Volvo 88890300 Vocom Interface Update Error Solved

Q1: Volvo 88890300 Vocom Software cannot be updated online. How to do after you update the software?

I bought VOLVO VOCOM on February 2015. I install the PTT 1.12 on XP system and run smoothly. But today, I have updated the Tt 1.12 software to the latest version but know I get the following error:

Communication unit minitor
Connected communication unit 88890020/88840133/88890300updated.
The software in the communication unit 88890020/88840133/88890300 must also be updated to be compatible.
See the Tech Tool help file for instructions on how to update the software.












This software and solution is only for customer who update the PTT1.12 software. If you do not update. Just use the PTT1.12 software comes with the CD on XP laptop.
1) download our WIN7 system:
2) follow video to install the win7 system:
3) after done, better do not connect internet for this laptop, to avoid update it again
4) download this 1.12 software, and follow the video inside to install again:!YR1BlQJb!0-RJkT1gGJvCMlLA1c86dg

Q2: Hello, I got the Volvo 88890300 Vocom Software CDs installed in laptop and EXT hard drive got it recover as the directions. When reboot the laptop, windows started to open, But got blue screen. Saying a component need is unassailable.

A2: Change your laptop to ACHI mode. then you will solve that problem.

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