How to update The Key Pro M8 Key Programmer Tool?

How to update The Key Pro M8 Key Programmer Tool?
1. Firstly, must install the M8 driver on your PC which can surf on internet,before updata tokens or new software.
If any question, you can refer to the video ‘M8 install driver record.exe’;
2. Connect M8 to your PC via USB cable, and power on your device;
3. Double click ‘M8 Update Tool.exe’.it can automatically identify the Serial Number of your device and you just input Password;
4. Click button ‘open updata file’and load file ‘S1093B1102.m8’,then click button ‘download’ and it lasts about 10 minutes.
If any question, you can refer to the video ‘Update.exe’.
There have new software in this updata file:S1093B1102.m8. and when you test Toyota, no need caculate code.

Notice: This The Key Pro M8 Update Tool V2.0 software is just used for updating M8 software, not for other devices.

Free Download Key Pro M8 Update Tool V2.0!qtlEWTRR!j9k2uSX5EgWfG1M_Fa7f8boKtLh28twlJ7dKFxPjQl8


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