How to add car software with special function to Launch M-diag Lite Plus ?

Launch M-diag Lite Plus Software with Special Functions Purchase Methods

There are 2 ways to choose the software&special functions of launch m-diag lite plus you need.

1. Choose the vehicle brand to work with

After purchase the vehicle type, it will show what special functions the m-diag lite plus can work with.
Some vehicles include about 11 kinds of special functions. What’s more, the functions like activate test, change vin it may cover.

2. Choose the special function you need

After purchase the special function(cost 39.95USD/each function), then you can choose all car models among the car list from the function menu.


The Launch M-diag lite scanner for Andriod IOS system include 11 kinds of special functions:

DEMO, EOBD2, Oil / Service reset, brake pads reset and steering angle reset;
Reset sas, reset oil, elec.throttle rlrn, immobilizer/keys, reset tpms, injector, bleeding, dpf, gear learn, reset bms, reset brake.
launch-m-diag-elite-plus-special-functions-list launch-m-diag-elite-plus-special-functions-list-02


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