Super MB STAR C3 Dev Mode Clean ASSYST Plus Memory

Here is the helpful instruction on how to clean ASSYST Plus Memory with Super MB STAR C3 Dev Mode.

Tools selected:

Super MB STAR C3

(with lots of tests using dev mode, it is turned out that original super mb star will be better than SDconnect c4, of course, just in terms of dev mode.)

How to clean ASSYST Plus Memory:
In Developer mode : (tested version 11-2010)
Steuergerate (Control units) ->F3
Aufbau (Body) ->F3
ZGW (CGW) ->F3
Entwicklungen (Development data) ->F3
Steuergerate – Anpassungen (Control unit adaption) ->F3
Programmieren (Update) von Steuergeraten (Control module programming) ->F3
Steuergerat programmieren (Auswahl) (Program control unit (Selection)) ->F3

Now we have 2 options to flash the ZGW/CGW with, choose the correct one
Don’t panic ! if you choose the wrong file , it terminates process and you can do it over again
Confirm Flash pop-up with Ja (Yes)
After that it says : “Das Steuergerate wurde erfolgreich programmiert”
-> “OK” it ask for a reset -> JA (Yes) ->
ECU Reset (FN_ECU_Reset) ->F3 again ->F3

Now you Complete full History wipe

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