How to Use CGDI FC200 ECU Programmer Software?

Here is the steps to show how to use the FC200 software

1.Interactivate Software Interface
brand-model-engine/gearbox-ECU interface structure to help users save time and find the operating directory accurately.

2.Built-in Model Search Function
Support ECU model and Bosch search by number, avoid the trouble of level selection and enter the function interface as quickly as possible.

3.ECU Search
Take the BMW MSV90 ECU as an example, First select “BMW”, select “ECU” as the search condition, enter “MSV90”, click the search button, and the ECU type will show up.

Some search procedure for Bosch ECUs.

4.Visualized Wiring Diagram
1:1 simulation, bright colors, to avoid wiring errors.

CGDI FC200 ECU Programmer Hardware:
1.CGDI FC200 Main Unit

Integrated injection of polymer materials, professional customized internal circuit boards, national patent certification

2.Exquisite design, easy to carry, can shield surrounding interference signals, adapt to various operating environments

3.There are 3 expansion ports for peripherals, which are automatically diagnosed and identified. They are 12V power port, USB port and DB15 port. The DB15 port can be connected to a free-dismantling adapter and OBD cable.

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