How to Regiser TOYO Key OBD II OBD2 Key Pro?


Supports Toyota G All Keys Lost

Connect via Bluetooth
No need remove the instrument desk
Avoid damaging the car system


Toyota G Type All Keys Lost, then how to progam new key by TJECU CN900 Mini and Bluetooth TOYO OBD2 Key Pro?
There’re 4 steps to follow:
Step 1, Program new key then turn on ignition, then plug TOYO OBD into the car.
Step 2, Use the option 72G of CN900 MINI to connect, then start to initialize data, the immo indictor is on for a long time, then follow the CN900Mini prompt to operate.
Step 3, It will prompt “Complete/ Success”, and then the Immo indicator is on for a long time.
Step 4: Turn on and off ignition for 5 times quickly, immo indicator is off.
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