How to read write MED17 EDC17 with FVDI?

FVDI can read out the data of MED17, EDC17 engine control unit, and calculate 6-digit Security Byte. While for New VW Magotan, Passat, CC engine type is MED17.5.XX, it is impossible to read out these models’ 7-digit Security Byte by only reading out data from comfort module, then it’s impossible to make new keys when all key lost and module programming. FVDI abrites commander for vag groups can get 6-digit Security Byte and 5-digit login password by reading the data from MEDC17, and get 7-digit Security Byte by reading data from comfort modules.

What need to prepare for FVDI reading/writing MED17 EDC17 ?
PC, FVDI, USB cable, MEDC17 adapter, dongle, welding iron, solders, several 1K ohm resisters and 12V DC power supply.
(Note: refer to “medc17-pinout.pdf” that shows connections between MEDC17 adapter and MEDC17 ECU.)

Picture 1 shows connections between FVDI VAG, PC, dongle, MEDC17 adapter.
Your PC has to connect to the network.















How to read write MED17 EDC17 by FVDI?

Step 1: Disassemble MEDC17 ECU, and then uncover it.
Step 2: Connect MEDC17 ECU under instructions.
Step 3: Connect FVDI with PC, open VAG V21, and select special functions, and select “EDC17/MED17 Engine Control Unit”. It’s shown as below.
















Step 4: Select correct MCU type, and click “CONNECT” as follow.















Step 5: Read what you want to read.

Step 6: Assemble MEDC17 ECU and install it to vehicle.

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