more details of this good PCB inpa k dcan cable at

Vxdiag Vcx Nano for Ford Mazda New Update Replace Ford VCM 2

VXDIAG VCX NANO IDS MAZDA V98 FORD V98 OEM Diagostic Tool is a update version of Ford Mazda VCM2 Scanner. VXDIAG VCX NANO IDS diagnostic tool works on Ford and Mazda till 2015, multi-language available, update via CD.


Software version:
VCM/IDS software version for Ford and Mazda: IDS V98

Requirement on computer:

Computer has at least 4GB Memory
Computer need produced after 2000 year, too old computer can not run the software.
OS needs to be WINDOWS XP SP3.

So what is the advantages of  Vxdiag Vcx Nano for Ford Mazda ?

1.VCM/IDS software version for Ford and Mazda has been updated V98, while Ford VCM 2 IDS has only updated to V96.

2.The price of VXDIAG VCX NANO for Ford/Mazda is much cheaper than Ford VCM2 in the market,only need US $99. And the former VXDIAG VCX NANO for Ford/Mazda can do as much as Ford VCM II does.

By the way, VXDIAG VCX NANO for Ford or Mazda vehicles support ODIS latest version with multi-languages, such as: English, Italian, Spanish,Portuguese, French, German,Russian, Greek, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese etc. About the update , it is updated by CD without firmware locked, and it’s very easy to update and operate .

IDS Newest Software display:


















































Moreover, we also have the other type of diagnostic tool VXDIAG VCX NANO which can work for VAG group vehicles including VW, AUDI, SKODA, SEAT Bentley and Lamborghini. If you are interested in it , please check the details on our website :

Carprog Canbus Not Working Fixed customer shares his solution and feedback on Carprog 7.28 Canbus no working error fixed.

I buy carprog ecu programmer and coming sames problem CANBUS NO WORKING. I changing around 3x MCP not working, Connecting +12 volt to stabilizer not working, changing 4x 74HC125 in carprog not working. So i thinking around this tool and i open A1 adapters and compared with original A1 adapter .


In china peoples changing positions CAPACITORS AND RESISTORS !!!!.
I forget on important information IN A1 ADAPTER IS NOW SOLDERED NEW MCP old MCP. i dont soldered back. i dont tested ODL MCP if work wit this or not. So far, it is WORKING GOOD.








































I forget on PRT SCR from my carprog connected to opel can.

CARPROG full 7.28 (Best Quality)

Foxwell NT510 Update and Add Additional software

Foxwell NT510 is a low-cost handheld scan tool that delivers OE-level diagnosis on all the electronic systems for a single car manufacturer. NT510 does not only includes basic functions such as read/erase code, live date, but also supports advanced functions such as actuation, adaptation coding and programming- ideal for specialist, garages and car enthusiasts.

Foxwell NT510 supports models: Acura, Alfa Romeo, Abarth, Audi, Australian Ford, BMW, Chrysler, Fiat, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Holden, Jaguar, KIA, Lancia, Lexus, Land Rover, Maserati, MINI, Toyota, Opel, Rolla-Royce, Scion, Seat, Skoda, Vauxhall, VW and more.

How to update Foxwell NT510 Scanner?

Step1: Obtain an FOXWELL ID.
Step2: Register the product with the product serial number and product password.
Step3: Update the product by the update application FoxScanner.

To update foxwell scanner, you need the following tools:
● The scan tool
● PC application FoxScanner
● PC or laptop with USB ports and Internet explorer
● Internet service
● TF card reader
To be able to use update tool, PC or laptop must meet the following minimum requirements:
● Operation System: Win98/NT, Win ME, Win2000, Win XP, VISTA, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
● CPU: Intel PⅢ or better
● RAM: 64MB or better
● Hard Disk Space: 30MB or better
● Display: 800*600 pixel, 16 byte true color display or better
● Internet Explorer 4.0 or newer

Before updating, please make sure your network works correctly.
Before updating, please make sure you have already created a Foxwell ID.

To update your foxwell scanner:
1. There are two ways to download the update PC application.
a. Visit foxwell official site and go the Product page. Find your product model and click it to view the product profile. Select Download tab to download the PC application file.

b. Log in foxwell official site, go to your Member Center and select Registered Product. Click Software Details.
You will find the link right on the top of the softwares.

2.Unzip the application file. Follow instructions on computer screen to install the application and driver.

3. Double click the desktop icon Foxwell NT510 Update-4 to launch the application.
4. Remove the TF card from the scanner, put it into the card reader and plug the reader into the computer. The TF card is on the left side of scanner.

5.Log in with your Foxwell ID and password.

6. Foxscanner will automatically recognize the serial number and display all available applications, please read it carefully before update. Please note that you are allowed to select and install any one of the vehicle software from the available update list free of charge and in future you are allowed to install updates of the selected brand only.
In case you want to install any other vehicle software, please contact us or sign in your member center to place an order of buying extra software.
If you’ve formatted the TF card, please select your serial number first and all available updates will display.

7.Click the check box(es) in front of the software you wish to update and then click the Update button to download.
Please select the software you want to update, as you can ONLY have access to the update of this brand in the future once it’s been selected initially. To access other brand application, you have to pay to access, Please refer to Section 4 for buying extra software.

8. When Update button is clicked, it begins to download. And you can check the Current Status. If the Current Status shows Downloading, please do not close the update application. Please do not close Foxscanner until it shows Update Done.

9.Please click Software Management to review all the updated software.
If “Update Failed” dialog comes up, it indicates that the software updates failed. Please check the network connection or TF card. If the problem still exists, please contact us.

10.To uninstall some software, please select them and click the Uninstall button.

How to buy additional software for Foxwell NT510?











NT510 is shipped with one free software and can cover up to five vehicle makes. More software can be added anytime at extra cost. You can contact the reseller or following the steps below to buy extra software.

1.Log in at foxwell official website and go to your Member Center, click Registered Products.
2. Find the NT510 serial number and click the Software Details, you will see all software already installed on this scanner and all software available to buy.
3. Select the software you need and click Add To Cart button.
4. Click the Shopping Cart at the top right of the website to go to the Shopping Cart Page.
5.You can manage your shopping cart by clicking Delete to delete the software that you don’t need or click Continue Shopping to go back to Member Center page to add software. If you have finished shopping, please click Proceed to Checkout and follow the on-screen guide to go to the payment page.
6.When the payment is made successfully, the software would be listed in the available updates list of Foxscanner and you
are able to update it.

More information about Foxwell NT510, you can go to the professional website

KESS V2 K-Suite V2.22 Newest Software Free Download has released the lastest update K-suite V2.22 software works with Alientech KESS V2 firmware V4.036 ECU tuning kit K-suite master.

New K-suite V2.22 software (6,005.0K) can be free downloaded here:!GIoAwYCY!xwX8-MYH4TL1l3eP7MoeeQ8zJRO9Cw75ExyqbfbekG0
Note: No network connection & No firmware update!! (FW: 4.036 only)

Software version: K-suite V2.22
Firmware version: V4.036 (SE87-C, SE87-D)

Kess V2 K-Suite V2.22 firmware V4.036 top features:
1- No token limitation
2- No Checksum Error
3- Multi-Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese
4- Operating system: Windows XP/Windows 7

Newest Kess V2 2.22 with 4.036 Firmware add new models:
• New Family 533 (VAG BOSCH EDC17CP54 CAN)


Kess V2 v2.22 with fw v4.036 using tips:
1- Please disconnect the network before you install the software or use the device
2- Please do not update KES V2 online.
3- Kess v2 can not do truck, only do car and some motorcycle.
4- If some ECU list options are grey, it is normal. KESS V2 will keep update new models. KESS V2 supports tractor till L15, cannot do newer L21, L22, L23 etc.
How to connect Kess V2 to add tokens(Do not connect it to vehicles):
















KESS V2 Boot Mode connection diagram











KESS V2 OBD connection diagram


How to Install I-2015 Multi-Diag Access J2534 on WIN 7 ? technician share the instruction on how to install I-2015 Multi-Diag Access J2534 OBD2 device on Win7 32bit operating system.

V2015.1 Multi Diag Access J2534 System Requirements:

*O.S.: Windows XP; Windows 7 32bit
*CPU: Pentium/Athlon 1.8 GHz or higher
*RAM: 256 MB of system memory
*Hard Drive: 10 GB of available space
*VCI (vehicle communication Interface)
*No Internet, WIFI
*No Antivirus software

How to activate I-2015 Multi-Diag?

1. Pls disconnect the network when install the software.
2. Pls follow the installation video to install the software and drivers.
3. After insatall it, pls send ID (31-xxxxxxxxxxx) to us, we will send the activation code.

How to setup 2015.1 Multi-Diag software?

* Instruction Guide:
1) Install .NET Framework 4
Open MDO I-2015 software CD
Copy MDO I-2015_V33.06 zip file to Disk D
Install dotNet setup (Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Setup) on CD
Accept license agreement
Click Install
Framework installation is complete
Click Finish

2) Install DAEMON Tools
Install DAEMON Tools Lite
Select language you want
Click Next
Select Free License, click Next
Click Next
Click Install
DAEMON Tools has been installed successfully, click Finish
DAEMON Tools interface will run
Open KEY 099873 folder
Open KeyUpdate setup
Click Yes
Update Successful for VCI 099873, click OK

3) Activate Multi-Diag J2534
Open DAEMON Tools interface
Select Image function and mount image from D:/MDO I-2015_V33.06
Double click MDO I-2015_V33.06 to come to Multi-Diag Office-InstallSheild Wizard
Please contact your supplier to obtain your activation code. Your identified is: 31-xxxxxxxxxxx
Select setup type (region) suits your need, press Next
Click Next
Multi-diag is configuring software
Please wait until the software complete installation. Usually it will take about 30 minutes to 1 hour.
Installation is complete. Select “No,I will restart computer later” and press Finish.

4) Install I-2015_SP1_33.11
Open I-2015_SP1_33.11 folder on CD
Install Setup
Enter 6-digit Serial Number/SN of your VCI interface
Please wait until the software complete installation. Usually it will take about 30 minutes.
This time select “Yes,I want to restart my computer now” and press Finish.
The computer will reboot automatically.

5) Install I-2015_SP2_V33.21
Open Software CD
Open I-2015_SP2_V33.21 folder
Install Setup
Enter 6-digit Serial Number/SN of your VCI interface
Please wait until the software complete installation. Usually it will take about 30 minutes.
Select restart computer now and wait the computer reboot

6) Install Multi-diag driver
Connect Multi-Daig J2534 Pass-Thru interface VCI with computer
Computer will detect hardware wizard
Select “Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)”,click Next
Browse folder to C:/ACTIA/Drivers VCI/PTIG
Hardware driver install complete. Click Finish

7) Configure Multi-diag VCI
Browse to C:/ACTIA/ Multi-Di@g /AT530 folder
Click AT530cfg
Select Multi-Diag configuration windows
Click Communication Interface
Select USB- Universal Serial Bus, click Yes
Select VCI serial number
Press OK
VCI serial number registered. Press OK
Exit the windows
Open at530
Check Program Information, you will see program version, serial number etc

8) Run Multidiag 2015.01 Software
Open Device Manager-> I+ML ACTIA XS Device->PassThru XS USB Driver to check if driver is well installed
Open Multi-diag software on desktop
Select vehicle make, model, module (i.e Engine) and function i.e Injection
System prompts “Your Multi-diag subscription will end within 0 days.” Press Tick icon to proceed.
Communication interface update.
Computer will detect hardware wizard
Select “Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)”,click Next
Browse folder to C:/ACTIA/Drivers VCI/PTIG
Hardware driver install complete. Click Finish
Check VCI interface is well connected (Device Manger->ACTIA USB Devices->USB PassThru Devices)
If the system prompts “The vehicle communication card cannot be reached, confirm to try again, Cancel to ignore”, press Tick icon.
Select the functions of 2015.1 multi-diag j2534 you need to diagnose
1. Maintenance
2. Air Conditioning
3. Pollution control
4. Liaison to the ground
5. Body
6. Post-Equipment
7. Braking
8. Motor
9. Expert Mode


* Video Quide:

Functions list of Multidiag J2534 I-2015 please view



J2534 Diagnostic Coding Programming Tool JDiag Elite Newly Launched

JDiag Elite J2534 diagnostic and coding programming tool is the most validated and accepted J2534 device in the world, which offers a wide range of capabilities to help you grow your business and retain customers including module programming,  diagnostic functions,  key programming and data monitoring.

Top 3 reasons to get JDiag Elite J2534:Update:

1.Update online free lifetime.
2. Plug and play : all software has been installed well, you can save time and use it directly when you receive the item.
3. Connection method: via USB,WIFI and LAN Cable.

Free download jdiag-user-manual

This PLUG-and-PLAY JDiag Elite J2534 diagnostic kit includes JDiag and JDiag laptop with full software as below:

JDiag Elite J2534 Software List
Area Brand Diagnostic Programming Version Operating system
USA GM GDS2 TISWeb 2016.02 Windows 7
Ford Forscan Forscan 2.2.11

Europe BMW ISTA/D ISTA/P ISTA-D 3.54.11

Windows 8.1
BMW mini
BMW Motorcycle
VW ODIS ODIS V3.0.1 Windows 7
Jaguar SDD SDD V142
Land Rover
Volvo VIDA VIDA 2014D
Mercedes-Benz XENTRY / DAS XENTRY / DAS 2015.09
Mitsubishi Fuso

Japan HONDA HDS HDS 3.015.033 Windows 7
Toyota Techstream Techstream V10.003
Subru Select Monitor III/ IV Select Monitor III/ IV 2016
Nissan Nissan J2534 ECU Tool Consult III plus V52.11
All models here are tested by And more models is under development.

2016 Top 4 Best Quality Original OBD2 Diagnostic Scanners have recently released a comparison report of top sale best quality original OBD2 diagnostic scanners among most OBD2 online stores in this market.

Top1. Autoboss V30 Elite (SP160)

Reasons Nominated:

1. Original Autoboss (SPX) products, free update on official for one year.
After one year, you can buy one year update card to update.
2. Multi-Language: English/Spanish/Russian/French/German/Italian.
3. Cover more than 57 makes, 40,000 vehicle systems
4. Build-in printer, print the data anytime anywhere you like


Top2.  Launch X431 V+ (HKSP184)

Reasons Nominated:

1. Support wifi/bluetooth and one click update, make your update job much easier.
2. 10.1 inch multi touch capacitor screen give you better view for diagnose and data stream.
3. 1GB memory and 8GB storage for data.
5. HUAWEI HiSilicon Quod-core 1.2G HZ, speed faster.
6. 6600mAh Li battery can let you continue work 8 hours.
8. Original goods with full time technical service and guarantee.
9. Completely substitutes X431 IV and X431 Diagun III, adopt more Launch fault diagnostic technology.
such as vast car model coverage, powerful test function, special function and accurate tast data, etc.


Top3.  Autel MaxiSYS Pro MS908P (HKSP187)

Reasons Nominated:

1. More powerful function and adds more software
2. Supported more car models in the world
3. Comprehensive hardware upgrades
4. More new function is added
5. Update & WIFI
6. MaxiSys Pro support ECU online programming, it can compatible with lots of car manufacture diagnose and programming software.


Top4.  JDiag Elite J2534 (SP264)

Reasons Nominated:

1. Module Programming, diagnostic functions, key programming, data monitoring.
2. With JDiag Tablet touch screen.
3. Software pre-installed.
4. Free update for life time.
5. Three systems are available in the tablet,2 WIN7,64Bit;1 WIN8.1,64Bit
Kindly Note: Turning on the PC,you will need to choose a system,and all the systems is installed.
There are three kind of connection methond,USB,WIFI and LAN Cable. But now, WIFI can not be used.
















New Arrival Multi-Diag I-2015 Access J2534 Pass-Thru OBD2 Device New Arrival Latest Update Version I-2015 Multi-Diag Access J2534 Pass-Thru OBD2 Device is a ideal a diagnostic tool Support 23 Brands Updated and 5300 New Systems for independent workshops that require s truly multi-brand delivers in-depth information on a wide range of vehicles.

Multi-Diag Access J2534 Supports Multi-languages: English/ French/ Spanish/ German/ Italian/ Portuguese/ Bulgarian/ Croatian/ Czech/ Danish/ Dutch/ Finnish/ Hebrew/ Hungarian/ Polish/ Romanian/ Russian/ Serbian/ Slovenian/ Swedish/ Turkish

V2015.1 Multi Diag Access J2534 System Requirements:

*O.S.: Windows XP; Windows 7 32bit
*CPU: Pentium/Athlon 1.8 GHz or higher
*RAM: 256 MB of system memory
*Hard Drive: 10 GB of available space
*VCI (vehicle communication Interface)
*No Internet, WIFI
*No Antivirus software

Multi Diag I-2015 Software Using Tips:
1. Must disconnect network when install the software.
2. Must watch our installation video when install the software and drivers. (Please contact customer service to get the installation video)
3. I-2015V Multi-Diag Access J2534 needs activation, after installing the software pls send ID (format is only 31-xxxxxxxxxxx) to us, we will send the activation code.

How to setup Multi-diag J2534 2015.1 newest software ?

After selecting the car manufacturer, then you can make the diagnosis with Multi-diag J2534 i-2015 for the different menus on offer (depending on cars models):































K-touch, Kess V2 Series and Ktag Series, Which one is better ?

Item No SE128 SE87 SE87-B SE87-E SE87-C SE87-D SE87-K SE80 SE80-B SE80-E SE80-C SE80-D
Item Name New Genius K-Touch Kess V2 Ktag
Tokens No Token Limit,
30 tokens by default,
add new tokens with
reset button
60 Tokens,
add new tokens with J-Link
No Token Limit, add new tokens with a manual No Token Limit, add new tokens with reset button 30 Tokens, add new tokens with CPU NXP Fix Chip 500 Tokens, add new tokens with
No Token Limit, add new tokens with reset button 500 Tokens, add new tokens with
No Token Limit, add new tokens with a manual No Token Limit, add new tokens with reset button
OS WinXP/Win7 32bit (partly).
If you need we can send you the winxp/win7(SS122/-B) system dvd shared by our tech.
Support Language
German, Spanish,
English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
Support Protocols CAN-BUS, KWP and J1850 protocols Line, CAN, EDC17 and MED17 and Ford J1850 Line, CAN, EDC17 and MED17 and Ford J1850
Support Vehicle Car, Bikes, LCV,support more new vehicles than Kess V2 does World-wide famous brand cars World-wide famous brand trucks World-wide famous brand
cars, trucks,traktors and bikes
Support Truck Yes NO Yes Yes
Support Motorcycle Yes NO Yes, work with a small part
Via BDM or OBD Via OBD Via BDM
PC Need Hand-held ECU Chip Tuning Tool, no PC need; software is inside the machine ready to use PC-based ECU Programmer, you need install the software by yourself
Update send back the device
main unit
Software of Kess V2 and Ktag both can be updated by CD.
To update Kess V2 Hardware, you need to send back the main device and pay 95USD.
To update Ktag Hardware, you need to send back the main device and pay 370USD.
Q1: Why i need to buy Kess v2 and Ktag ecu programmer together?
A2: 1. Ktag and Kess V2 share the same software for reading/writing ECU Engine Data, but they bear the different ways to read ECU data.
2. Kess V2 is a ecu programming tool that is perfect for OBD use;While Ktag is perfect for Jtag, BDM and all Boot application (tricore and ST10).
3. With Kess V2, you program directly through the OBD port of the vehicle;While with Ktag, you need to take aprt the ECU and open it, after you can make the read/write operation.
4. Many ECU had the advantage that can be read and write from OBD port (so KESS V2 is perfect),but there are lots of ECU that need to disassemble from the car and open, and this is the case for all the ecu that need to be programmed with Jtag, BDM and Boot protocols, so Ktag is needed.


Kess V2 Ksuite V2.22 Newest Software Free Download newly released Newest Ksuite V2.22 Software for Kess V2 is available Online Now.
Here is the free download link .

For Kess v2 series we provide online now, only the se87-c and se87-d (with higher hardware version) we offer the latest kess v2 v.2.22 software inside the package.

While we dont recommend you use the newest ksuite v2.22 software on se87, se87-b, se87-e, se87-k.
Since these kess v2 include the lower hardware version, and if work with a higher software version, it may not bear as many functions as it used to.

So before you choose the new released kess v2 v2.22 software, please kindly pay attention and you’d better choose a good kess v2 device to work with it.

How to renew Mercedes 722.9 with FVDI Benz Commander

Question: I have told that the FVDI Mercedes could renew 722.9? Want to buy FVDI Mercedes / Smart / Maybach, where to and how to do it? Or do I need to go for a Star diagnosis tool instead?


Yes, FVDI Mercedes works. Star tool is not required. Where and how, check instruction below:

The following part displays the detail instructions on renewing Mercedes-Benz 7-Gear control units (722.9) with FVDI abrites commander.

The 7-Gear control units (722.9) may be renewed either in or out of a car. In order to renew a specific 7-Gear control unit out of the car it is necessary only to connect the CAN pins of the 7- Gear unit, as well as the GND and +12V pins. The wiring of the 7-Gear units is the following:

Pin1: CAN-H

Pin2: CAN-L

Pin4: +12V

Pin5: GND

1.Select vehicle chassis, model and engine

2.Select Electronic Transmission Control unit from unit list














3.The FVDI Mercedes Commander will show the identification of the control unit.













4.Click on “Adaptation” button will show the available adaptations including the SCN coding string. You may save the SCN coding string from a damaged control unit and then you can save this saved SCN coding in the donor 722.9 control unit:














5.Click on “Make Virgin”, the system will display warning message, click “OK” to continue.







Follow these steps:

1) Connect a battery charger to the battery of the car.

2) Plug the diagnostic connector and make sure it is correctly seated in the diagnostic socket.

If you are using a laptop – connect it to constant power supply. It is also recommended to stop any screensavers, antivirus and other programs, which may affect the performance of the system.

6.The first time that you use this function, the software will ask you for the location of the database files for 7-Gear renew. Please browse to the folder where you have extracted these files and select it.














7.A progress bar will appear showing you the time and the completed percentage. Please wait until the procedure is complete.













8. When the procedure is complete you may check the “Actual Values” and verify that the Electronic Transmission Control unit reports that it is renewed.

9. Now, you should put the 722.9 unit in the car in which you wish to adapt it and once again connect to it and press the button “Adaptations”. Press the button “Get Coding”. Then for the option “Detach the transport protection, personalize and activate the control unit” select “Yes” and press the button “Set Coding”. Go back and check the actual values. If everything is OK the 7G unit should report that now it is personalized and you should be able to see the hashes of the keys.

10. If you have the old control unit available you may read the SCN coding and then write this SCN coding in the donot control unit.

How to read write MED17 EDC17 with FVDI?

FVDI can read out the data of MED17, EDC17 engine control unit, and calculate 6-digit Security Byte. While for New VW Magotan, Passat, CC engine type is MED17.5.XX, it is impossible to read out these models’ 7-digit Security Byte by only reading out data from comfort module, then it’s impossible to make new keys when all key lost and module programming. FVDI abrites commander for vag groups can get 6-digit Security Byte and 5-digit login password by reading the data from MEDC17, and get 7-digit Security Byte by reading data from comfort modules.

What need to prepare for FVDI reading/writing MED17 EDC17 ?
PC, FVDI, USB cable, MEDC17 adapter, dongle, welding iron, solders, several 1K ohm resisters and 12V DC power supply.
(Note: refer to “medc17-pinout.pdf” that shows connections between MEDC17 adapter and MEDC17 ECU.)

Picture 1 shows connections between FVDI VAG, PC, dongle, MEDC17 adapter.
Your PC has to connect to the network.















How to read write MED17 EDC17 by FVDI?

Step 1: Disassemble MEDC17 ECU, and then uncover it.
Step 2: Connect MEDC17 ECU under instructions.
Step 3: Connect FVDI with PC, open VAG V21, and select special functions, and select “EDC17/MED17 Engine Control Unit”. It’s shown as below.
















Step 4: Select correct MCU type, and click “CONNECT” as follow.















Step 5: Read what you want to read.

Step 6: Assemble MEDC17 ECU and install it to vehicle.

LOST KEY VW Transporter 2013 Solved by FVDI VAG Abrites Commander

A client asked that, “I lost a key of  my VW TRANSPOTER 2.0TDI T5 2013 , I only got dash, ecu and doors lock. Then how can i program/code key without OBD ? One of engineers recommend him a tool to use: FVDI VAG Abrites Commander for VW Audi Seat Skoda with Hyundai/Kia Tag Key Tool DAF/Bikes for free.

How to use FVDI VAG to read and write key immo data ?

The guy told that he had read Ecu edc17 eprom and flash. I had also tried to read eprom from dash by odb in bench with fvdi, but when I try to connect with fvdi dash shut down and power up all the time. So I think I most read it manual.
But before I open dash to read epprom, it will be nice to know if it is possible to code key without OBD.
So transponder is ready to start car.

More two questions and answers to be continued:
1)Question one:
I will read eprom for dash manual, but how should the needles take off the dash? counter-clockwise and pull or use a fork and just pull off.

counter-clockwise and pull.
Just read manual for NEC 2009+ dash.
All clusters has same procedure with NEC MCU, Golf, Transporter , Tiguan , Sirocco and etc.

2)Question two
Yes your right, counter-clockwise and pull. But my tango, EFfi and fvdi does not support dump file from dash ready to start car.
And if I set 24c64 in servive mode and try to code key with fvdi on bench , I think also I need transponder antenna from car connect it to dash.
So I think I will use VAG immo emulator for this car.

You do not use Dump file to add key . it is not possible on this dash.
You need to go to “Instrument CAN “, Put cluster in Service mode buy writing eeprom file with programmer that FVDI will make it, once you connect to cluster and you are in service mode write original eeprom back ,
Do not exit , stay there and then Add key, FVDI will add key to immo data .
Then click update Immo data . Job done

And you do not need to have Transponder antenna form car connected to dash. You add key with Key tag connected along with FVDI and cluster.

Finally, solved!!!
I program 24c64 maneul with service mode file from fvdi, and after I power up dash and connect FVDI VAG and press service mode by obd . The dash goes black and I wirte original eprom back and after
I add 2 transponder and did update immo data and last I leave service mode by obd and dash power up again

Customer Feedback on FVDI PSA Kills Peugeot Control BSI

One FVDI PSA user shares his experience on Peugeot Control BSI goes into bootmode not killed by FVDI PSA.

As the client told that , “I have a BSI from peugeot partner, after ren pin code with FVDI PSA flash was kill. Want to recover write new flash but I can identify what processor use this BSI, please in attach picture from BSI.”

Working solution and successful story:

Note: use any of the following ways I mentioned, it’s at your risk.
Exactly, BSI is not killed but goes into bootmoode. A little part of skilled technicians solve by following ways.
-Connect battery charger an you car battery and retry the procedure ,flash is not corrupted its the BSI that is in boot mode.
Tried on 2 Peugeot 308 with BSI and it worked but took 50 minutes.

-The BSI goes into boot mode if you unplug fvdi psa during this your as you found out ****ed .. unless you have a bad clone .. my one read 100% no problem and cars now running .. all via obd
it says 3 hours to do it when you start process if you ~~~~ yourself and unplug before its done about 40 mins as i said then you leave BSI in boot mode it added key to a 207 this morning without a hitch either

Besides, someone test Car charger is not good ,the best way is remove light fuse or remove light lamp and plug a second battery.
And someone said the best way is to do it on bench.

I think some tools (FVDI) are better than others also there are no instructions to tell you to wait 40 mins (at least mine had none) there was also no caution about controls bsi when connecting, and no reply when i mailed them, so i still think its wise to be careful when reading this particular BSI.