VVDI2 V1.2.3 Newest Software Update Version Free Download

VVDI2 Commander Key Programmer V1.2.3 software latest version update features:
***Require firmware V2.2.3
===== VAG V1.2.3 =====
1. Fix bug for lost all key via OBDII: support keyless Go cars
2. Bugfix
===== BMW V1.2.3 =====
1. Bugfix
===== Porsche V1.2.3 =====
1. Bugfix
===== PSA V2.0.5 =====
1. Bugfix
===== Transponder Programmer V1.2.3 =====
1. Fix bug for copy some HITAG2(46) transponder
2. Prepare remote: Add support for Chevrolet Epica
3. Immobilizer data tool: bugfix Skoda fabia 93C86
4. Bugfix
===== J2534 V1.2.3 =====
1. Bugfix
===== Quick Start V1.2.3 =====
1. Bugfix
Requirements on VVDI2 Hardware version v2.2.3(2016-11-16)
===== Support software version ====
VAG V1.2.3
BMW V1.2.3
Porsche V1.2.3
PSA V2.0.5
Passthru J2534 V1.2.3
Online Update Tool V1.2.2
Quick Start V1.2.3
How to update Xhorse VVDI2 Commander Key Programmer ?
1. Close other VVDI2 software, Connect VVDI2 to PC with USB cable
2. Choose VVDI2 firmware version
3. Press button “Update Online” to start
ATTENTION!!! If failed, close antivirus and firewall software, try again
DON’t shutdown your PC or disconnect USB cable while updating!!!

VVDI2 V1.2.3 Newest Software Free Download

Here is the update guide for VVDI2 Commander Key Programmer


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