The Advantages of FW V2.0.4 MINI VCI Toyota TIS Xhorse Brand

What is the advantage of Xhorse MINI VCI Toyota TIS, if compared with Others Clones MINI VCI ?

MINI VCI Toyota TIS FW V2.0.4 supports IMMO reset and customization for Toyota car models, but others Clone MINI VCI HW V1.0.4 doesn’t.

Because if you want to reset immo or make customization to Toyota cars, it requires MINI VCI with V2.0.1 FW at least.
With MINI VCI 2.0.1 FW, on one hand, there is a change in PCB, makes it support VPW; on the other hand, MINI VCI 2.0.1 FW has extra security chip.
All these simple clones MINI VCI with 1.4.1 FW supports only CAN and K line, but not VPW protocol, and there is no parts for it on PCB of MINI VCI FM V1.4.1, either.
Xhore MINI VCI Toyota TIS Techstream FW V2.0.4 PCB Board Display:
mini-vci-pcb-board-2 mini-vci-pcb-board-1
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