MPPS V18 Reviews & FAQs

MPPS V18 Hardware Version: V1.08.21
MPPS V18 Software Version: V18.12.3.8 Crack version
Support Multi-language
MPPS V18 Highlight:
MPPS 18 version adds boot mode support for controllers with the tricore processor and adds support for advanced functions on Marelli ECU’s.
MPPS V18 clone ecu support functions:
M3.8, M5.9, ME7xx, MED9, MED17, EDC15/16/17, Delphi, Siemens, Marelli, Delco, Sagem, Trionic, etc.

MPPS V18 Using Tips:
1 Mpps v18 software only supports windows7  32bit.
2 Be sure the driver installation completes, then open the mpps software to use. Otherwise, mpps can not be used.
3 Mpps v18.12.3.8 software only work mpps hardware v1.08.21
Q:What is the meaning of ”TRICORE + MULTIBOOT” for MPPS v18?
A:That means a way to dissemble the ecu, weld the boot chip point, and use ecu adapter definition to read ECU data.
MPPS V18 supports Tricore, MultiBoot, OBD.
Q: What is the meaning of ”breakout” among MPPS v18 Breakout Tricore Cable ?
A:It is the connector adapter.
Q: Can Mpps v18 support C167 and ST10?
A: Yes, Boot mode support for ECU’s with C167 and ST10 processors.
Q: MPPS V18 can auto detect K-Line?
A: Yes, it support auto detection of K-Line/CAN.
Q: What about MEDC17 TPROT level checking through mpps?
A: VAG MEDC17 TPROT level checking without opening the ECU
Q: Any option to bypass?
A: MPPS V18 has option to bypass and force preferred means of communication; temporary bypass of immobiliser on ME7 system.
Q: V18 for eeprom r/w?
A: Yes, EEprom read/write functions for some ECU.
Q: Can Mpps v18 support immo off without welding the boot chip?
A: MPPS v18 doesn’t support immo off.
And Mpps v18 conenct to the vehicle with obd2 port, no need welding.
Q: Can Mpps v18 read PSG16?
A: Check MPPS V18_Carlist.
Q:Can MPPS v18 be connected with internet?
A:You’d better not.
MPPS V18 Feedbacks:
Med17.x.x works no problem
its working perfectly. All modules are open including tri-core
For all TC, 1797 included its auto read/write
I have tested on 6F3.
Read/Write all Micro, flash and eeprom via OBD.
Very fast and stable tool.
If can not extract password it is useless.
have just manage to read via obd with multiboot function a Bosch ME7.9.10 from Fiat Punto T-JET 1.4 turbo … This tool is the only one that can read from obd this ecu …..
It cannot do c64
V18 doesn’t support EDC17C64
EDC17C64 TC1797 can be read with MPPS, BUT!!! you need password before.
MPPS cannot read password from EDC17C64…
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