OBDSTAR X300 Pro3 Key Master Add Toyota G Key

How to use OBDSTAR X300 Pro3 Key Master add G chip 74 remote key on Toyota 2015?

Toyota Yaris 2015 CHIP G (74) master key is required.
Select Toyota, Go to Yaris->Immobilizer
Select Type 2 (with G/H)
check G stamp on master key

Step 1: Generate Remote by KD900

Make remote by KD900 Remote Maker

Step 2: Delete all keys

Turn ignition ON with master key
Select Toyota->Type 2 (with G/H)
Select Erase keys

1 Master key is needed to erase or add other keys
How to identify master key and valet key?
Insert key into ignition switch, if immobilizer light does not flash, that is master key. If
the indicator flashes for 1 sec and then go off, that is valet key.
1 Master key is needed
This method can erase all keys except the master key which is in the ignition switch.
Note: Each procedure must be completed within the specific time, otherwise, erasing will
fail, press ENTER to continue
erase all keys

Turn ignition ON with master key
Perform the following operation within 120 sec press ENTER to continue.
1. Remove key from ignition switch
Remove this master key from ignition switch within 10 sec, press ENTER to continue
Erase key success.

Step 3: Add Remote Key by OBDSTAR Key Master Programer

Select Add a key

Turn ignition ON with master key
Insert programmed master key,switch ignition on, press ENTER to continue

Insert to match the key and keep the ignition switch off and wait until about 60 sec until the
security lights go out and the matching is done.
Insert adding key wait for 1 minutes or until security light go off
Insert remote key programmed by KD900
Try to start

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