How to Connect 2015 BMW ICOM A2 USB Wifi D-link?

How to Connect 2015 BMW ICOM with Wifi ?


1 First insert usb wifi D-link into the computer usb portbmw-icom-a2-with-usb-wifi-d-link
2 Shut off computer wifi, or you can not add another wifi connection; make sure only the icom usb wifi connect with the computer; the lan cable can not be connected or connected with network.
3 Start the computer
4 Check again if all network has been shut off and be disconnected with the lan cable. Please note the DWA-131 is the icom usb wifi and it can not be turned off even it displays X it is also
5 Start to check software and select wifi for ICOM
6 Connect the Icom A2 to the vehicle, and wait 20 – 60 seconds, you will see the device wlan lamp flash or slowly flash, which indicates the communication between the icom A2 wifi and the usb wifi is ok.
7 Click the diagnostic or programming software and choose ok
8 Don’t close the interface or you can minimize the interface.
9 The device can be recognized.
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