Customer Feedback on FVDI PSA Kills Peugeot Control BSI

One FVDI PSA user shares his experience on Peugeot Control BSI goes into bootmode not killed by FVDI PSA.

As the client told that , “I have a BSI from peugeot partner, after ren pin code with FVDI PSA flash was kill. Want to recover write new flash but I can identify what processor use this BSI, please in attach picture from BSI.”

Working solution and successful story:

Note: use any of the following ways I mentioned, it’s at your risk.
Exactly, BSI is not killed but goes into bootmoode. A little part of skilled technicians solve by following ways.
-Connect battery charger an you car battery and retry the procedure ,flash is not corrupted its the BSI that is in boot mode.
Tried on 2 Peugeot 308 with BSI and it worked but took 50 minutes.

-The BSI goes into boot mode if you unplug fvdi psa during this your as you found out ****ed .. unless you have a bad clone .. my one read 100% no problem and cars now running .. all via obd
it says 3 hours to do it when you start process if you ~~~~ yourself and unplug before its done about 40 mins as i said then you leave BSI in boot mode it added key to a 207 this morning without a hitch either

Besides, someone test Car charger is not good ,the best way is remove light fuse or remove light lamp and plug a second battery.
And someone said the best way is to do it on bench.

I think some tools (FVDI) are better than others also there are no instructions to tell you to wait 40 mins (at least mine had none) there was also no caution about controls bsi when connecting, and no reply when i mailed them, so i still think its wise to be careful when reading this particular BSI.

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