How to do online SCN coding with Super MB Star C3, SD C4


What is the SCN programming function used for ?

With SCN function, you can do program injectors and gear resetting with super mb star c3 or mb sd c4 diagnostic tool, for the following cars:

E 320 cdi year 2006 W211 224 Ps v6;
C 220 cdi Year 1999 w202 125 Ps;
C 220 cdi Year 1998 s202 125 Ps, etc.


As you can see, there is a “tips” option in SD C4 software, which usually is not available. It requires you to pay the service (account and password) and authorize the MB Star tool to open SCN coding function. You can also find this function in MB Star C3 and MB Star C4 software interface.  It can be used only after you purchase  for the function.

Here are steps on buying and using this function.

How to get SCN coding function?

Purchase online SCN coding service.
Provide your order number of the SCN coding service to customer service to activate this function.

How to use SCN coding function with MB SD C4 (same as super mb star c3)?

Prepare MB Star SD C4, a laptop, Teamviewer and the cars that you are going to do coding or resetting.
Select car model and system that you want to program, such as headlight XALWA-L.
Select CONTROL unit adaptations.
















4.Select offline program (CONTROL MODULE PROGRAMMING) then (SCN coding).
















5. Run teamviewer and enter teamviewer id and password.
6. Login server (DALMLER)
7. Login server and finish SCN coding.

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