VVDI Prog Software Dropdown Menu Missing

Custom share : I’ve got a strange problem, when i open the VVDI PROG software i cant see dropdown menu to select the type ic im working with, has anyone else had this problem. tried in 3 different pc’s with xp same problem, but when i load on win7 it appears, any clues boy, thanks!

Solution: thanks for your feedback this bug, we have checked this problem, we will send you the vvdi prog new version (Latest VVDI Prog V3.8.0 Super Programmer with Free BMW ISN read function and NEC MPC Infineon) to solve this problem later today.

How to add bmw cas4+ key with xhorse vvdi2 vvdi prog ?

How to program bmw cas4+ all key lost with vvdi2 vvdi prog ?

How to read bmw engine ecu by vvdi2 and vvdi prog?

Custom feedback: Xhorse VVDI Prog read CAS4 (5m48) more stable than XProg does, faster and faster.  The seller Cartool.co.uk is a serious company, if there will be any prob they will fix it.

VVDIProg3.8.0.zip free download
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