Newest firmware V1.59 Op-com USB interface released

Op-com USB interface new firmware 1.59 (V5) for Opel and Vauxhall diagnosis new adds features:

1) It connects to the car during 2013-2014.
2) Fixed bug
3) It works much better, faster without jamming or logout.

Op com diagnostic software: 08/2010 (2010V)
Firmware: opcom V1.59
Opcom 1.59 firmware PCB with PIC18F458

Any DIY firmware update is invalid on our OP-COM cables. You need to purchase new Opcom 1.59 interface (Item No: SP205 only).
But the Op-com 2010V software can be downloaded free here:
2010V op com software supports English only. If you need German version, then choose opcom 2009V.

Operating system: Win XP only

Software video installation guide:
How to install op-com 2010V Hardware V1.59 CAN OBD2 for Opel

Customer feedback/review:
1) Opcom V1.60 is known to be buggy for Vectra-C so better to use v1.59 anyway
2) Op-com V1.59, Vectra C tested and its working like a charm
3) opcom v5 (1.59) hardware is the best cable. China clone V5 the one with real PIC18F458 works with 08/2010 china.
4) 150-200 Euros for an EU clone which is a disgrace (they neither made the original software, nor hardware, nor license hack, they just pick up the profit by selling for ridiculous amount somebody else’s work). I would rather to spend 20 bucks worth v5 from China. It works.

Opcom Vehicle model reference:
Agila-A (2003-2007), Agila-B (2007 – or later)
Ampera (2011 – or later)
Antara (2007- and newer)
Astra-F (1992-2002), Astra-G (1998 -2009), Astra-H (2004-2009), Astra-J (2010 – and later)
Calibra (1990-1997)
Cambo (2001-2003)
Captiva (2009 – or later), Captiva MAXX (2009 – and later)
C-Combo (2001-2009)
Corsa-B (1994-2003), Corsa-C (2001-2009), Corsa-D (2009 – or later)
Insignia (2008 – or later)
Frontera (1996-1999), Frontera -B (1999-2004)
GT (2007 – or later)
Meriva (2002-2010), Meriva-B (2010 – or later)
Mokka (2012 – or later)
Monterey (1997-1999)
Movano (1999-2009)
Omega -A (1990-1993), Omega-B (1994-2003)
Signum (2003-200 Sintra (1997-1999) Speedster / VX220 (2001-2009) Tigra (1995-2000), Tigra-B (2005-2009) A-Vectra (1992-1995), Vectra-B (1996-2002), Vectra-C / Signum (2002-2009) Vivaro (2001-2009) Zafira (1999-2005), Zafira-B (2006-2010), Zafira Tourer C (2011 – or later) SAAB 9-3, SAAB 9-5

This is the opel old vehicle models list, the new models are added in this opel diagnostic tool.

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