How to purchase Xhorse VVDI2 with VVDI

If you owned a Xhorse VVDI VAG Vehicle Diagnostic Interface SV30 , now you are allowed to update your VVDI1 to VVDI2 Commander Key Programmer.

Then How to purchase Xhorse VVDI2 with VVDI?










1. If you need update VVDI/BMT to VVDI II, you need to send VVDI main unit & all cables/connectors include device serial number to us, then pay the update cost (not including shipping) to update the device.
Note: If you do not send back the full VVDI package, you need to pay extra cost for accessories.

2. After we received your update cost, we will send you VVDI2 full system Trial Version with 20Days.
And you can login in Xhorse official website to register the device and use full functions of this VVDI2 you received.
VVDI2 Full System SV86 = VVDI2 Basic function + BMW Multi Tool+ Porsche+ VVDI Immo 5th + BMW OBD function + CAS4

3. On the next day morning after 20Days free trail, you need to confirm with us the VVDI2 functions/authorizations you need, then pay us the corresponding price. Then the factory will authorize your device officially, and which can be irrevocable.

If you do not need full authorization, you can choose the following based on your needs.
Item number of VVDI2 Series SV86 SV86-B SV86-C
Price 2369USD/2134EUR 1550USD/1409EUR 499USD/453.6EUR
Basic function
VW ×
Porsche × ×
5th AUDI authorization +320USD (SV86-2)
BMW OBD authorization +720USD (SV86-3) +720USD (SV86-3)
BMW CAS4+ Authorization +260USD (SV86-4) +260USD (SV86-4)
√ means this authorization is coverd. + 320USD means this authorization is not opened. If you need this authorization, you need to pay extra 320USD to open.
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