VVDI2 MB TOOL BENZ BAG Password Calculation User Guide

When you use VVDI BGA MBTOOL to calculate password for Benz vehicle,  you need use tokens.


For customer with Condor machine, factory provide one day one time service for free.
For customer do not have Condor machine, must buy this token.
You can add this token into your machine, so you can calculate at any time.

Here are the operation steps for VVDI BGA MBTOOL password calculating:

1. Pls offer serial number of your condor, if with picture is better.
2. After getting the device,pls offer “name,phone number,address,email,country and district”. We will ask factory to register the condor.
3. Once registration finished,factory will bound your device and the condor. And then you can get free password.
4. Since we only offer one time free password,if you want to use in second time in a day. So you need to pay 44.99USD for one tokens.

P.S you can not calculate the password after receiving the device. You need to do the above steps and contact our customer service.



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