Super MB Star Top Version DEV Mode Powerful Working

Super MB Star top version Dev Mode is powerful. Some real customers feedback they use MB STAR (with DEV mode). It’s been really good so far and has been able to do a number of things so far. What they can do with Super MB Star Top Version DEV Mode shown as follows.

1). To enable cornering lights:


Set Turning Lamps to PRESENT

2). To enable tank content remaining (gallons left)

Inf & Comm -> Instr. Custer -> Diag. to Plant Spec. -> Control Unit Adapt. -> Variant Coding -> Read Coding and change….


– You then need to reset the “kombiinstrument” (reboot)

Reset in DEV: Steuergeraet Resetten (PowerON-Modus) (FN_Reset_SG_Power_ON)

I’ve written this up after having done this using DAS Simulator.

***Some reading led me to find some sites say to also enable: Menu RR: Reichweite/Tankinfo

But mine works without so I didn’t enable this second one…

3). To enable flashing brake lights on emergency braking (missing on my SAM)

Control Units -> Body -> Rear SAM -> Dev. Data -> Control Unit Adapt. -> Control Unit Adapt. (Variant Coding)

Scroll to: Parameter Notbremsung, in the submenu you will have two more options: select zugelassen (enable)

Think the first choice is flashing brake and second is hazard lights, enable one or the other or both…

4). Enable Date in the Cluster (I’ve yet to do this one)

Control Units -> Inf. & Comms. -> IC – Instr. cluster -> Diag. to plant spec -> Control unit adapt. -> Control unit adapt. ( Variant coding ) -> Variantkodierung Werkseinstellungen: Set “Datumsanzeige Grundbildebene” to aktiv. (active)

– Then reboot the cluster

Moreover, some things and take head up display for example, it will require a valid login to MB servers for an SCN code. SD Connect star Dev Mode is not ideal, you need Super mb star top version which comes with Dev mode and valid login info. There are systems (Vediamo / Monaco) that can program any controller, to any level but very unfriendly and would require an in depth knowledge of the control units. For this type of work, I would recommend you get an expert to look at it.

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