How to Program DAF Truck Key via FVDI2 and DAF VCI 560

If you are looking for a best tool to program a DAF key in a cost-effective method? Here the technician share his experience on using different DAF diagnostic tools/DAF key programmers (FVDI2, VCI Lite (V1), VCI 560) help you make DAF keys .

Plan A: 

How to program a DAF key with FVDI2 DAF V1.0 Commander (€365.00)?


Note: It’s the cheapest way to program a DAF key with FVDI2 commander. Before programming keys, all present keys are reset and can be programmed on the same immobilizer only.


Start FVDI2 software for DAF

Select “Key learning”

Press “Next” to go on

Put the key to be programmed into the contact and switch it to position contact-ON

Insert Key 1 and press “Next”

The key is programmed successfully!

Amount of keys programmed: 1

To learn the next key, press “Next”

To fish key learning, press “Exit”

Plan B: Original DAF VCI-560 KIT DAF VCI 560 MUX DAF DAVIE XDC II DAF Truck Diagnostic Tool with WIFI (genuine price €3,369.00)


Plan C: DAF VCI Lite (V1) Professional DAF Diagnose and Programming Tool Replace DAF VCI 560(price:€760.00, copy version of VCI-560)


Note: Difference on Plan B and Plan C

1. price

2. connection

DAF VCI lite used via USB connection, VCI 560 used via WIFI & USB connection

3. LED display

VCI lite without LED display, VCI-560 kit with LED indicators

4.PCB (hardware)

VCI lite hardware lacks one part on PCB, compared to VCI-560

(that missed part is not needed for any diagnosis, reprogramming, configuration)

5.via OBD

VCI lite cannot see ignition via OBD, VCI-560 can do that via OBD

6. function

DAF VCI 560 supports SCR/AdBlue removal, power increase, language programming with DAVIE Configurator (DEVIK)

VCI-560 also supports special programming and Service Level see DAVIE Developer Tool (DEVIE DT)

However, functions above are not listed in the DAF VCI lite package; that is, you need to buy in the DAF company.

In short, no matter VCI 560 or the replacement VCI Lite (V1), both work well on DAF trucks almost the same except some aspects above. If you do not care about original or not, VCI Lite should be a good choice for you, which almost has the same functions as VCI-560 but at a lower cost. DAF VCI Lite (V1) is more cost-effective.

How to make a DAF key with VCI 560 or VCI Lite (V1)?


Start DAVIE software

Go to Immobilizer (safety/security system)

Then programming

Program keys

before programming keys, all present keys are reset and can be programmed again in the same immobilizer only


Match immobilizer

Before installing a new immobilizer unit, perform the following actions:

1- switch off contact

2- exchange the immobilizer unit

3- switch on contact



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