How to fix the SKP900 communication fail error?

When program a new remote key for 2012 SUZUKI with a new SKP900 car key programmer,
after select corresponding immobilizer system (IMMIBILIZER 2) and the system display “communication failed” error message.skp900-communication-failed

Then he tried another way:
Select adapt key in the function menu
Insert key and turn ignition ON
The SKP900 automotive key programmer will read pin code automatically
Manually enter pin code
The system then displays the error message “Program failed” which means SKP900 fails to write key pin code.
How to fix the SKP900 communication fail error?
When program a new key remote through reading pin code from vehicle’s immobilizer system with SKP900 auto key programmer,it support only read pin code for vehicle that is compatible with Immobilizer system 3.
It can not support immobilizer system 1, immobilizer system 4, immobilizer system 5 etc.

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