How to use Chevrolet Remote Copy Machine

Before copy the original Chevrolet key please confirm two springs of Chevrolet copy machine have to contact with the metal part of key.

Left side contact with the metal part of key head.
Right side contact with the round contacts.















1. Customer bring the key which he want to copy and put on the copy machine as above picture.














2. Press the “COPY” button of copy machine one time and you will hear beeps twice or three times then finish reading information from original key.

(Remark: Different car will hear different time beeps.)















3. Put the new key on the copy machine and press the “COPY” button for three seconds and then you will hear beeps twice or three times.














4. Go and start you car by new key, and then the original key have been copied successfully. The new key work same as the original key.
(Remark: The whole process if hear single long beep sound then mean copy is wrong, please restart again.)


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