VCM IDS 3 V104.1 Newest Update for Ford Diagnostic Prorgamming Tool

If you are using the VCM IDS 3 V102.1, and the software quickloader displayed error “can not load the software”


Please download and install the VCM IDS 3 newest update software V104.01 and Terminator software V3.4 as below, later you can use the new quickstart program to run the software.

VCM IDS 3 for Ford V104.01 software!aEwjTToQ!s6yfr_DbsdI5EJikNttOU1dzR5n_FwduRKO0YK4M3qc
Terminator Software V3.4 Download Link!mEoThD7a!Y88aZ0ON0QggUZacsD1dwOe4GWI7WTBZ5SsTGlF8fQw
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