Kess V2 master V2.25 V2.28 Ksuite Install Guide

Good News:

Latest Kess V2 Ksuite v2.25 K-suite v2.28 software has been tested ok to work without issues on Kess v2 master clone, tested by our engineers.
Here is instruction on how to install K-suite 2.25 and 2.28 version on Windows xp system.

Ksuite version: V2.25/V2.28 (comes with free older version 2.08, 2.16 etc as well)
Ksuite 2.25/v2.28 compatible kess v2:
SE87: KESS V2 OBD2 Manager Tuning Kit (No Tokens Limitation) Master Version with new LPC2478 Chip
SE87-C: Kess V2 firmware V4.036
SE87-E: Kess v2 firmware V3.099
SE87-K: Kess v2 truck version firmware V4.024
SE867-CK: Kess v2 truck version firmware V4.036
Kess v2 2.25/2.28 installation steps:
Step 1 – install K-Suite v2.25
Run K suite software and install K-Suite 2.25
Accept the license agreement
Select installation language to go on
Install usb driver
always click on Next until installation completes
Ksuite installation success.
Ksuite language: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French
Step 2 – disable network
Disable all network connection
Step 3 – setup Ksuite properties
Go to Ksuite properties
Click on Find targets, then delete the “help” folder in C:\Ksuite
Copy another “help” folder in disk E: to C:\Ksuite
Close all windows
Step 4 – install & setup software for USB device
Select install USB device software automatically
After finishing the installation, go to Computer management
Select USB device
Step 5 – Ksuite v2.25 read BMW E90 ecu
Run KSUITE on desktop
It’s Kess v2 ksuite v2.25
Kess v2 ksuite v2.25
Here we test Kess v2 on BMW E90 MED17/MEV17 ECU reading
BMW e90 reading ecu completed. Save data.
Step 6 – setup Ksuite v2.28
Delete “Setup 2.25” on Desktop
Again, open Ksuite properties
Click on Find targets,then delete all files in C:\Ksuite except the “help” folder
Copy all files in the Ksuite 2.28 zip file to C:\Ksuite
Delete the Ksuite 2.28 zip file
Then open K-suite app on Desktop
It’s ksuite 2.28 version now
Ksuite 2.28 can read BMW e90 ecu id like Ksuite 2.25 above
Kess v2 v2.28 read bmw e90 ecu id successfully!
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