Solution of KESS V2 WARNING: the tool is not updated


Customer Share on Kess v2 ksuite warning: the tool is not updated. Connect the PC to the Internet and run again the software.












 technician give the useful tips of the error of Kess v2 ksuite warning “the tool is not updated”.


Try different USB cable.
Some users with the same problem fixed the problem by a new USB cable.
Reflash with J-Link.

1. Do not update this tool online, or It will get damaged
2. Do remember disconnect internet when you use it

If you connect to internet with this clone kess v2, or make online update. The interface is destroy/broken.

1.–Buy a new NPX chip with 60 tokens inside. Desolder the old NPX and change it with new. It cost 14-20usd.









2.–or you have to weld a connector on backside of interface ,and plug the J-link programmer.
You can reset the Kess v2 to virgin.


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