10 Steps to Update Digiprog3 Software to V4.94

With Digiprog 3 4.94 update software, you will be able to upgrade the old version such as V4.88 to the latest 4.94 version.

Also you can check digiprog3-v4.94-vehicle-list if there is the new models you need to work with.

How to upgrade the Digiprog3 mileage correction tool to v4.94 ?

Step 1 – Download the V4.94 update software from your email, open it and and find two zipped files inside. Copy and paste the two files to desktop and unzip them. You will then get two document file folders in the same name.

Step 2 – Open “Digiprog3 V4.94 Update Video” folder, find a zipped file “COM 2.08.30 x86WHQL Certified” and unzip it.

Step 3 – Plug Digiprog 3 hardware to the USB port of your computer and a “Found New Hardware Wizard” window will pop up.

Step 4 – Next select “Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)”.

Step 5 – Select “Include this location in the search”, click “Browse”, select “COM 2.08.30 x86WHQL Certified” and click “Ok”.

Step 6 – The “Found New Hardware Wizard” window will pop up again. Click “OK” – “Next” – “Finish”.

Step 7 – Now check if there is “USB Serial Port (COM4)” under “Computer Manager”. This is to make sure the driver is installed successfully. If you do not find the option, repeat Step 3 to 7.

Strep 8 – Open the other file on the desktop, you will get 8 things in the file. Double click on “Digiloader1″ to open it.

Step 9 – Select “COM4 – USB Serial”, “Digi1.bin” and click “Select the port and click me”.

Step 10 – When you get a “Process end” prompt, it means the V4.94 Digiprog 3 software is installed successfully The upgrade process takes a few minutes.

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